Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Triad Is Live...And Selling Out Fast!

Hi Traders

Hope you're enjoying in your trading education....

Over 44,334 downloads of Jason's 2 Special Reports...

More than 127,327 views of his videos...

And get this...

An "Absolutely Astounding" 6526 wildly excited traders attended today's
live webinars! (that is a record that surpassed TD Ameritrade!)

Triad Is Now Live!

Triad Will Sell Out!

The Special Bonuses May Already Be Gone...So Hurry!

In fact so many traders tried to get on the webinar (over 800 more than our
3500 capacity in the first one ALONE) we managed to create a mini meltdown!

(We had some minor audio issues, and do apologize if you were one of those
who couldn't get in or lost audio for a few minutes...)

If you were you there then you have probably already snatched up your copy of
Triad...because we did a surprise 60 minute "early open" after each webinar!

Now for the bad news...

Jason is only releasing 997 copies of Triad (his team can only handle support
and live training for than many new students.)

Nearly half the copies are already sold.

Less than 2.3% of the traders who loved Jason's reports will even be able to
become a Triad owner.

So if you couldn't get in, or missed it altogether now is your chance to grab your

But you really do need to hurry.

So....are you still waiting? Don't walk, run. This is your chance to start
taking the very same trades that Jason does every day, as a full-time
professional trader.

Good Trading,

PS- Yes, that's how confident they are that once you start trading Triad-style, you
will never go back.

Go change the way you trade...forever.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Instantly Smash Through The Forex Lies...

Hi Traders

Hope you're start this trading week with self-confidence of success on forex market...
Forex trading can bring you a VERY profitable lifestyle.

Once you have systems down and implement methods you know work every single time, there's nothing to stop you from building an absolute

And you can do that trading from home.

So why do so many traders do nothing but lose all of their hard earned cash?

Simple... they're given BAD information.

Just look around. Everywhere you see marketers who know nothing about trading Forex in the real world pushing their flimsy systems.

Unsurprisingly, they aren't worth a damn.

What every rookie trader needs is a guide or a mentor who knows what the hell they're doing.

Step forward Tom Strigano. The real deal. Go and read more about this rebellious
Forex dynamo here...

Tom traded at the very top of his game for an astonishing 25+ years.

Let's just say he knows every trick in the book.

He isn't some slimy marketer trying to make a quick buck in the 'hot' Forex market. Tom's systems are used against the world's financial giants to pull in trillions of dollars for the world's top banks.

Wouldn't you like to have those tricks, techniques and methods in YOUR arsenal?

Do you think that would give you an edge on the competition?

You bet it would.

Give yourself the edge right now and be prepared for some 'out of the box' thinking.

These aren't your usual Forex methods...

To your success,

P.S. Take a look at the testimonials on the page, folks who were struggling quickly doubled or even tripled their pips per day. This flat out works and Tom can help YOU get to where you want to be too...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

141 Pips, 2 trades, 2 days, from a free filter?

Hi Traders

Hope you're realy fine and you enjoying in this beautiful Spring's day...

Imagine making and easy 141 pips on two trades in two
days, now picture it's because you were using just a small
part of an entire system. And this technique was given to
you for free?

Well, that's the kind of amazing testimonials that have come
from those who grabbed the "Head Fake Filter" Tom Strigano
has given away this past few weeks.

He did this to prove that he's the real deal an ex-chief bank
trader who has fine tuned his systems trading hundreds of
millions of bank money. (Think you might want to learn from him?)

He's holding a one-time only workshop, where he is going
to spill his guts, and give you all his battle-tested bank crushing
systems, that pull massive results.

Only 50 spots were made available this past tuesday and now
there are about 19 remaining. Want to part of this exclusive club?

Time is of the essence, go now...

He only want's SERIOUS MINDED individuals that he can
partner with, so he's offering to even to do a 15 minute consult
over the phone to make sure that you are making the right investment.

Yes, he will personally field your calls if you have questions
about this once in a lifetime chance.

The inner circle group will surely dominate the forex market
equipped with 25 years of top pro trading information and Tom
as a personal mentor.

Spots are almost all gone, go now...

Take Care,

P.S. You really have to check out
this video, and it's just one of
many. It's pretty awesome when the free stuff from this guy delivers
more value then most of the bought crap out there.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The automatic Forex trading history will need to be rewritten...

Hi Traders

How are you .... hope you're fine and that you have enough time for Today's automated forex trading introduction...

Because an unique forex trading robot just went live...

If you are in a hurry, check this video out now to see what
the robot is all about...


I've already mentioned about this Forex Conqueror
robot created by Brad Cullen...

In fact, it's the first self-evolving robot ever created!

And it's so powerful and profitable. It has been proven to
generate this much profit:

** Jonathan, a beta-tester, made $17,695.80 in 5 weeks...

** Brad and Ryan themself used it to make $63,416.50 in
only 3 months...

** Back-test showed $453,109.03 in profits...

You see, this kind of profits is CRAZY...

But don't just talk about profits...

Because a robot is only good IF ONLY it can make money in
any market condition CONSISTENTLY...

And Forex Conqueror is exceptional...It's more than THAT

This 100% automatic system outperforms any other forex
system ever designed.

You see, I seldom comment about any robot like that.

But Forex Conqueror really stands out.

I believe you should check out what Forex Conqueror is all
about right now...

All the best,

P.s: Brad is offering the introductory price to only the
first 300 customers. So you gotta move fast to take
advantage of this. Don't pay triple for the product in the
Go now...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do not miss this chance of a lifetime...

Hi Traders

Listen, I do not want you to miss your chance on
this once in a lifetime event, so I am just gonna
tell you where to go and that you should be
there 10 minutes early waiting.

This is a high level very exclusive workshop
being held in June by Tom Strigano an Ex-Chief
Bank Trader of 25 years who now makes a
fortune trading against the banks like us..

But knowing what he knows it is almost unfair.

There is a high fever pitch with hundreds of
comments on the blog, video and written
testimonials flying in it is crazy.

If you have been following my blog post this past
week you will already know who he is, why you
should be going, and that this is probably
going to sell out very fast.

50 spots only for this limited one time event,
and 8 were already promised to some of his
very first students.

It is supposed to be expensive but at any rate,
this will be a bargain, I mean people have done
better and made bigger gains with the tools
he is given away then most of the junk that has
sold out there.

Get there 10 minutes early
(Goes Live 12pm est)

Thanks and Good Luck,

P.S. Tom tells me there is over 7300 people now
on the VIP notification list, and only 42 spots, so
more then likely it will sell out quickly.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Conquer The Forex Market

Hi Traders

Hope you're in good mood in the start of this trading week...

Making money trading forex on autopilot is no longer a dream!

If you give me just a few minutes of your time, I am going to tell you EXACTLY how to make decent money from the forex market completely on AUTOPILOT in any market condition (up/down, trending/non-trending, volatile/non-volatile).

It's all about having a winning system.

A system that can consistently make profits in a long run! A system that can predict the future. A system that doesn’t require us to think, to do any judgment call or anything.

Well, today I'd like to introduce you such a system.

It's called The Forex Conqueror automated forex trading system.

This system(robot) can trade 100% automatic and pump cash into your trading account almost every day WITHOUT you having to lift a finger.

It's the first of its kind. It's the first self-evolving trading robot in the market.

Created by the combination of a battle-tested mechanical trading system and neuro-fuzzy approaches, this robot can virtually 'thinks'. That's why it's highly profitable.

And I am talking about this kind of profits:

$17,695.80 in 5 weeks...
$63,416.50 in only 3 months...
$453,109.03 in only 11 months...

Well, you gotta check out for yourself the whole story and who is actually behind the robot.

You see, I'd never recommend a forex system if it's not special. This
Forex Conqueror really stands out.

Check out the story and claim the free gift Profit Pulling Alerter from the creators. I know you will like it;)

Best Regards,

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Most Effective Trading Principal You've Never Heard Of

Hi Traders

How are you doing...hope you're have a great success in this trading week....if you afraid to lose your funds on forex market then be patient...just keep reading...


When you've been trading as long as I have you've pretty much seen it all. You
might say I'm even jaded when it comes to the next “big” trading idea.

But I have to admit, once in a “very” blue moon, something comes along that
just makes me scratch my head and go wow.

As a trader myself I keep in close contact with the other big guns in the industry,
and two of them that you may have heard of are Jason Fielder, and Anthony Trister.

Jason has just released a Special Report that while so incredibly simple to grasp,
has the markings of trading genius written all over it.

In fact the moment you read it and see what I'm talking about, the light bulb will
undoubtedly go off for you, just as it did for me.

Jason's all new, truly groundbreaking report is called "The 60:30:10 Principle"
and it will INSTANTLY make you a more accurate Forex trader... after your
very first read.

Sound like hype? It isn't.

On top of all this Jason is actually giving away (2) systems that you can use
immediately to trade during market conditions that literally have most traders
running scared.

And the best part? He's allowing me to offer you a copy “on him” for a short
while before he removes the web page.

I'd suggest you hurry.

Good trading,

P.S. This one principle is likely the single biggest reason you're not making
as much money as you should trading the Forex...

And it was this very understanding of the markets that actually allowed Jason
to go from a part time amateur to a full time trading professional.

Get all the details now at here...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Video you MUST SEE to believe...(Plus free FX gift)

Hi Traders

This is extremely URGENT, Seriously...

You have to grab this filter it is
FREE and it Works...(I mean BIG PIPS!)

Hopefully, you have already read my post about
this \"Head Fake\" filter that Tom Strigano is giving away.

This thing is worth thousands easy.

He is giving it away for a short time only, and if I were you I
would get there now and learn from this real Forex master. Tom
was a Chief bank trader for 25 years was responsible for managing
hundreds of millions of dollars...

you will see as soon as you get there that he is the \"Real Deal\"

But you must go
NOW, as he can not possibly give this away forever...

And he just announced today a MAJOR announcement
that is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am sure you will
thank me for letting you know about.

I will not spoil the surprise just go get the filter, and
listen to the
latest video
, that Tom did for you...

Take Care,

Monday, April 13, 2009

The \"Head Fake\" Filter...(No-Cost Download)

Hey Traders

Listen closely, and you may be able to hear the faint sound of the buzz
that is coming...

You see I just got word that Thomas Strigano who has just stole the spotlight of the Forex World recently because he is exposing bank systems that he learned and in some cases created to trade hundreds of millions
of dollars for an italian bank as Chief Bank Trader.

This guy knows his stuff and within seconds of listening to him you will know what I am talking about.

Well he is giving away a really cool filter you can use

In the video he will explain a little about it and why he is decided to help the little guy...I mean this guy swam the sharks for over 20 years!

If you are like me and want to know all that you can about forex and how to think and trade like a real pro you have to go start following this guy.

Not too mention, he will make you tons of money...

Watch the video, and then enter your info to grab the step-by-step filter that he is offering you.


P.S. I highly recommend you listen to everything this guy says, because he
is the real deal, and was trusted to trade hundreds of millions at a time.
(you should hear some of his stories!)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Automated Forex profits aren’t a dream...

Hi Traders

The first thing I think about when somebody tells me something is
“automatic” is that they’re lying.

There, I said it. Now you know.

Okay, now I’m going to tell you the stone cold truth. If you ignore
the profit potential of automated Forex trading, you’re almost
literally seeing a pile of money on the street and deciding not to
pick it up.

That’s exactly what Forex Vengeance is, and you need to get it
before it’s not available anymore.

Don’t regret not checking this out, Go here now
and see how
Forex Vengeance can put your Forex trading on autopilot...


Do me a favor and imagine this scenario...

Suppose you hired a professional Forex trader to be your personal
assistant in the markets.

He charges you an arm and a leg, but that’s okay, because he makes
a profit on over 90 percent of his trades. With that kind of track
record, he’s worth what he charges.

He sits there looking for good trades on your behalf. He’s just
waiting for the fat trade you can profit tremendously from with
only minimal downside risk. When he finds one, he puts on the trade

You don’t have think about it...he does the thinking for you.

You don’t have to feel emotionally distraught about it...because
you know your pro is watching out for you.

You don’t have to exercise any judgment at all, because your pro
does all the work.

Once the trade is underway, your pro is watching. He’s monitoring
your position, seeing if it’s going your way or not. He’s got some
very rigid rules he follows that tell him when to stay in to let
your profits run, and when to get out to minimize your losses.

And you trust those rules, because they produce winner over 90
percent of the time.

After a week, or maybe two, you check up on your pro and you see
that he’s put money in your account without you even having to
think about it.

Sounds great, right? Sure, but I bet you can’t afford that pro.
He’s out of your price range. But the good news is that Steven has
put the pro right inside
Forex Vengeance!

It’s obviously software, and not a person, but here’s why the
results are the same:

* You don’t have to exercise any judgment about trades. There’s
ZERO emotion. You don’t have to decide when to get in or when to
get out. It’s all automatic.

* Forex Vengeance trades for you automatically anytime you want,
whenever the markets are open. The markets don’t care, and the
money’s still real.

* You can test out the results before you risk any real money at
all. Try Forex Vengeance for yourself on a demo account and see if
it works like I’ve described. You’ll like the results.

As crazy as it sounds that software can trade for you, and that it
can give you consistent profits...that’s exactly what Forex
Vengeance can do. It’s DOING it already. Now you can be part of it.

Forex Vengeance makes trading easy. This is what you’ve been
waiting for if you’ve been scared to trade Forex, or if you’ve
tried but have lost big money. Steven has proof this delivers the
results you want. Isn’t it time you proved it for yourself by
Forex Vengeance a try?

To your Forex success,

P.S. Remember, Steven won’t leave the doors open forever. There’s
no time to waste. With a 60-day guarantee and ability to test with
a demo account, you have nothing to lose...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Trading and Intervention – Ways This Moves the Forex Market

Hi Traders

Hope you're ready for new trading aware of intervention of Forex market...

When trading on the foreign currency exchange market or the Forex using trading and intervention techniques can offer traders benefits. When traders look to intervention as a means of seeing where the Forex is heading, it can indicated that some currencies should be higher or lower depending on what is going on in that country.

Intervention of the Forex is not unusual. When there is a large tragedy or debt in a country, the value of that nation’s currency will drop. There was a time when the budget deficit of the United States caused the value of the dollar to decline very rapidly in relation to the Japanese yen. This caused the Japanese yen to rise very quickly. When this happens, brokers and Forex traders can forecast, or speculate that an intervention is likely. Intervention makes the value of a currency to either rise or fall depending on how the government wants it to move, even if it is short term.

When experienced brokers and Forex traders understand when intervention is likely, it creates the opportunity for the trader to profit by acting quickly. Using intervention as a means of trading on the Forex means that a trader must be up to date on current events from around the world and must be able to act upon the trends very quickly. In addition, it can be very risky to trade on intervention trends and there is the potential for the trader to lose a large amount of capital in a very short amount of time.

In order to completely understand the foreign exchange market and they way currency moves, it is necessary to understand economics from around the world. The Forex solely revolves around currency and their value in relation to each other. The value of the currency plays a huge role in both domestic and global economics.

Intervention is also directly related to the value of the currency and to the central banks. Currency obtains the value by supply and demand and by the government, or the central bank. When a currency is subjected to being valued it is called floating. When a government sets the rates of the currency, it is called fixing. This means that a country’s currency is compared against another major currency, usually the U. S. dollar.

Intervention in the Forex usually happens during times of economic instability. Since currencies are always traded in pairs, then a large and significant movement of the rates in one direction or the other will directly impact the other. Any time nation experiences instability due to inflation, speculation, disasters or growing national debt, the other country will feel the affects as well. Most of the time, the results of this are not felt immediately, but over a long period of time. This times lapse allows the government or central banks to act accordingly and gives them time to intervene if necessary.

When looking at charts of the way the foreign currency market performs, interventions are usually noticeable on graphs and charts. The intervention may not be made public, but an experience trader can look at these graphs over a period of time and tell when a government has chosen to intervene with the currency rates.

Knowing when an intervention is going to occur is not always easy. It may be very difficult for the untrained trader to know when this is going to happen. However, for those who have experience trading on the Forex, predicting an intervention can be as easy as looking at certain indicators. Usually, interventions occur when the same price levels as occur as previous interventions. This is not always true since some central banks choose not to intervene, but it a good indicator most of the time. Another indicator of when the Forex undergoes intervention is when there are verbal clues. A government might talk about intervening, but it might not happen for a long time. Other times, interventions will happen with no warning.

When trading on the Forex, it is a good idea to make decisions that are informed and will benefit you. If you are inexperienced with trading on the foreign currency exchange, look for a good broker that is backed by a well-known financial institution....

Get A Forex Robot That Is Capable Of Doubling Your Money Every Single Month...Click here...


Friday, April 3, 2009

Forex MegaDroid Trade-By-Trade Results

Hi Traders

On the end of this trading week I wish to share next information...look at:


- Forex MegaDroid Robot Trade-By-Trade Results


- Price Is Going UP

The response from the market has been truly awesome... Forex MegaDroid landed on the Forex industry like a BOMB... no other way to put it!

But... it gets even better than we've seen until now. Pay close attention:

John and Albert (creators of this revolutionary robot) have posted TRADE by TRADE results of the robot.

And by the way, from 4 days prior to the launch of the robot up until today (8 days), it has achieved 100% accuracy for over $5,000 in NET profit!

You can now see every single year's performance, day-by-day, trade-by-trade

(2009 WAS 330.20%... it's NOW 387.18%!... a 57% increase in only 8 days!)

You will now see from the trade by trade results that this is truly the first robot that trades with over 95% accuracy YEAR after YEAR...

...that this is the first robot which is a true multi-market condition performer.

Forex MegaDroid is the only robot on the market that has proven itself to withstand any market condition for quite a few years.

Its new Artificial Intelligence technology (RCTPA) allows it to see what will happen in the market within the next 2-4 hours and this is EVIDENT from each year's performance.

You can view the accounts here...
PRICE Is Going UP...

The launch of Forex MegaDroid is almost over and, as promised by John and Albert, the price is going up.

Remember, Forex MegaDroid has unique features that NO other robot on the market has:

- Broker buster in-built mechanism (no broker in the world will ever know you are trading with it and hence cannot stop you from doubling your account every month)

Consistency - Year-by-year impressive performance. In 2009 alone the robot has almost QUADRUPLED the deposit!

- Multi-Market Performance – the only robot that is capable of trading with 95.86% accuracy in every single market condition: trending, non-trending, volatile, non-volatile. This is HUGE since it's the reason the robot is able to trade every month with an uncanny accuracy rate.

- New Artificial Intelligence technology (RCTPA) which allows the robot to see what will happen in the market within the next 2-4 hours with unheard of accuracy rates.

You can get
Forex MegaDroid here and view year-by-year detailed trading statements before price goes up...

All the best,

P.S. Make sure you look at every trade the robot has placed in the past... especially for 2009 and you will understand why John and Albert are positive it will break the 1,000% net proflt barrier this year...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Forex Robot "kills" Brokers

Hi Traders

How are you ....hope you're fine and ready to test ...

Forex MegaDroid went live yesterday and, as I predicted, it rocked the Forex industry...

I mean, I already had some facts about the robot but what I saw yesterday after the product launched simply raised the bar quite a few levels...


2009: 330.20%
2008: 623.47%
2007: 612.91%
2006: 333.05%
2005: 810.70% can see results of previous years here as well...

BREAKING 1,000% In 2009:

Forex MegaDroid is on its way to breaking the 1,000% net level for 2009...

The reason this robot is one of the few that is capable of actually achieving this is because of its advanced Artificial Intelligence break/through: RCTPA.

What does this mean? Well, 2 things:

MegaDroid is capable of accurately seeing into the immediate future with a 95.86% accuracy rate.

It is a MULTI-MARKET condition performer... in other words, it adapts itself to any and every market condition (the first robot that is capable of doing this).

...because of these two unique features, this robot will outperform ANY robot on the market for quite some time to come.

You can read a lot more about these and many other features of
Forex MegaDroid here...

I want to mention one last thing that many people have been asking.

One of the main problems Forex robots have been having lately is brokers playing "dirty tricks".

By that, I mean the broker will do whatever is in its power to stop the robot from trading as it should be trading.

Of course, that does not apply to every broker.

BUT... it is hard to know which ones are the honest ones.

HOWEVER... it just doesn't matter with Forex MegaDroid!

Why? Simple, because it the first Forex robot that has what John and Albert call a "broker Buster" mechanism.

This means that NO broker in the world can ever know you are trading with the robot and therefore cannot sabotage its performance!

You can read a lot more about this mechanism here...

All the best,

P.S. Forex MegaDroid definitely establishes a new Artificial Intelligence standard in the industry. It is currently available at a very special launch price which is soon going up. Take advantage here...