Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Your Trading Road Map

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What's happen Today's on Forex Market....

The Euro (EURO)- fell to a three-week low versus the dollar on the release of an ECB report showing money supply growth slowed more than economists forecast in March...

EUR/USD-After bottoming at the key Fibonacci level of 1.5550, the pair is showing regenerated bullish momentum. The 4 hour Slow Stochastic is showing a bullish cross, and it appears that on the hourly level the next target price is 1.5680. Going long appears to be preferable today.

Trading Tools News:Can retracements help determine direction? How do you know when to change from support to resistance? Do you ever use both on the same chart?

When do you enter long? When to short?

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The best trading course - Fibonacci

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This weekend I wish to give you opportunity to studing new Fibonacci lesson...

This tutorial is provided by Neal Hughes "FibMaster" at here
Even traders with limited experience start to realize that we are not trying to capture every market move. We want to improve our odds and reduce our frustration by filtering, for high-probability trades.

The combination of trend and Fibonacci techniques can provide powerful signals for higher probability trading. We already know that trend-lines have some validity, and so do Fibonacci levels. Combine the two, to improve your chances.

The following charts are the USD/British Pound GBP. First, the daily chart as of October 5th 2005. I have drawn a red down-sloping trend-line joining the two recent swing highs.

The chart has moved down since early September , making a down-trend of consecutive "waves" with lower swing highs and lower swing lows. There were several opportunities to take advantage of the down-move. In this tutorial we will focus on the October 6th opportunity.

In a down-trend we want to short those swing highs, and take profits on swing lows. We don't want to short every time we **think** we have a swing high. If you have tried that, you know about whipsaw and fake-outs already haha. We only want the best trades, those which are more likely to succeed. So how do we choose an optimum entry point?

Our odds are improved if we have a swing high near a down-sloping trend-line (in red on the chart). Markets tend to reverse at Fibonacci levels. So if we have a significant resistance level near a trend-line we have an even better chance of success.

The next chart shows the GBP with Fibonacci resistance levels. Notice the "SK Resistance" level. This represents an area of significant resistance, with a higher probability of a reversal.

If you are new to Fibonacci, those studies look like a confusing series of colored lines. Learning how to use these Fibonacci studies, and which of them are stronger (higher probability), is really easy! I have made two video seminars that explain this. Click here for details..

That "SK Resistance" level, coinciding with a trend-line is an optimum shorting zone. If the market reaches that area (we can't be sure it will), and if the market resists there, we want to take a short position. Once the resistance materializes, it will be difficult for the market to move against us.

Most of us are not trading the daily chart, but we can use the longer-term charts to find **powerful** trends and Fibonacci levels. The next chart is a 60-minute chart. I choose 60-minutes because it clearly shows when resistance has materialized. You may prefer a 30 minute of 5 minute chart.

The following 60-minute chart shows how the Pound rallied to the SK resistance level, and the trend-line. It rallied over those, tested them briefly, then retreated. There are several ways to determine whether resistance has materialized. I have some very powerful techniques for that purpose. However we want this tutorial to focus on some basics. So for now we will use the obvious breaking of the rising trend as our trigger.

During that rally upward, the 60-minute chart has a series of higher swing highs and higher swing lows. Once we broke the highest swing low (see the last bar on the above chart), we know that up-trend has expired. So we want to start shorting rallies and take profits on dips as shown on the next chart (60-minute chart).

Notice how the market broke down, and never looked back! That is what happens when you combine trend-lines with Fibonacci techniques. The best trades go your way and keep on going. That is a characteristic of higher-probability trading.

If this tutorial makes sense, you are ready for my Fibonacci Trading videos! My two introductory videos are inexpensive, and they receive glowing reviews almost daily. You can take your trading to the next level, bring these powerful techniques to your trading just by watching my video seminars. Click here for details...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Managing your trades for profit.

Hi Traders

Today's I have new trading info, This lesson will help you to make a definite set of rules that will guide you to make the right decisions in the market.

For every trade, you need an action plan. Once the trade is under way, things can get very exciting, even stressful. It is easy to lose sight of your trading goals, and your initial intentions for each trade. You need rules to keep your trading on track, and to keep your emotions under control.
The full lesson is available, click here for details...

Gold (XAU) -fell to a 3 week low, breaking through the key 903 support level as U.S dollar strength signaled the downfall. Gold lost US$20.50 an ounce to US$888.50...

All The Best...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You'll get touch with forex revolution

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I wish to beleive that this trading week is going very well for your open trading position....
Wait, almoust to forget the bigest news: Please mark your calendar for April 30th 2008, Wednesday, 12PM EST!
Because it is the launch time for one of the biggest launches in Forex'll see that at here....

Now, What's happen Today with currency trading...

EUR/USD-After a touch at the all time high of 1.60, and a failed attempt to validate a breach, the pair consolidates around 1.5980. The daily oscillators are very bullish, and indicate the continuation of the bullish trend. The hourlies are still moderately neutral and a local correction might be in place. Waiting for the validated breach beyond 1.60 and swing should be a very good strategy today...

By the way take a look on this Trading Statement from our own Live Account - 1 Feb 2008

P.s. Goo dluck to all... Today...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Killer breakout trading technique...

Hi Traders

Do you have open trading position this week...

Sometimes a chart looks so inviting that we want to jump in before the trade gets away from us.

One the of the primary principles of trading is to "preserve your capital". We have to take some risks, but we should employ strategies which put the odds in our favor. With that in mind, I suggest that you should not be the first person to buy a declining market. Wait for support to develop first.

Here is a practical example of how to approach a chart, how to avoid a trading disaster, how to filter out those bad trades
. Click here for details...

The Japanese Yen (JPY)- weakened sharply against the greenback following on from strong U.S equity markets, resulting in an increased risk appetite amongst investors. The yen has fallen to a 7 week low against the dollar...

USD/JPY-There is a very distinct bullish channel forming on the daily chart, as the pair now floats at the middle of it. All oscillators are showing bullish momentum, and the Bollinger Bands are getting tighter which indicate an additional upcoming bullish move. The next target price of 104.60 appears to be valid....

P.s. Good luck if you trading...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Today's Forex Trading Course...

Fibonacci Trading
by Neal Hughes - FibMaster

We are indeed fortunate in this lesson to have Neal Hughes give some of his time and explain some of the basics of Fibonacci trading.

Neal has taught Fibonacci trading methods for many years to private clients and small groups.

Neal is well versed in all aspects of technical analysis. He is also an accomplished programmer and has written many market related software applications and custom indicators.

He is one of my favorite traders and is highly respect throughout the industry.

Introduction to Fibonacci trading techniques.

by Neal Hughes

First, a few words about Fibonacci himself…

Leonardo Pisano (nickname Fibonacci) was a mathematician, born in 1170, in Pisa (now Italy). His father was Guilielmo, of the Bonacci family. His father was a diplomat, as a result Fibonacci was educated in North Africa, where he learned "accounting" and "mathematics".

Fibonacci also contributed to the science of numbers, and introduced the "Fibonacci sequence"

The Fibonacci sequence is the sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, introduced in his work "Liber abaci" in a problem involving the growth of a population of rabbits.

Aside from this sequence of number where every next number is the sum of the proceeding two, 0, 1 (0+1), 2 (1+1), 3 (2+1), 5 (3+2), 8 (5+3), 13 (8+5), etc.

There are the "Fibonacci ratios".. By comparing the relationship between each number, and each alternate number, and even each number to the one four places to the right, we arrive at some fairly consistent ratios.. The important ones are .236, 50, .382, .618, .764, 1.382, 1.618, 2.618, 4.236, and for good measure we include 1.00 ..

It turns out that the ratios are mathematical principles prevalent in nature around us, and is also in man-made objects. There are many interesting, entertaining, and poetic observations about Fibonacci numbers and ratios in the universe (see the reference section below). Fibonacci numbers appear in ancient buildings, in plants, planets, molecules, the dimensions of human bodies, and of course snails… But of what use is all that to the lowly trader?

What really interests you, the application of Fibonacci techniques in the trading environment..

Traders usually study charts! Fibonacci ratios may be applied to the Price scale, and also to the time scale of charts. I study the price scale. My focus here will be on the price scale for now, perhaps in the future I'll add some time-scale studies.

Prices never move in a straight line. Look at any chart, you will see many wiggles, as price advances and retraces.. Stocks, Futures, Forex, all instruments which are liquid, will often retrace in Fibonacci proportions, and advance in Fibonacci proportions. Not always, and not precisely to the penny. But very often, and reasonably close! This happens often enough that profitable trades can result. I will show you some examples below.

I used Fibonacci ratios with a few simple indicators to help determine probable price turning points, optimum entry, exit and stop-loss levels. My complete techniques are available in on-line video seminars, and in-person seminars. For more details, see the following web page: Click for details.

The application of Fibonacci to trading can be very complex, and take much time and experience to perfect. Many traders enjoy making the process as difficult and as complex as they can tolerate.. I do the opposite, I try to simplify, try to bring clarity.

Fibonacci example - Microsoft Weekly chart.
This lesson demonstrates a very basic way to use Fibonacci levels. You just read about Fibonacci ratios. We will use just one of those ratios for now, the .382 Fibonacci ratio. In this chart MSFT made a high of (approximately) $59.97 in December of 1999. After that, it moved down to make a low of $30.19 in May of 2000.

Click to see full size chart (zoom) in new window.

The down move was $29.78 (59.97-30.19), quite a substantial amount.

Projecting from that low in May, and using a Fibonacci ratio, we can calculate 29.78*.382=$11.37 . So 38.2% of 29.78 is 11.37 . If MSFT were to rally 38.2% of the down-move it would reach $41.57 (11.37+30.20). I'm using rounded numbers in my calculations, the chart above calculates it to be $41.564, we don't need that degree of accuracy!

Several weeks later, MSFT rallied and resisted right near that .382 Fibonacci level !!

So we were able to predict a future probable turning point (after the low of May 2000), using the Fibonacci ratio of .382!! If only it were always so easy.

The steps involved are:

1. Calculate the total value of a significant price-move (high to low, or vice-versa).
2. Calculate a Fibonacci retracement (in this case .382) of the prior move.
3. Look for price to confirm, by resisting (or support in an up-move) near that predicted retracement area.

Fibonacci example - Microsoft Daily chart.
This chart shows how a different Fibonacci level (61.8%) predicted resistance and a market turn.

Notice how the market behaved at the .382 level (30.80 area). Initially the market spiked through, then fell back to that level (late October). We cannot expect a chart to retrace at every Fib level. We can expect some support/resistance as buyers/sellers enter the market at these levels, but we can't always predict whether the market will actually turn at any particular level. Fibonacci techniques are used to alert you to a possible trade, if that price level does cause support or resistance. These techniques are not used as a trigger for entry. Other indicators are used in conjunction with Fibonacci studies to provide higher-probability entries..

Click to see full size chart (zoom) in new window.

As mentioned before, there are several Fib levels, .236, 50, .382, .618, .764, 1.382, 1.618, 2.618, 4.236, and 1.00 .. So there are several places to look for a market turn. They can be calculated in advance, but trading blindly at a fib level can be dangerous, because you never know for certain (in advance) whether the market will turn at any particular Fib level. I use other indicators to help overcome that problem, click here INSERT YOUR URL HERE to learn how to determine which Fib ratio is likely to be strong enough to turn the market.

Important notes from this lesson:

1. There are several Fib levels.
2. It takes some skill to determine which Fib level is likely to cause the market to turn.
3. There are some techniques to help you determine where a market is more likely to turn.
4. Do not blindly anticipate a market turn at a Fib level.

More Fibonacci examples.

QQQ Weekly chart with a deep retracement to .618 and a weak attempt to rally after that. However, consider the daily chart and intraday traders. they would have enjoyed the rally from $75 to $100, after going long from a support level that could have been predicted in March!

Click to see full size chart (zoom) in new window.

QQQ daily chart. Multiple Fib levels timing the market perfectly in 3 consecutive waves up!

Click to see full size chart (zoom) in new window.

Intraday chart, QQQ 30-minute. Notice the two market Fib retracements (there are others in this chart too).. The rally from 29.26 stopped at 31.10, then it supported **twice** at 30.39, for two good scalps. The next highlighted Fib support is at a retracement of .618 from the move up 30.47 to 32.49 .. Both of these support levels were predictable before the market supported there.. Hint:--- See how the rally continued after the shallow retracement to 30.39 ... See how the rally after the deeper retracement to .618 near 31.25 was a weaker rally.. This is common, a deeper retracement often foretells a weaker rally... See the next lesson in the table of contents for more on these advanced Fibonacci trading principles.

Click to see full size chart (zoom) in new window.

Another intraday chart, S&P 5-minute.. The first Fib retracement is on a bearish move, an opportunity to short. The second is bullish, with a long entry near 999.25 .. Note that popular charting software will calculate Fibonacci to rediculous precision, we don't need anything closer than one tick! Actually, you should allow some room don't expect precision every time. Allow the trade some room to develop, or you will be stopped out too often.

Click to see full size chart (zoom) in new window.

More Advanced - Microsoft Daily chart.
By now you're probably quite interested, perhaps applying all those Fibonacci ratios to many charts.. You should experiment with your own charts. As long as the instrument traded has a lot of liquidity (not a penny stock for example), you should start to see Fib support and resistance at work. You will start to notice that Fibonacci levels "work" sometimes and not others. Sometimes the trades are not profitable, or are less profitable than others. You need to develop the skills required to select better trades.
In this mini-lesson I want to show you how to evaluate price action based on which Fib levels it responds to, and how the market behaves immediately preceding the Fib support/resistance.

The chart below actually has many Fibonacci levels "performing well", providing support or resistance to the market. I want you to focus on the two that I have identified, for the purposes of this lesson.

Click to see full size chart (zoom) in new window.

The first up-move that I have identified topped out at $26.90, and then retraced 61.8% before supporting at that Fib level. There was a pause at the .382 level, but it was not sufficient to hold the market. Now look at the rally from the support level near .618, it rallied but did not exceed the prior high of 26.90 … As a general rule, a retracement to .618 or below indicates that the preceding up-move is losing steam. A shallow retracement which supports at .382 is more likely to rally beyond the prior high than one which has a deep retracement beyond .50 all the way to .618 ..

The impressive thrust from 22.55 up to 26.90 was negated by a quick move back to .618 at about 24.20, so a trader should not be too optimistic about a continuation of the initial up-thrust.

Similarly, the move up in June, from 23.50 to almost 26.50 would also not inspire much optimism for a huge rally above the high of 26.50 … In general a shallow support at .382 would indicate a probable rally beyond the prior high. However, if the up-move preceding the retracement was sluggish rather than thrusting, you also should temper your enthusiasm.

If the second rally which only retraced to .382 had the thrust of the first rally, it would be a more attractive trade!

These are not firm rules, instead they are used as a guide, to help you filter for better trades. Every Fib level is not equal, some are more attractive than others.

Important notes from this lesson:

1. Not all Fib levels are alike.
2. No technical study is perfect, you must develop the skills to filter out bad trades, and improve the odds of finding better trades.
3. Price action just before a Fib retracement can tell you something about the future.
4. Which Fib level causes the end of a retracement also can give a hint to future price action.
5. No technical study is perfect, you must develop the skills to filter out bad trades, and improve the odds of finding better trades.

You can learn more about Neal and his video course by clicking here.

Information, charts or examples contained in this lesson are for illustration and educational purposes only. It should not be considered as advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any security or financial instrument.

Click for more details.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Currency Breacking Outlook...

Hi Traders

How things going with you Today...have you hidden trading
secrets to share with us....
What you trading Today...look at some breacking currency info...which I have for you...
The Sterling (GBP) fell to record lows against the Euro as increased inflation pressures in the Euro weakened the sterling’s strength.
EUR-Yesterday, the EUR struck a fresh record against the USD after the soft U.S. economic data reinforced market expectations that the Fed will be cutting Interest Rates further later this month.
USD-As for today a bundle of crucial data is expected...Looking ahead, jobless claims is to be released with expectations of an increase from 357k to 375k...
Industrial Production rose 0.3% in March, beating economists' forecast for a 0.1% decline...

Look at 15 min. Charts...

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What`s new on The Bigest Market Today....

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The Euro (EURO) was very volatile on Monday sinking to 1.56 following the G7 commentary indicating U.S currency strength was a concern, before rebounding to within a cent of the all-time high as the G7 failed to convince investors that they will intervene to prop up the U.S currency. ECB President Trichet spoke at 21:30 GMT whilst in New York about the financial markets turmoil, indicating transparency was needed from corporations when reporting profit and losses to allow an efficient and effective recovery. The EURUSD traded at a high of 1.5886 and a low of 1.5660 before closing at 1.5800 in New York. No data is to be released for the Euro Zone on Tuesday.
EUR/USD-The pair has been going through choppy sessions with no distinct direction for the past seven trading days. Several attempts to breach through the 1.5900 level failed, and the pair is consolidating around 1.5830. The 4 hour chart is showing signals of local bullish momentum, as the Slow Stochastic have a positive slope. Going long with tight stops could be a good strategy today.....


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Forex News...Automated Forex Cash...

Hi Traders

I hope that this trading week is going fine for you...

The Australian Dollar (AUD)-weakened in the Asian session following poor consumer sentiment results which saw a drop in confidence by a further -1.3% to a 15-year low, before regaining somewhat in New York following weaker U.S stocks. The AUDUSD traded at a high of 0.9334 and a low of 0.9262 before recovering to 0.9292 at the close of New York. Looking ahead, the Unemployment Rate is due out on Thursday as forecasts predict a rise from 4.0% to 4.1%....

USD/JPY-There is a very distinct bullish channel forming on the 4 hour chart as the pair now made the first breach through the bottom barrier. The breach has been validated by an additional bearish bar, and the momentum now is extremely bearish. The next target price might be 100.50 on the first move.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Currency News and Forex Wealth Builder....

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I suppose that you have open trading position Today...look at some currency information...

USD/CHF The pair has been traded in a range for a while now, and no distinct signal has been received on the daily level. The 4 hour chart is showing mixed signals yet the Bollinger Bands are getting much tighter which indicates on a possible close break. Traders are advised to wait for a significant breach and swing in on any direction....
Gold (XAU) rose on Friday following a weaker U.S economic outlook and solid oil prices. Prices rose US$8.10 an ounce (0.9%) to US$917.70...

Fresh Systems News: The name Dean Saunders has been buzzing around the forex community
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Time for you to take vengeance on all of the forex gurus who have ripped you off...

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

What's Today happen on Forex Market

Hi Traders

How Trading things going with this week, have you any trouble which can threaten your final result...don't worry I have some interesting trading system which can help you to reform your here to educate yourself...
Gold (XAU)- also headed higher on energy prices. XAU traded higher by US$12.40 an ounce breaking key levels of US$900.20. XAU did trade with a low of 882.40 and a high of 905.30.
GBP/USD-The failure to validate the breach through the key Fibonacci level of 1.9800 stirs up fresh bullish sentiment and the cable is now traded around 1.9870. The daily chart is very bullish and the 4 hour chart is showing positive slope on the slow stochastic. Going long might be the way to go today.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008



If you have at least a few months that Forex came into your life
you have surely heard of Fibonacci levels in Forex charts. But what
is Fibonacci?

Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers. Every number is being
produced by adding the last Fibonacci number to the previous. The
first numbers of Fibonacci sequence are 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,....etc

But what has Fibonacci sequence to do with Forex Trading? IF you
divide two sequential numbers you get the result 1,618. The square
of 1,618 is 1,27. The inverse number of 1,618 is 0,618. The inverse
of 1,27 is 0,786. These numbers are called Fibonacci numbers
because they result from Fibonacci sequence number's analogies.

The 1,618 number was called 'Golden Mean' by ancient Greeks and
other ancient cultures. They called it so because they observed
that this number is found everywhere in nature. The result of
creations, living organisms to space galaxies, that have this
number embedded is symmetry.

But enough with maths and science! Let's see the use of Fibonacci
numbers in trading. Since the beginning of investment industry,
traders have noticed that prices tend to change direction in levels
that are very close to these numbers I mentioned above.

For example in an unptrend the prices will go up and then swing
down to a level that is a Fibonacci number before continuing the
uptrend. These levels are called Fibonacci Retracement levels. The
most common Fibonacci levels in Forex market are 0.382, 0.5, 0.618
and 0.786.

Nobody knows why prices tend swing in these Fibonacci levels. And
nobody knows at which exact Fibonacci level will the price change
direction in advance.

How could you use this knowledge to improve your trading?

Well, you should know that prices tend to reverse at Fibonacci
retracement levels. A lot of novice traders use the exact point of
a fibonacci retracement level e.g. 0.618 as a trade entry.
Experienced traders know this fact and wait for other traders to
get their stop loss hit and then enter the market. Fibonacci
retracement levels should be used as an indication of entry and not
as the exact point of entry. Moreover the bulk of traders use 0,618
and 0.386 retracement levels. Experienced traders know this
tendency and wait for other retracement levels not widely used like
0.786 or 0.707 in order to enter a trade. Use these Fibonacci
retracements as well. Make the difference!

But how would you know at which Fibonacci retracement level will
the price change direction? Fibonacci retracements, like other
technical indicators are more valid when they are calculated for a
greater time value. Do not pick minor swings to calculate Fibonacci
retracements. Pick greater price swings instead. Moreover, a
Fibonacci level becomes more valid when it coincides with another
technical indicators such as trendline resistance or support, MACD
or RSI divergence and so on. The most valid retracement level
should be choosen keeping in mind that further confirmation from
other technical indicators should be taken into account. You
wouldn't like to put your money on risk with only one reason, would
you? So choose the Fibonacci retracement level that coincides with
other reverse signals.

Last of all let's see the use of Fibonacci numbers in trading time
analysis. Pick a significant hi or a low in a daily chart. Then
calculate trading days (excluding weekends) from that point and on
using Fibonacci sequence. You would have the first, the second, the
third, the fifth the eighth trading day and so on. Watch that in
trading days that are Fibonacci numbers, prices tend to reverse
direction! Isn't it amazing? Add this tool to your chart analysis
and you wont lose!

After all these years of trading experience and research I have
found that Forex charts iclude some special price patterns created by
price swings. These patterns are formed under certain price
relations between their swings. This trade system will provide you with
low risk and hi reward trading entries.

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