Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Zero losers FX robot is flying off the shelves...

Hi Traders

How are you, Today's have been very beautiful autumn's day...

The absolutely most anticipated moment of the past few years has finally arrived...

...the Forex AutoCash Robot is finally available to a select number of people!

The robot that has established a new World Record of 8 years and 8 months without a single loss will finally be accessible to a private gro.up of lucky traders.

You can finally see what this new heavyweight is all about here...

Technology has brought with it advances that, just one year ago, we would not even have dreamed possible.

But, to be honest, it's logical. Technology improves our lives in every single sense. So why not in Forex trading?

Well... it just has - and sealed a new World Record in the process!

Finally, an insider has brought us the technology previously enjoyed by only a select g.roup of people... a gr.oup of people who, until today, had the whole pie to themselves.

Not any anymore.

From today forward, being 'one of them' isn't important because you will have something BETTER... you will have what they don't: the ultimate, most advanced Forex robot.

Be sure to scroll down the page and view the many video testimonials by people from all walks of life who are using the
Forex AutoCash Robot...

For those of you who don't know, John has been designing top notch Forex robots for the biggest banks in the world for many years. This one is his masterpiece... the one that made him decide that enough was enough... no more giving only to the big guys.

You can read all about it, see trade by trade results of the robot, and
much more here...

All the best,


Monday, September 29, 2008

Undefeated Forex Robot... Private Report...

Hi Traders

How are you...do you start trading Today....

The response from yesterday's video about John's ultimate Forex robot was incredible... simply incredible.

People just wanted to know more... but, particularly, they wanted to know more about the person who designed the robot that has nailed 100% profi.table trades for the last 8 years and 8 months.

Well, I wanted to know more as well ...and after reading John's private report, a lot of things became MUCH clearer to me.

- Who is he?
- How can his Forex robot be so accurate?
- What is the logic behind this new discovery?
- What it means to really think outside the box...
- What the new reality in Forex trading is all about...

I could write around 30 other exciting topics covered in this special eBook report but I will let you “hear” it all from John!

Grab your copy of the report here...

I really loved John's explanation of how his robot has been able to perform so well. It definitely makes sense. You will understand the concept very well after you read the private report.

It is time to say goodbye to old trading methods that have been around for 20, 30, 50 or 80 years.

Its over! From today, you will be exposed to a different reality... a different concept and approach to Forex trading based on true technological advances.

No matter what part of our lives we look at, automation, ease of use and efficiency have made it better for us. Now it's time for technology to do the same for your Forex trading.

You will be surprised when you read what John has to say...

Download his special report, but be ready to leave everything you have heard, seen or done before firmly in the past...

I am confident you will love it!

All the best,

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Watch The New FX Heavy Weight Robot In Action...

Hi Traders

Hope you doing well, you need to read next before then you start new trading...

I will get right to the point....

You are about to watch a video showing what 8 years and 8 months (from January 1st 2000 until today!) without one single losing Forex trade is all about.

John, the developer of the world most advanced Forex trading robot has achieved a new world record in Forex trading... and an unheard of level of accuracy, consistency and profitability.

I gua.rantee that you will be totally SHOCKED after only 20 seconds of the video...

This is what extreme accuracy Forex trading is all about... having the confidence of a Robot that has ne.ver been defeated, NOT ONCE.

No matter if:

- The markets are going up, down or sideways...
- The economy is up or down...
- You have a day job...
- You have ne.ver heard the word 'Forex' before...

...the Robot works for you 24 hours per day nailing trades accurately like a Swiss watch.

There is no learning curve AT ALL – Plug in the robot then walk away!

You will understand EAXCTLY what I mean after watching this short video...

The time when this type of technology was reserved for the big banks is over.

It actually took a real insider, someone who SELLS trading robots to those big banks, to bring small traders their greatest technological advance.

Forget everything you have heard or seen regarding Forex trading. This is actually the first time such technology has EVER been released.

I recommend you watch the video as soon as you can as it will only be online for a very li.mited time.

All the best

Friday, September 26, 2008

Forex Robot Trades 9 Years With No Losers...

Hi Traders

Hope everything is going well with you....

What you're about to hear will SHOCK you... there's simply no other adequate way to describe this.

I've been in the Forex trading business for quite sometime and trust me when I say this... even I was in complete awe. I saw something that I ne.ver thought anyone would achieve... EVER! It's that incredible.

So what is this big thing I'm talking about?

An automatic Forex robot that has NEVER had a losing trade since January 1st, 2000! Think about it - almost 9 whole years without one single losing trade.

Sometimes what you believe is "unbelievable" becomes reality... Sometimes you think you've seen everything there is to see. Well, live and learn!

Anyway, to cut a long story short...

After a lot of effort, I got my hands on a copy of this ama.zing new Forex robot and started to do some testing, digging, and experimenting. I had to see for myself whether automatic software capable of trading for almost 9 years, unattended, 100% profi.tably - with absolutely no losing trades, could really exist.

Well... after extensive testing, I finally concluded that I've ne.ver, ever seen such an astonishing Forex robot.

Furthermore, the creator of this gem claims it's achieved a new Forex trading world record... and I'm 100% certain that he's right!

It's simply ama.zing how technology is responsible for achieving new standards... for breaking away from old ideas and concepts that we've simply come to accept.

I'd like to expose more, but unfortunately I can't at this point. However, I do have some good news... the creator of this Forex robot has produced a video explaining how it works - I'll try to get you access to the video as soon as I can.

All the best,


Thursday, September 25, 2008

FIRST copy of his trading course is 'on the house'. Want it?

Hi Traders

Be Prepared! U.S. New Home Sales Tomorrow at 14:00 GMT.

U.S. New Home Sales figures are expected tomorrow, Today 25th, 14:00 (GMT), and you need to be prepared...
What is the U.S. New Home Sales?
U.S. New Home Sales is a leading economic indicator used to measure the annual number of new single-family homes that were sold during the previous month. While this is a monthly figure, it is reported in an annualized format. This report predominantly helps to validate trends seen in other forward-looking housing indicators, such as the Existing Home Sales.

It is a leading indicator of economic health because the sale of a new home impacts a wide variety of consumer spending, such as furniture and appliances that are purchased for the home, a mortgage that's being sold by the financing bank, and brokers that are paid to execute the transaction. Also important is the inclusion of mandatory and optional insurance on these new homes.

As a result of the mortgage crisis in the U.S., which has continued to threaten world markets, the importance of the housing sector has increased significantly.

He wants to give away the FIRST copy of his trading course...

As you probably know by now, next week is going to be a turning
point in the stock trading community when a brand new course
hits the market that will show you how to claim back your life
as you discover how to prosper in the stock market in less than
20 minutes a day...

-REGARDLESS of what the economy is doing...

...and YOU can get the very FIRST copy from the printers before
anyone else even has a chance to.


The developer of the course is going to GIVE AWAY one copy this
Saturday evening, September 27th. That's 3 days before it even
hits the market.

(He's even covering shipping & handling to anywhere in the

Want in on the action? Just go here...

Good luck & good trading,

p.s. The deadline for entering the giveaway is September 27th at
4pm Eastern time, Saturday. So don't dawdle if you want your
complimentary course ;-) Here's how to get it...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Get your Project Pips system now...

Hi Traders

Yes, this is realy wealthy day...look at Why...you have to seperate enough time to improve your trading knowledge... if you have not time now please leave this blog and come back when you secure more free time...
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Those are results from real-life trading.

How much you will do, I don't know.

But be sure that during those
5 minutes...

=> You won't think!

=> You won't analyze!

=> You won't monitor the markets!

=> You won't get nervous before placing
your trades!

=> You won't stress about losing money!

All you need to do is turn the automated forex
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That's all.

If that's too hard, then you really
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Stick with your job.

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But if I'm wrong about you (and I
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There's none.

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It's as SIMPLE as that.

But time is going. And as you read
this, copies are 'flying off the shelf!'


'Top Gun' stock trading insiders website legal access'
...here with a sweet
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Next week, on Tuesday, September 30th, there's going to be a
bit of a 'shake up' in the trading community...

Why do I say that?

Because I was privileged to hold in my hands a preview copy
of what will probably be considered one of the best stock
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Everything about it is first class... and easy to

I'll have more information to send you on September 30th,
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You see, the author of the course is only releasing 950
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That's why he's letting me give you complimentary access to
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** Total access to his PROFIT FEEDER service where you can
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** The "Profit Vault", which contains actual stock trade
example "screen capture" videos, so you can see exactly how
his students can trade in less then 20 minutes a night.

** An entire 'mini-course' that reveals the top 5 'profit
plans' anyone can use to get a much-needed edge in the
markets (ESPECIALLY the way the markets have been moving

** Previews of the actual CD-ROMs that ship with the course
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** and a TON more...

But don't take my word for it. Go ahead and check it out now
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Good Trading,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finally, a breakthrough in automated forex trading...

Hi Traders

Sunday for traders is very important day....because of you have to collect new information and prepare you for new trading week....

What would you say if I told you that you could have made thousands of dollar
just by leaving your computer on? Unbelievable, isn't it? The answer is no,
because within minutes, you are about to discover a forex trading software that
helps you make thousands of dollar in profit on autopilot.

Yes, you heard it right. Alex Wilson, a veteran trader, a close friend of mine
has developed a phenomenal trading robot that made him make over $100,000 last
year. The best part is he does not need to do much, he just spends 5 minutes a day
to look at his autopilot profits

It's all because he has packed his battle-tested surefire trading system into a
simple piece of software. Let's take a look at the features of his software, Forex
Profit Hunter:

-> Low Risk with High Gains Up to Thousands/Day.
-> It runs 100% on autopilot without human interaction.
-> Easy Installation within 1 minute. Make Profits right after installation.
-> It can be traded with a tiny US$100 mini account.
-> No more Picking Losers. No Hassle. No stress.
-> No experience needed. Only need a computer and internet connection.

The good news is he is going to release his software to the public, for the first time.

Now you have a chance to grab his software at a special price that he only offers for
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But you must take action right now, because the special price won't stand for long.
When the first 300 copies are gone, that's it.

Opportunities like this don't come often. You must act now...

Have a sucessful trading week...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The "ultimate" automated trading software...

forex trading brokers

Hi Traders

Yes, I know that is weekend, I didn't wish to disturb you but I cannot wait I want to let you know new information on the forex market...

There's a secret project being developed to help
the average traders get a
constant stream of pips
and profits on an automatic basis.

It's aptly called Project Pips. At this project, an
elite team of pro-traders, mathematicians, and software
developers have been working relentlessly to create
the "ultimate" automated trading software...

...the LAST program you ever need to generate easy, autopilot,
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And it has been tweaked, fine-tuned, honed to perfection -
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On September 23rd, 2008, Ryan and his team will be offering
1000 copies of Project Pips ever. The only question is:
Can you get a spot?

Read more details here...

Have a nice weekend...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Doom & Gloom" stock trading video just released...

Hi Traders

How are you doing... day is going to be shorter and night cooler so come back to full trading , this is realy interesting trading week....

Oil - Weakened Stock Markets Convince Traders to Invest in Oil

The upsurge traders saw in the price of Crude Oil yesterday did not stop for some time as it reached as high as $97 towards the end of the trading session. A spike attributed to a market test of Crude Oil's downtrend as well as the recent flight of investors away from the decreasing value of stock markets which felt the heat from the US bailout of AIG and Lehman's collapse....
Commodities such as Crude Oil and Gold have historically been fall-back trades which help stabilize losses in light of weakening markets. When the strength of a currency such as the USD becomes weakened, traders begin buying these commodities to park their money somewhere more stable. This drives the price of these commodities higher. An event the market witnessed in July as the dollar's strength continued its tremendous fall, and forced the price of Oil to hit a record high.


How would you like to get your hands on some BRAND NEW,
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The "profit plans" were just released on Tuesday, and since
then, these videos have also been released:

* Doom & Gloom Trading Secrets

=> In this video, you'lll discover how individuals that are
dependent on the so-called media experts for trading advice
generally run scared because of the "doom & gloom" scenarios
painted nearly every day in the news...

...and how select groups of traders know how to turn this
"doom & gloom" into profit potential, again and again.

* Market Mastery Trading Basics

=> Recorded especially for beginner stock traders. You'll
learn the essential basics of technical stock trading, along
with a walkthrough of some actual trading and charting
software. It sticks to what you need to know, so you can
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Get these here NOW...

There are also 4 more complimentary trading videos you'll
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Collectively, all this training material will likely be sold
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At the very least, I urge you to check out the "Doom &
Gloom" video before you place another trade. It may surprise


Get everything here...


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Your 'Market Mastery 6-Pack' training is ready...

Hi Traders

Hope that you successfuly start your trading in this week...I have prepared some interesting for you...
(Worried about surviving the markets in today's economy? New
6-part video training shows you how to PROSPER. Keep
reading for IMMEDIATE ACCESS...)

If you trade stocks, stop everything you're doing for 60
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(It's NOT for sale - but I have the direct access link for

Here's the deal:

One of the premiere online trading veterans has just
released a 6-part video training series that's going to make
some people a little angry...

...because it challenges everything that 90% of the stock
trading public has held to be true since World War II...

-But if you have an open mind and are willing to look at
some new ways to not only survive, but to PROSPER in the
stock market in today's economy, you're in for a special


You're about to discover the 5 'recession proof' trading
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It's true.

You'll also learn:

** The 4 "cornerstone components" Wall Street insiders have
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** The "core essentials" of stock trading that will let you
"leapfrog" over other traders, giving you a "fast track"
that would otherwise take months, or years to achieve (part

** The 4 "emotion stabilizers", inspired by Einstein, that
finally help keep "fear & greed" out of the picture once &
for all (part 1, page 55)...

** Step-by-step tactics for applying his "Optimal Profit
Exit Strategy". This is one of his favorite ways to enjoy
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** The 5 "profit poison" market conditions that you should
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** How to use the "doom & gloom" news reports in the media
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** How to drastically reduce your "time in the trenches"
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discovery makes it all possible (part 1, page 64)...

** ...and a whole lot more, as he reveals the critical &
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Complimentary, for a short time.


When I snuck a look at a preview copy of this training, I
thought for sure I'd see it for sale online in a few days.
In fact, I'd personally pay at least 200 bucks for this, and
probably more.

But here's the kicker - it's not for sale (at least not
right now).

You can't purchase a copy.

But the author really has a deep-seated drive to "wake up"
the trading community, and that's why he decided to GIVE IT

In his own words he says, "Frankly, I'm sick & tired of the
media's doom & gloom scenarios, and want to show people the
step-by-step tactics successful traders use to profit no
matter what the economy is doing. So I sat down to record
this training as if I was under oath, being grilled by an
attorney. That's how direct and forthcoming it is."


To get your copy, just visit this web page right now...

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

I’ll Teach You How To Safely & Easily Turn $1000 Into $1,000,000.00

Hi Traders

Hope you're fine....
Recently, I reviewed a very unique stock trading company that has helped thousands of people to make money from the stock market- safely, easily and consistently...

I posted the link to the worldwide Trading Survey that Bill
Poulos is conducting below -- and Serious Trader, who
interviewd bill in the recent series, Mistakes Traders Make,
sent me parts of the actual press release that announced the
survey, where Bill said:

"I think many traders are getting scared (due to current
market conditions) - but they shouldn't be. That's because
there are specific, tested ways to turn "doom and gloom"
into "opportunity", especially in the stock market."

He went on to say that he'll be releasing some brand new,
free training material soon that shows the best trading
strategies, tactics and techniques (and the right mindset)
that traders SHOULD be using, but AREN'T.

And, he'll have a new 'insider's report' on how to prosper
in the stock market in today's economy. Unfortunately, the
only thing he didn't tell Serious Trader was WHEN he was
releasing this information -- so keep checking back, because
I will absolutely let you know when it's out.

Here's the survey link I promised you (I don't know if it
will be active forever, but it was working at the time of
this post).

Have a nice day...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Prt Four and Five of Mistake Traders Make...

Hi Traders

Hope you're doing well....Today's I continue to publish next part of Mistake Traders Make...look at below...

Part Four

I'm still amazed at this ongoing mini-series of interviews
between Serious Trader and Bill Poulos -- the questions are
really going to the heart of what a lot of traders just
don't get. Take for example the fourth part in the Mistakes
Traders Make series --

Mistakes Traders Make

Bill talked about how traders don't take profits when they
should, and how they leave a ton of money on the table by
getting out when they shouldn't.

It's all part of not have a trading method, according to
Bill. And that's a follow up to the last segment, where he
talked about the need to have and stick to a trading method
and its rules. I know I've made the mistake of bailing out
too early on a trade and I know for damn sure I've made the
mistake of letting my trade run when the market was against
me (after being in the money, mind you).

This really hits home; I mean, when a trader like Bill
really understands HOW we make mistakes and WHY we make the
mistakes we do when trading, it solidifies Serious Trader's
opinion that Bill is an expert trader, doesn't it?

The next segment will be the last for the series, but I
honestly hope it isn't the last from Bill. This has been
great stuff.

You'll know when it's out.


Part Five

Well, here's the final segment in the five-part interview
series between Serious Trader (that's a YouTube name) and
Bill Poulos -- well, I've just found out that Serious is
also here on Squidoo -- so I've added his Lens so we can see
what's going on...because Bill announced that he's
conducting a worldwide Trading Survey on the 'net to get a
better understanding of the hurdles trader's think they're
facing in the markets today (and tomorrow).

This last part of the interview was one where if you've ever
lost money in the market, you'll hear what Bill says and
start nodding your head and say, that's me! Here's the link to part five.

Mistakes Traders Make

Like this line: "I'll hang in there a bit longer" -- have
you EVER said that while holding onto a losing stock? I know
I have...it's a shame that that ends the series for Mistakes
Traders Make.

Bill said he's going to be releasing more free training
material soon -- I have to admit, I can't wait.

Have a nice Weekend...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Part two and three of Mistakes Traders Make...

Hi Traders

I expect to hear a good new of your trading result of the past trading weeks...
What's I prepared for you look at below....

Part three of Mistakes Traders make...

This is incredible -- I can't believe they just threw this
stuff up on YouTube -- I'm talking about the continuing
interview series between Serious Trader and Bill Poulos on
the Mistakes Traders Make and the next segment was on not
having a trading plan (or a trading method).

Mistakes Traders Make

It's really insightful -- you know what I was thinking about
afterward? How we spend so much money on general education
and college so we can just 'get a job' and yet, how much do
we really invest in ourselves to learn how to 'get a life'?

I mean, who wants to be working when they're 75? Go ahead,
raise your hand if that's you...because me? I want to be on
the French Riveria, or in Paris, or skiing the Rockies...the
last thing I want to be doing is pouring some 20 year old's
grande non fat decaf vanilla cappuccino...if you know what I

I'll shout out when Part Four is up...at this rate, I may
even scream.

Part two of Mistake traders Make...

Wow. Just wow. When I get to hear someone talk about
trading, and it becomes clear that they know what they're
talking about, I get thrills and chills.

I just finished watching part two of the interview series
between Serious Trader and Bill Poulos on the topic of Risk
Management. It's really clear Bill gets it -- he really
understands stock trading and how to trade and how to teach
people to trade, because usually a lot of folks talk about
managing risk, but they don't take the time to explain how
emotions get in the way or how 'scared' traders losing money
make for bad traders...if you haven't caught any of this,
you really should.

This series, which is over on YouTube, is called

Mistakes Traders Make

The first two parts have been on the money --
I'm really looking forward to part three.

When I see it, you'll know.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mistake Traders Make....

Hi Traders

Hope you're enjoying in Today's Traidng.... you're probably getting tired of the
awful economic and financial news every night -- it's almost
like Doomsday meets Groundhog Day, isn't it?

Mistakes Traders Make<<<>


Of course it is...where's that Easy button when we need it!

Today Serious Trader released an exclusive video interview
from a sit-down he had with that trading mentor. Who's the
mentor? Bill Poulos -- Bill's one of those rare guys, a
straight-shooter, tells it like it is, doesn't hold back --
and those are the things I've come to enjoy about his
interviews, webinars (when he holds them) and his training

The first interview in a five-part series was released
today -- it's called Mistakes Traders Make -- and it's
simple, easy to understand, and incredibly powerful
thinking. In the first interview, Serious Trader asked about
the mistake that people make by trading stocks (or Forex, or
anything really) when they shouldn't.

Bill's answer is so...simple - I was left with this sense
of, why didn't I think of that? Hey, the video is over on
YouTube - but you can view it here:

Mistakes Traders Make

I'll let you know when the second part is put up on the

Happy Trading

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Both are used in Forex market...

Hi Traders

"Without a positive energy in your head don't involve in forex market Today"

What's you expect from your trading position....
Today, we can expect several indicators from the US economy, most of which according to forecasts are set to disappoint current USD trends. The day will begin with a speech by Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke who is due to speak at the White House Initiative on Historic Black Colleges and Universities on the subject of education. In addition we can expect figures for Wholesales Inventories and IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism, both of which should hold little significance in how the markets move for the day. The highlight of the US news day will be the Pending Home Sales indicator, which is forecasted to show a drop-off of 1.2% since its last measurement. Based solely on the forecasts of today's fundamental indicators, one may assume that the USD will depreciate. However, as is the case with the greenback more than any other currency, when bullishness picks up steam it is very hard to bet against. Expect volatility in the market today, as behavior should keep the USD in range with yesterday's highs for most of the day...

Fundamental Analysis in The Forex Market
Fundamental analysis is considered to be the opposite of technical analysis, and both are used in the Forex market. Fundamental analysis considers the intrinsic value of an investment when making a decision as to its future activity. There are some who feel that this is an excellent method of making decisions in the Stock market as a lot of data can be gathered and studied concerning the value of a Company. But, they ask, how can a Nation have an intrinsic value?
The answer is fairly simple. The economy of a country goes through a basic business cycle, and there are a lot of indicators available to the investor to measure where a particular economy is at any given time. The analysis would involve matching the stage of the cycle with its impact on the value of its currency. The normal economic cycle consists of periods of inflation and deflation with peaks and troughs in between. Certain indicators such as the Gross National Product (GNP), and current prime interest rates can give a good idea of the stage of the economy at any given time.
Each of these indicators would tend to impact currency valuation in different ways, and sometimes would even vary from country to country. In the United States, rising interest rates are normally associated with currency deflation, for example, and it is factors such as this that are the heart of fundamental analysis. This analysis can become quite detailed, but the focus remains on the country and its economy. Every factor that impacts the country and its economy can play a role in the value of the currency, and understanding these factors are the tools the fundamental analyzers uses to guide their investment strategy.
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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Psychology of forex trading or how your emotions can mess you up.

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Most sites that offer advice on succeeding in the Forex market are going to point out to you that the biggest enemy you face is not the market itself, but rather your own emotions. This is true in just about any activity that involves financial risk. It is really not all that different from playing poker. If you go into it afraid of losing, then most likely you are going to lose. It is pretty much accepted that most human beings have an innate desire to prosper. This desire is what makes failure so frightening.
Regardless of how you make your decisions you need to proceed with confidence tempered with caution. Whether you use technical analysis or fundamental analysis or flip a coin, it really doesn't matter as much as developing your own investment strategy, and proceeding with it until you are sure it is working or failing. Do not take council of your fears, and bounce around with no pattern, overreacting to every setback. Nor should you grow overconfident and let a small temporary success lead you into foolishness. Remain constant and stick with your plan.
The Forex market has some peculiar emotional landmines that you need to be aware of, and need to avoid. You are dealing with the currency of foreign countries and how they are going to be valued against the currency of other countries, one of which is your own country. It is important to keep things in perspective. If you find yourself rooting for the USA and booing Japan like they are your alma mater's football team and its biggest rival, then you should not be investing in this market, but saving for tickets to the next Olympic Games.
Investment of any kind takes self control, and emotional stability, and Forex is no exception....

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Friday, September 5, 2008

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Forex Market & Forex Tracer

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The EUR completed yesterday's trading session with mixed results versus the major currencies. The 15-Nation currency fell 0.6% against the USD after falling below $1.45 in the early trading yesterday for the first time since February, and more than $0.15 off the record high scaled in mid-July. The EUR experienced similar behavior against the JPY as the pair dropped from 158.43 to 157.65 by day's end. The 15- Nation currency did see bullishness as well against The GPB and closed at 0.8142...

Fundamental Analysis in The Forex Market

Fundamental analysis is considered to be the opposite of technical analysis, and both are used in the Forex market. Fundamental analysis considers the intrinsic value of an investment when making a decision as to its future activity. There are some who feel that this is an excellent method of making decisions in the Stock market as a lot of data can be gathered and studied concerning the value of a Company. But, they ask, how can a Nation have an intrinsic value?
The answer is fairly simple. The economy of a country goes through a basic business cycle, and there are a lot of indicators available to the investor to measure where a particular economy is at any given time. The analysis would involve matching the stage of the cycle with its impact on the value of its currency. The normal economic cycle consists of periods of inflation and deflation with peaks and troughs in between. Certain indicators such as the Gross National Product (GNP), and current prime interest rates can give a good idea of the stage of the economy at any given time.
Each of these indicators would tend to impact currency valuation in different ways, and sometimes would even vary from country to country. In the United States, rising interest rates are normally associated with currency deflation, for example, and it is factors such as this that are the heart of fundamental analysis. This analysis can become quite detailed, but the focus remains on the country and its economy. Every factor that impacts the country and its economy can play a role in the value of the currency, and understanding these factors are the tools the fundamental analyzers uses to guide their investment strategy....

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