Friday, May 29, 2009

The Most POWERFUL Trading Report You've Ever Read

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sit back and let the Forex Espionage Trading Robot do the work for you as you cash in with five figure paydays

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Hope that you have a good trading position this week....

In case the term “Forex” is new to you, it’s short for Foreign
Exchange. It describes the international currency markets where
U.S. Dollars, Japanese Yen, Euros and other currencies are traded.

Here’s what most people don’t know...

Forex is a gargantuan market. It makes the U.S. stock market look
like a mom-and-pop store next to Walmart.

Now here’s part two of that reality...

Have you see how easy it was for people to lose their life savings
in the stock market since late 2007? Well, it’s even easier with
Forex. You can lose your shirt in a blink.

But Steven Lee Jones is going to change all of that.

Forex trading isn’t easy.

The mechanics of trading are nothing special, really. You buy and
sell, take losses and take profits. Normal stuff.

But what most people don’t get before they dive in is that Forex
trading is like stock or options trading on steroids. It’s an
emotional roller-coaster that can crush you.

Consider this...

Let’s say you’ve scratched and saved and sacrificed to put together
a trading stake. Let’s say that’s $2,500.

Now let’s say you put on a Forex trade that risks $1,500 of that

Forex moves FAST, so you could put on the trade and be down fifty
percent in literally seconds, definitely minutes, and certainly
hours. I’m not talking about days here. I’m talking about the time
it takes you to fetch the mail from your mailbox.

So now you’re down $750. What do you do?

Here’s where most people get absolutely shell-shocked, because most
people have NO idea what to do next.

Many will hang on thinking the trade will come back. But they don’t
think about what that means.

To get back to even, that position will have to rise a hundred
percent from where it is now. That’s right, it’ll have to double.
How likely is that? Are you SURE?

But here’s the wacky nature of Forex trading for you. Let’s say you
decide you’ll take the loss. As soon as you do, the position
skyrockets and you see that within minutes you would’ve had a
profit...if you had only stayed longer.

Do you see what’s going on? It’s an emotional whipsaw that just
about guarantees you’ll be frozen with fear the very next time you
decide to put on a trade.

And scared money doesn’t make any money.

Steven has been there and experienced the same thing. He got sick
of it. Now he’s figured out how to overcome it all, and he’s
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I won’t reveal too much in this email. Watch the video to get the
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I know that sounds ridiculous, but I give you my word it’s true.

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Have a nice Day

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Basics of the Bollinger Band Technical Indicator in Forex Markets..

Make profit in Forex trading the News

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Hope you're fine and ready to take research action to prepare yourself for next trading week...

The Bollinger Band technical indicator is an analytical technique developed by John Bollinger. It helps those who use it compare volatility and relative price levels over a time period. The whole system involves three bands that are supposed to collectively show the majority of a security’s price action. These bands include a moving average, an upper band (the average plus 2 standard deviations), and a lower band (the average minus 2 standard deviations).

If you are interesting in learning more about the Bollinger Band technical indicator system, you should check with your local university to see if they offer investing classes that cover this topic. In order to use the system effectively, you will need to know a great deal about how it works and understand each component. You may be able to read and learn from a book yourself. Others may need to have that class instruction atmosphere to fully understand the way this system works however. While this system is steady, the way people use it can determine how it works. There are several ways to deal with the Bollinger Band technical indicator. You can use these rules to help you get started.


The first thing to remember is that the Bollinger Bands only provides a relative definition of both high and low. You can take the definition and compare price action and indicator action, but only at relative levels. You can use these findings to make decisions about buying and selling. Keep in mind that volatility and trend are built into this formula, so you won’t need to deal with them otherwise.


You can use the bands with momentum, volume, open interest, and market data in order to gather indicators. When you do this however, remember that you should not directly relate the indicators to each other. You can use one indicator that deals with volume and another indicator that deals with open interest at the same time. However, you cannot use two indicators that deal with volume together. So, be sure that you understand that only one indicator of each type should be used. If you don’t follow this rule, the Bollinger Bands will not be accurate.


One thing you can use the Bollinger Bands for is to clarify pure price patterns. You will be able to see tops and bottoms and momentum shifts in prices. Price is interesting when gathered using the Bollinger Bands because it goes up the upper band and down the lower band. You can successfully use the bands to get patterns in price and then act in the best interest of your investment. Using this system can help you make smarter and more profitable investing decisions overall.

The Average

When dealing with the average band, you need to note that the default parameters of 20 periods are simply defaults. They are not always representing what the actual parameters of the market are. Your average should always be a detailing of the middle-term trend. It may not always be the best for crossovers however. Also be sure to lengthen the number of standard deviations if the average is lengthened. If the average is shortened, you must shorten the number of standard deviations as well. You must always keep the average logically consistent for the Bollinger Bands to work as they are intended.

Make profit in Forex trading the News

Remember that when you are dealing with the Bollinger Bands technical indicator system that what you see is not a signal to buy or sell. You must take in all the information the Bollinger bands provide in order to make the best investment decision. While the Bollinger Bands technical indicator system is a great way to take a look at patterns and gain helpful insight, it is not a system you should use to base your entire investing strategy upon. Investing is something that often has more to do with life than numbers. When you are investing, be sure that you allow the numbers and calculations to weigh on your decision. However, be sure that you also listen to yourself and your gut instinct with investing. Those who listen to their gut instincts often do very well when it comes to investing. So, trust yourself and let everything simply come as welcomed assistance.

Happy Trading week

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Chance To Transform Your FX Trades NOW!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Secret Forex Trader Rocks The Forex Market!

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The word in the Forex circle is the Forex Trading game is about to be turned on it's head
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Your Forex "time machine"...

Hi Traders

How many times have you thought, "If I knew then what I know


If I could travel back in time, I'd go back to the day I
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There's nothing I can do about that now; but if you're like
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I let you know about them yesterday, but I just wanted to
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Good Trading

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What holds you back in the Forex market?

Hi Traders

I guess I could sugar coat this, but I won’t.

I’m going to tell you about three things that hold you back in the
Forex market, and how to rebel against each and every one of the.
The result of your insurrection will be the kind of profits you’ve
dreamed about.

Want to fast forward? Then check out Steven’s
Forex Insurrection
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The first thing that holds you back is the market itself. It’s
huge, and the number of variables that can impact any trade you’re
in is vast.

Imagine being in a trade on a EUR/USD pair and the Bank of England
or the U.S. Fed releases some news. That currency pair can start
swinging wildly and crush your position.

How can you defend against that? Simple, by having automated
software in the market trading for you, with tight controls on when
you take profits and when you take losses. Then wild swings won’t
affect you...and they might make you big money.

Forex Insurrection is the tool you need.

The second thing that holds you back is the pros in the market.
Make no mistake, they can manipulate the market, and hurt you in
the process.

If you’re trying to trade by your own wits, without rock-solid
trading rules that you never deviate from, you can get run over
while you wait for a trade to “come back”. It’ll probably never
come back!

The key is to follow your trading rules all the time, without
exception. Very few humans can do that, which is why you need
..which follows the rules automatically...

The third thing that holds you back is your emotions, specifically
fear and greed.

If you try to trade without controlling your emotions, you’ll be
slaughtered. It’s that simple.

Fear will keep you out of trades you should’ve gotten in, or will
shake you out of trades you should’ve stayed in. Greed will keep
you in trades too long as they back over you and take your profits
or balloon your losses.

Your secret weapon is having an Expert Advisor trading for you so
your emotions will have no effect on your trading. You won’t even
have to make a decision!

Forex Insurrection is the Expert Advisor you need.

Steven’s not claiming that every automated Forex Insurrection trade
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What he IS claiming is that you can make gargantuan profits on
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$21,384.55 profit in one month

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Imagine not worrying about your trading anymore.

Imagine not having to stare at your computer all day for fear of
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Forex Insurrection takes all of that away . And
since you can test it out without risk, isn’t it worth a try?

To your Forex success,

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What Drives Traders to Forex Markets...

Hi Traders

How things going with you...hope you're have been satisfied with your trading result in the past trading week...Today's we're going to discuss What Drives Traders to Forex Markets...

With the Forex market being the biggest financial market on the globe, it is no wonder millions of people are drawn to it. When it comes to investing, currency trading it where it’s at right now. It is one of the fastest growing investment forms to date. It is important to note however that although the Forex is called a “market” by name, it is not a traditional “market”. All trading is done over the telephone or via computers. There is no central location for the trading in any country. It is actually a cash inter-bank or inter-dealer system formed in 1971. This was the time when floating exchange rates came about. The Forex is huge today, with over 3.5 trillion levels exchanged each day. It is clearly one of the most popular forms of trading worldwide.


One of the best features of the Forex market is that it never closes. This is a system that takes place all day long, every day of the year. There are people in every country that are waiting to trade. You could wake up at 2 in the morning, no matter where you are, and expect to find trading occurring in full force. The availability of the market is something that is very appealing to some people. When dealing with foreign currency, there is no other way. The market must remain open for 24 hours because of the time differences and such. Traders capitalize on the wide range of trading time and appreciate that aspect of the Forex. With other markets that close daily, there is sometimes a sense of anxiety about what may or may not happen overnight. This is not an issue with the Forex market.


Along with its never ending trading, the Forex is attractive to many traders because of the excitement it can bring. Trading is something that can be very exciting and the Forex offers never ending excitement for those willing to partake. The Forex market is so large, with $1.5 to $3.5 trillion dollars per day, that it allows nearly perfect liquidity. The size alone makes this market a joy ride for traders. If you are looking for endless excitement, you will be glad to know that you can certainly find it in the Forex market. Unlike the other markets, the Forex is great because you can enjoy that excitement all day long. You won’t have to deal with the anxieties that occur with other markets after closing time. You can know that no matter what, the Forex will be open and you will be able to deal with business as needed. This adds a fun element to trading with the Forex, which can be removed by stress in other markets.

It’s For Everyone

In previous times, the market was only for the rich. One had to typically place at least a $1million cash deposit down with the bank to even begin trading. This made it difficult for anyone but rich people to trade. Today however, the Forex is open to smaller scaled traders as well. Most of the traders are actually doing so from home. Lower margin requirements are very attractive to the smaller traders. They allow them to participate with the larger traders on the same scale, but at a more equal position. With the Internet thriving year after year, home based traders can get in with the larger traders via their computer, which was not always the case. Before, only large traders could even access the Forex at any level. Today, the Forex is for everyone.

As you can see, the Forex market is one that offers excitement, availability, and opportunity. These three reasons are what draw millions of people to the Forex each day. It is something that once you try it, you will not want to stop. The opportunities are endless, which is why the Forex is a popular topic in business schools today. If you are interested in learning this market, check with your local college to see if there are any classes offered about the topic. You will need to be aware of the rules and regulations before you begin trading. Once you have the information you need, jump on in and start trading right away!

Attention: YOU have a once in a lifetime opportunity to benefit from his 25+ years of experience at the very top of Forex trading. Now you can...