Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Is No Illusion, Watch These Real Forex Results. (Live Proof)

Hi Traders

Hope that you had a great day on the Forex market...
If you have not grabbed your copy of the incredible Forex Illusion
then you are about to make a big mistake!

We talked all about John De Rossi and his top secret
methods he uses to bypass the broker's shady tactics that stop us
from truly making huge automated profits, and I also mentioned he
was only releasing 200 copies...

Well now he only has 68 copies remaining and they are shifting at
an alarming rate...

Check out why John's methods can never be detected by Forex brokers

This isn't a simple case of using stealth mode like most other
below par software attempts to do... This is more complex and
includes creating specialist algorithms that can bypass the
security systems that brokers have in place to stop us from
making crazy amounts of money via Forex trading.

If you like the idea of earning an easy 6 figures a year from
Forex, then make sure you listen to what John De Rossi has to say
as he teaches us how to look through the Forex Illusion, and shows
us the dirty tricks that the brokers are up to.

No matter how hard the brokers try, we will always beat "the house"
when we use John's methods...

This is the best opportunity you will get to crack Forex this year,
and the best part is John actually promises to support you 100% as
you embark on your money making adventure.

But you have to remember that John De Rossi only has 68 copies
remaining and they are sure to all be gone by the end of today, so
its important you act now...

John has successfully studied many Forex millionaires and managed
to work out why these guys are so successful, while the majority
of traders fail...

Then he was able to automate the exact same
trading style they use, to create a unique software that anyone
who has a vested interest in making money online can use to reap
in cash from the Forex market.

This is probably your last chance to get hold of Forex Illusion.

In fact by the you have read this email John may have sold out and
already closed his site down.

Have a look and make sure you have not missed out...

Good Luck

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Only Way To Make Automated Cash Via Forex (Video)

Hi Traders

Hope that this Sunday in your house have been fulfilled with cheerfulness...
While browsing the Forex forums last night I came across this free
Forex training video, that shows you ways of generating 5 figures
a month from your armchair and completely automated...

Have a look

The most crazy thing about it is, you can actually discover all
these methods used by the top traders like Bruce Kovner, for FREE

I almost choked on my food when I discovered that there were
actually forex videos out there, that revealed so much information
without you having to put your hand in your wallet.

If I didn't trawl the forum I would never have came across this,
so I suppose you could say luck has a huge part to play in this...

The video actually shows you:

* How to truly make automated cash from Forex, while doing nothing!

* How all you need is a laptop and you can be making cash in hours!

* The ten commandments you must obey to be successful at Forex!

* The trading softwares that you must avoid at all costs...

And so much more I couldnt possiby list it all here, or it will
take up too much room.

Check It Out

I have already discovered a host of information I did not know
until I watched this video, and am grateful that I didn't have to
pay to view it... But on the other hand I would have happily paid
big bucks just to access half of the content you will find on
this incredible video...

Also discover the reason why most traders will never even earn
4 figures a month, never mind in a day...

I wish I could tell you alot more, but I don't want to spoil it
for you, because you are going to be very impressed...

I can't wait for the Forex markets to open up so I can put these
methods to good use.

Remember: Go and see the video now before the thread is removed
from the forum and he is forced to take down the video, as there
is some pretty damaging content on there.

Go Here Now

To You Immediate Success

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This is worth paying CLOSE attention to...

Hi Traders

How are you...You know how often we talking how much important to keep educate yourself with trading strategy published from Forex Trading Expert...

The Forex Ultimate System you've been hearing all about
is live and Robert is taking on new students.

Let's be honest with each other here: there are lots
of products that get launched in the Internet
Marketing space every year, and there is a LOT of
hype attached to MANY of them.

And very rarely am I impressed by ANY of them.

But after reviewing the Forex Ultimate System,
listening to some of the success stories from
members and learning about Robert's dedication,
I've got to say this system is nothing short of AMAZING.

I don't know how long the Forex Ultimate System will be
open, make sure you don't miss out on this.

Check it out here...


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Have you Become a Member of The Forex Signals Yet?

Hi Traders

Hope that you enjoy on Football World Cup this month, but don't forget to follow new event onn the Forex remember what's your trading goals for this year...look at on your secret book where you have wrote your daily, monthly and yearly goals-obligation...

Hundreds of people have become members of The Forex Signals
since they went live and I am already receiving emails from
my followers thanking me for introducing them to Tom Strignano
and Vladimir Ribakov. They are truly excited about the quality
of the signals, and the support from Tom and Vladimir.

I want to say again that The Forex Signals is truly a unique
forex signals service. In my many years of trading, I have never
seen anything like The Forex Signals. I appreciate how Tom
Strignano and Vladimir Ribakov truly want to see their clients
succeed at trading.

Other signals services that I have seen only offer automated
signals and they leave you struggling to learn how to trade
successfully. Tom and Vladimir analyze the charts and predict
market moves, then provide you with quality signals all while
mentoring and educating you so that you can become an expert
trader and thrive in the marketplace.

Whether you are a beginner Forex trader or if you have been
trading for a while, The Forex Signals offers a comprehensive
ongoing service that will suit your trading style and level,
at extremely reasonable rates.

I also love how many mediums there are for you to receive live
signals and how you have 2 forex experts with over 35 years
forex trading experience at your finger tips. As part of the
signals service, you will also get a truly dedicated team of
professionals that genuinely care about your success.

To learn more about what The Forex Signals has to offer, click
on the link here...

To your success!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tom Strignano and Vladimir Ribakov Present The Forex Signals

Hi Traders

How are you...hope all things going very well with you...
To find reliable forex tool is not we working hard to publish new reliable trading tools...
Forex Signals featuring Tom Strignano and Vladimir
Ribakov officially open their doors today at 9am Eastern.

Tom and Vladimir are very excited to provide this service
to help members be the 1% of successful forex traders.

Tom Strignano is a former Chief Bank Dealer with 25 years
experience and Vladimir Ribakov is a world class forex
expert as well.

The Forex Signals offers a variety of different membership
levels. Whether you are a junior trader or a chief dealer,
they have a membership level that is right for you with the
goal of helping you to the next level in your Forex trading.

On top of providing forex signals, they will also be providing
signals on Metals, Commodities, Oil, Silver, and the S&P, CAC
& FTSE Indices, plus more.

The Forex Signals isn't just signals you can rely on, it is
a community of traders. The Forex Signals offers live information
through email, sms, the members area, and live trading chat rooms.
This means you will be able to have the latest signals and news
virtually anywhere you go, and all while interacting with other
members and learning from one another.

The Forex Signals also offers superb support and training so
that you can learn to trade as an expert from two respected
Forex Traders that genuinely want to see you succeed and are
there for you every step of the way.

I highly recommend that you check out this premier
service today
while spots are still available.

To Your Success,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Did You Learn Tom & Vladimir's Coveted Forex Trading Strategies?

Hi Traders

Hope that you have successful start of this trading week on the Forex market...

Thousands of traders learned two coveted trading strategies yesterday
by forex experts, Tom Strignano and Vladimir Ribakov.

I spoke with Tom and Vladimir's team today and they are ecstatic with
the amount of emails that have been received from traders that were
blown away with these techniques. They even got some emails & feedback
from traders that have already achieved success since just yesterday
using these same simple but clever trading strategies.

Today, Tom and Vladimir decided to invite traders to watch them apply
their signals on trades and see the results for yourself. This is
really cool stuff and if you have seen the members area, you know
exactly what I'm talking about!

And this interface not only provides forex signals, but also signals on
Gold, Oil, Silver, Commodities and the S&P, CAC, FTSE Indices!

As well as the members area, the service delivers vital information
to members via email and sms which means you can get the latest signals
virtually anywhere you go... All while interacting with other members
and learning from a community of traders that share the same goals.

So check out Tom and Vladimir applying their own signals today and
see how professional traders trade.

No opt-in, nothing to sign up for. Check it out now and be surprised.

To Your Success

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Have 2 Forex Experts Mentor You to Be the 1%

Hi Traders

Every Sunday bringing us a more time to spend with family and lovely, also it's time when we thinking what to do next working week and we set up our weekly business goals...
I hope that you had a chance to watch Tom and Vladimir's
special video the other day about why The Forex Signals is
unique from any other signals service.

How many times have you tried a robot to make trades for
you and you were left feeling disappointed and angry at
yourself for losing money? I know that a lot of people even
juggle between several robots!

Whether you saw the special video the other day or not, Tom
and Vladimir have created a *New* video on why only 1% of
traders are successful and the benefits of having 2 Forex
Experts that are THE 1% mentoring you to be THE 1%.

Check it out here...

Tom and Vladimir are experts that want their members to really
thrive in the marketplace by learning how to make a real income
trading from home and their both technical chartists addicted
to analyzing and predicting market moves. On top of providing
forex signals, they will also be giving you signals on Metals,
Oil, Silver, and the S&P, CAC & FTSE Indices.

You'll receive signals 24/5 and of course, they have a back-up
team of traders plus full-time administration personnel that
are dedicated to providing a great service for you.

I recommend that you watch the new video today and see how
The Forex Signals can help you be the 1%

2010 is an incredibly good time to make huge profits if you
know what you're doing or you're with traders that do.

To Your Success!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tom Strignano & Vladimir Ribakov Present The Forex SignalsThe Forex Signals with Tom Strignano and Vladimir Ribakov

Hi Traders

We just wanted to let our readers know that in just 1 week,
the ultimate forex signals service, The Forex Signals,
will be unveiled.

The Forex Signals is made up of two Forex Trading Experts;
Tom Strignano, a former Chief Bank Dealer with 25 years
banking experience and Vladimir Ribakov, a world class &
street-smart professional trader.

Tom and Vladimir have teamed up to bring you the ultimate
Forex Signals service aptly called, The Forex Signals.
This signals service is unlike any forex signals service
currently in the marketplace... Find out more here;

The Forex Signals is made up of genuine traders that focus
on educating and mentoring traders to ensure that traders
not only succeed, but become independent not needing to
rely on anyone but themselves to secure their own financial
independence with forex trading as an income stream.

The Forex Signals offers a variety of different membership
levels that go hand in hand with the level of trading that
you are at regardless of whether you are a junior trader
or a chief dealer.

As well as a members area, the service delivers vital
information to members via email and sms which means you can
get the latest signals virtually anywhere you go... All while
interacting with other members and learning from a community of
traders that share the same goals.

Tom and Vladimir would like to invite you to a special video
presentation on why The Forex Signals is unique from any other
signals service, and to tell you about their trading history,
as well as their exciting competition and how you are going
to benefit in a big way by aligning yourself with these traders.

To find out more of how you can benefit, watch the video now;

To Your Trading Success!

Why you will absolutely fail in trading if you don’t master this…

Hi Traders

Hope that you fine...please don't be disappointment if you didn't reach your trading goals for the past trading week....just keep educate yourself and you'll see result in your wallet very soon...

There are many misconceptions about money management. Most think it means trading with stops, but that is only a small part of it. Below is a short part of the complimentary report I've been trying to give you called How to Safely Double Your Profits in 2009 Trading ETFs. This little tip alone could save your trading account.

Why use risk controls?

Every trader/investor must guard himself against drawdowns, which refers to the percentage drop in his account size after one losing trade or consecutive losing trades. For example, imagine that after losing a few trades in a row, your $20,000 account is reduced to $12,000; that would be a drawdown of 8,000/20,000 = 40%. If I were to ask some new traders, "In order to be back up to $20,000, what percentage return do you need to generate?" Many would answer, "Since I lost 40%, I have to make back 40%!" This couldn't be more wrong! Note that after losing 40%, the trader now starts with a lower base, i.e. to undo the $8,000 loss, the return he needs to generate is 8,000/12,000 = 66.6%! That is why I share free training videos on my website to help dispel some of the myths of trading.

Make 6% per month with ETFs

The more severe the drawdown, the harder it becomes to undo the damage, as shown in the numbers below.

Drawdown % %Required to get back to break even
10% 11.1%
20% 25%
30% 42.8%
40% 66.6%
50% 100%
60% 150%
70% 233.3%
80% 400%
90% 900%

That is why all professional money managers only risk 1-2% per trade. It's because no matter how good your trading system is at some point it is a statistical fact you will have 10 losers in a row. Based on risking only 1-2% per trade this is only a 10-20% drawdown and easily recovered. 99% of the hype trading and investing courses in existence don't say or do this. They say risk 5-10% per trade. It is wrong and will cause you serious financial pain if you follow their advice.

Many of them also use arbitrary stop loss advice. For example, they say, "Place your stop at $100.10 because that is on the other side of a major support or resistance, trend line, MA, etc."

This makes your risk based on the size of the stop. That is also wrong because the risk can be too large and it's not the same risk on each trade.

Others reverse this and say risk only 2% total period and let that determine your stop. This is also wrong and will hurt you because it is important to have the correct technical stop.

The answer is to do both. Use a percentage and technical stop together. It works like this. Let's say the technical stop is $100.10, but based on your entry price that is a 3% risk. Since your plan calls for a 2% risk you simply lower the number of shares you are trading. This lets you stay within your 2% risk and have the correct technical stop. This is exactly what most professional money mangers do.

Some say that this will lower their profits because of trading fewer shares. So what! Study the numbers above again. You know the old quote, "More risk equals more reward." Well it's not always true. Sometimes more risk equals more risk! If you lose your money you have no chance to make a profit. Even losing 50% is disastrous because you would then need to make 100% to get back to even.

Like Warren Buffet says, there are only two rules in investing. Rule #1: Don't lose money. Rule #2: Don't forget rule #1.

I'd like to add a third rule. Correct money management and position sizing must be mastered to ensure your long term success.

The good news is that it is easy to have correct money management and position sizing. I just explained how to use a combo of a % stop and a technical stop. If you want more of an explanation please visit the free video area on my homepage and click on the "Why have risk controls" video.

The system of entries, stops and profits taking is only half of your key to success. The other half is money management. If you get this part wrong you will lose your account every time regardless of how good your system is.

Click here for the newsletter on how to safely average 6% per month trading Exchange-Traded Funds.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ONE Hour Until...

Hi Traders

Get Ready For the BIGGEST, MOST anticipated Forex event
of 2010...

After nearly 10 days of FEVERISH anticipation
involving over one hundred Eighty Seven Thousand traders from
all over the globe...

Today is the day that thousands of traders
have been waiting for!

The curtain overlaying the Freedom Forex Formula is about
to lift...

And I want to let you in on a little 2 part secret (ok, it's
actually a HUGE secret).

1) James has told me he's NOT selling many copies at
all (I'm talking a far more limited release that you've
likely ever seen before in a new product release).

And when they are gone, you won't be able to buy one...

(And he is dead serious about that).

2) There is a way to assure yourself a copy and at the
same time learn a ton about trading at no cost to you...

By attending the live webinar later today (exactly ONE hour
from now, you'll not only get direct access to James, but
you'll also be granted a "first in line" backstage pass to be
able to own Freedom Forex Formula without the worry of a quick
sell out.

Here's what you and thousands of other hungry traders are about to

** "Behind-the-scene" look at James' $34 million trading business.

** Sneak peak at the bank account that the Freedom Formula help him
build from scratch. This is the first time it's even been done in the

** See Freedom Formula live, in action, and hear about all its phenomenal
and truly unique trading benefits.

** Discover what makes a long-term stable & profitable FX trading formula,
and why Freedom Formula i is hands down the BEST we've ever seen...

** Find out when it will be available, and for how long (it is a very
limited release.)...

You'll also learn all about the pricing, when and where you can become
an owner, and how many will be made available (it is a VERY limited

And...just by participating you'll be on the early bird list which will
qualify you for a MASSIVE Discount as well .

So drop by and see what it's all about, it's going to be WELL
worth your time to listen to James.

Talk To you Soon