Sunday, July 20, 2014

access the trade alert software (2nd chance)...

Hi Traders

Hope that you enjoy on Summer vacation...because of this is important, let's be introduce...
Last week, I let you in on what has turned out to be one the
biggest trading surprises of the year:
-The Portfolio Prophet
This step-by-step trading program & companion Trade Alerta multi-media
powerhouse that reveals the quickest & most flexible way to
achieve INDEPENDENCE in the markets
Software from 40+ year trader Bill Poulos is & shield yourself from
-ESPECIALLY if you're inexperienced & have little time.
In just about a week, the initial # of programs Bill set aside
for his new students quickly sold out, and for good reason:
* Those lucky individuals who claimed their copy before it
expired figured out that NOW is the best time to get in on the
safe & predictable ETF markets.
The profit potential right now is awesome & EXTRA lucrative.

Now that the initial wave of new student inquiries has settled
down a bit, Bill has decided to take on a few more new students
- but only for 2 more days...
He's not saying how many more he'll take on, but I know this for
a fact:
* He's only letting in a small, limited number...
* The doors close in 2 days...
And, it would not surprise me if he pulled his 'second chance'
offer down early, especially if he gets more students than he
can handle.
So, if you have ANY interest in getting in on what I think many
traders will end up calling THE trading & investing event of
the year, go here to see if any copies are still available:

Good Trading,

p.s. If you missed Bill's awesome complimentary training website
where he revealed the Portfolio Prophet, you can still see thetraining videos here for awhile longer: