Monday, May 31, 2010

Trading Educational Webinar & Scholarship Announcement!

Hi Traders

There's more buzz in the air than I've seen in years...

I've been in this business for a very long time, and I've see
just about everything...

But once in a very blue moon, something just jumps out
at you, and takes a hold over you that you just can't shake.

People are talking, and you NEED to pay attention - because
this Wednesday there's a MONSTER of an event being held
in the forex industry.

The anticipation has over 50000 traders in a frenzy unlike any
I've EVERY seen, and it's all coming to a head in just 2 days
from now!

The forex industry has been rolled over and turned on it's SIDE with
the sneak previews of the Freedom Forex Formula ...the non stop
feedback from the masses of traders paying attention has been

But this Wednesday, you'll get your one and only chance to be front
row center and look under the hood as Freedom Forex Formula will be
revealed live in
it's entirety!

Here's what you and thousands of other hungry traders are about to

** "Behind-the-scene" look at James' $34 million trading business.

** Sneak peak at the bank account that the Freedom Formula help him
build from scratch. This is the first time it's even been done in the

** See Freedom Formula live, in action, and hear about all its phenomenal
and truly unique trading benefits.

** Discover what makes a long-term stable & profitable FX trading formula,

and why Freedom Formula i is hands down the BEST we've ever seen...

** Find out when it will be available, and for how long (it is a very
limited release.)...

You'll also learn all about the pricing, when and where you can become
an owner, and how many will be made available (it is a VERY limited

And...just by registering you'll be on the early bird list which will
qualify you for a MASSIVE Discount as well (you'll have to be
on the webinar to find out how to claim it!)

Heard enough?

If you're anything CLOSE to a serious trader, make the time and stop by!

I'll be there myself, and I sure hope you'll be too!

Have a fruitful trading day

Sunday, May 30, 2010

WEIRD Video: 34-Million Account Revealed...

Hi Traders

Hope that Sunday have been fun for you and your family...
The guy in this video just basically came out
of nowhere and turned the entire Forex industry upside down.
I'm serious. People are totally flipping out over this
(and for good reason.)

You can see the video here. No need to do anything
special, just go here and it'll start up...


OK - in this video, he shows you the bank statment
of his 34-Million Trading Account...

...But the weird part is this:

1. He DID NOT use any EAs or automated trading softwares.
2. He DID NOT use any of the "fancy" trading systems
those self-proclaimed gurus are always bluffing.
3. He did it totally by using a simple formula consisting
of crystal clear principles.

That's right rehashed EAs, no fancy trading systems...

Oh - and get this.

The formula can be applied to any currency pairs, and any timeframe
and it's so easy to learn that even a novice trader can easily pick it up
after at most a few hours...and once your master it can trade
and make profits almost effortlessly.

And in case you are not aware of, James (the guy behind all this
amazing stuff) were sharing most of his best-kept secrets for FREE too.
All the trading materials are also available here...

I frankly don't know how long he keeps this up, so if I were you,
I'd hustle to take a peep ;-)


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Complimentary Video Reveals the 5 Key Laws that Governs the FX

Hi Traders

Hope that you enjoy working on the Forex Market...What we talking Today???

As a full time-trader and also a teacher, He've always been
looking for new, unique approach to trading the FX market
to share with His subscribers.

Finally We came across a totally UNIQUE and UNEXPOSED approach
FX trading:

In fact, there are currently only 15 people in the WORLD who
know about this powerful method... besides the developer.

Here's the good news:
His colleague and professional trader James Lampert just released
a brand-new free video training called the
"Money is Plentiful"

This is the exact method that makes James' trading firm 7,913 Pips
from just ONE Market Move...

And what's more interesting is that you can watch these trades unfolding
LIVE as James and his lead traders are still in these trades.

Here's just a taste of what you'll uncover in this complimentary
video training:

* 5 simple key concepts and laws that govern the forex market...

* How to bring all the elements together to formulate a complete
trading system that could bring you plenty of money... hence
the name of the method.

* How Market Noise can destroy even the BEST trading system...
and how to completely get rid of market noise.

* How to EXPLOIT "gravity" to generate winning trades at ease

* The Rule of 100 that help you identify the MAGNETS which ANY
currency price is attracted to.

Plus... you'll get a special manuscript that describes the entire
trading method in step-by-step detail for free. In the manuscript,
James walks you through his contrarian method to help you identify
and pinpoint the highest-probability low-risk, big-reward trades
across MULTIPLE currency pairs.

You can get access to this complimentary training right now

I hope you enjoy it as much as We do... and I'm sure that this training
will help you make many many winning trades in a confident and stress-free

Good Trading,

Monday, May 24, 2010

How the Bankers turned Bailouts into Billions...

Hi Traders

Hope that you have made strategy for this trading week...

If you're a stock trader or investor, what I'm about to share with you is scary --

Did you know that the US Government actually gave permission to a "special ops" team to deliberately manipulate the stock markets?

I'm sure you didn't (I know I didn't).

But that's not the biggest issue:

In a special report series that is sure to wake up the middle class and cause massive havoc over the next several days, published author and stock market veteran Guy Cohen is exposing how DEEP that manipulation really goes.

trading strategy

In his special report, Guy will share with you:

** How Big Banks and Financial Institutions are able to play money games with every stock trader's cash (PLUS: how they do it and how you can stop them).

** Proof that SOMEONE knew that Bear Stearns was about to collapse TWO WEEKS before it happened (PLUS: How you can position yourself to take advantage of 'insider' moves like this one).

** The information you are LEGALLY ENTITLED to have -- but the big banks and Wall St. are INTENTIONALLY hiding it from you (BONUS: How you can get that information and why you need it).

...and a great deal more.

If you thought that 1,000 point drop in the Dow on May 6 couldn't have been predicted...

Think again. Guy called it a week before it happened.


Because he developed a unique market 'spy' which tells him what the "smart, silent" money is is doing, and where the 'hidden' money is moving in the stock market.

Without that information, you can't compete with the Big Banks, Wall Street or the government, and you'll simply get sucker punched by the banks and Wall Street, over and over.

With it...wait until you see what you can do.

If you want to discover how you're being suckered by the Big banks and learn how you can get your hands on the information you deserve to have, then take a moment to get in on Guy's VIP access to his Special Report Series.

Grab your access pass here...

Smart Trading

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Get this report on the Big Banks yet?

Hi Traders

Hope that this weekend have been relaxing for you...
I just read this full report on the Big Banks and let me just!

It literally breaks down how the banks are literally trading on autopilot,
and how they've been doing it for years.Yeah we already knew that...

stock trading

but this report shows you HOW they're doing it and how you can do it to!
The report open access at this point, so jump in while you can.

Also I just got wind that there will be a special online strategy session to go
into the banks methods in even greater depths. The session will be attended
by me so I hope to see you there so we can trade like the banks too!

Register here for no cost, and get the open access special report:

See you there,

Friday, May 14, 2010

The ‘big banks’ don’t want you to see this...

Hi Traders

Hope that you start to make profit on Forex Market....Today I wish to make exception and introduce you with great trading strategy on Stock Market...

It's about time someone 'exposed' the Big Banks and Wall
Street for the manipulating fraudsters that they are -- they
took billions in bailout money from taxpayers and then
turned it into...

Bank profit. Huge bank profit. Does that seem right to you...

Last week in a shocking, insider's club report, veteran
trader, educator and published author Guy Cohen exposed the

He showed his insiders:

- How the Big Banks made a huge power grab that allowed them
to grow unchecked

- Why Wall Street never fights fair (and neither should yo u)

- The exact information YOU need to be able to fight back
(and how you can get it).

If you haven't seen the report yet, you can still get
access today. You need to see this information to
understand why you'll NEVER:

- get out from under your banker's thumb.

- be able to trust your broker.

- have the freedom to do what you want to do (when you want
to do it).

Today, Guy announced he would be holding three
COMPLIMENTARY Online Training Sessions to teach his insiders
how they can 'fight back' at the Big Banks -- and he's
agreed to invite YOU!

The online sessions are WEDNESDAY, May 19th at

12PM (Noon) Eastern Time
4PM Eastern Time
8PM Eastern Time

To Reserve your seat, go here...

In this strategy session, Guy will show you:

** How the big banks manipul ate the market - (real examples)
and why your investment dollars are always at high risk.

** His SIMPLE step by step strategy to 'spying' on the Big
Bank's trades so you can profit WITH THEM.

** And much more that can’t be disclosed publically!

Pick the best time for YOU and set an alarm on your phone
because you won’t want to miss this.

All the best,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last Chance For Delphi Price Doubles At Midnight

Hi Traders


This is it.

There are only 13 hours left till the price of

After today, you will no longer be receiving
any announcement whatsoever about the scalping
strategy traders are calling...

"The most fun, and accurate system around".

That's right - FUN!

I think many traders have lost sight of the fact
trading is supposed to be FUN! And when you
have a system that you can use to grab you an
armful of pips in under 90 minutes, it really
is FUN!

Over 900+ traders have taken advantage of
Delphi in the past 10 days, and many of them
are taking successful trades already, based on
the great response we've been hearing about!

So go watch this video now showing you
how it works, becauSe in under 13 hours
it's going to cost you twice what you can
still get it for...

So Hurry!

Good Trading,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forex Secret Agent finally unleashed

Hi Traders

I told you I’d let you know when Forex Secret Agent hit the street.
It’s happening NOW. It’s either live right now, or will be soon.

Not only is Forex Secret Agent a killer trading system, but it also
makes trading so easy it’ll shock you.

The best news is that you will NOT pay an arm and a leg for it. In
fact, the price will give you a laugh. You really won’t believe it,
considering the power you’ll hold in your hands.

Believe me, this has been anxiously awaited by everyone who’s seen
advance copies, and I can’t imagine the low introductory price will

You’ll get a brief shot at Forex Secret Agent at the introductory
price. Don’t expect it to last more than a few days. The safest
strategy is to grab your copy NOW,


Forex Secret Agent is software that you install on your own

But it’s not just any software.

It’s a combination of a rock-solid, proven, highly profitable
trading system and some of the coolest Forex technology you ever
laid eyes on.

Now, just in case you’re thinking this is some kind of robot that
automates all of your trading, let me tell you right up front, it’s

There’s nothing wrong with some robots...but most simply don’t work
at all, or they stop working too quick for you to make any serious
money with them.

The problem isn’t that trading is hard in a technical sense. It’s
that making consistent gains is NOT easy.

That’s where Forex Secret Agent comes in.

It’s like having your own spy inside the inner sanctum of the Forex
market where the pros manipulate things. Your spy will feed you top
secret intel that lets you know what’s going to happen...before it

Imagine the advantage that gives you. I mean, it’s like being able
to predict the future.

How’s it work? Simple.

Forex Secret Agent watches the market for you. When it finds a
trade that satisfies the stringent trading criteria (meaning it’s a
trade that very likely to make you a solid, predictable profit),
the software sends you a signal on the screen. It can also send
your signals by email, if you set it up that way.

That means the ONLY decision you have to make yourself is whether
to do the trade or not. You don’t have to sweat over whether it’s
“right” to trade--your spy just told you it is!

And if you watched the proof video these guys posted, you know that
you can trust the inside information your spy is feeding you.

Even better, you don’t just get signals for entering trades. You
also get signals telling you when to leave.

That’s the real kicker. It takes ALL of the profit-killing emotion
out of Forex trading. Some trades don’t work out, and your signals
will get you out with a small loss. Some trades soar like eagles,
and you’ll get to ride them for huge gains.

These guys have made everything super simple. You’ll get the
software, plus a step by step instruction manual that describes how
to set up the software and what it’s doing behind the scenes.

You can have everything installed and running in a few minutes.

Once you’re set up, you can trade with a demo account to prove to
yourself that this thing rocks.

And how much will you have to pay for your personal Forex spy that
can help you make a killing in the markets? I’ll let them tell you
so I don’t spoil the fun (prepare for a pleasant surprise, though).

Remember, I’d be shocked if the price on this doesn’t go up soon,
so jump on it NOW...

To your Forex success,

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Changing the Forex game

Hi Traders

Hope that Holiday's time bring you so many enjoyment...

Like it or not, Forex trading is like walking into a Vegas casino
and slapping your month’s paycheck down on red 17.

At least that’s how most people trade.

It’s gambling. There’s no other way to describe it.

But it’s not just gambling. If you’ll excuse me being a little
impolite, it’s stupid gambling.

If that’s how you’ve been trading, you’ve been giving the house a
license to steal your money. You’ve been suckered. The deck IS
stacked against you, but you’ve been playing along as if you don’t

The good news is that you can change the game.

Do you want to change the game? Flip the odds so YOU get to win
most of the time? Then you need to see this sneak peek of what’s
coming. And make sure to sign up for the next video that proves
this is real:

Like I said before, most people who try to trade Forex treat it
like a game of Roulette.

That’s insane. It’s the favorite game of casinos for a very good
reason--the house always wins in the long run. You can bank on
it...and they do.

The odds of losing at Roulette are insanely high.

But there’s another game where you actually have a strong chance of
winning if you have a consistent betting system and some patience.
That’s BlackJack.

Your odds of winning at BlackJack can be much better than a coin
toss, relatively speaking. You really can beat the house. Not on
every hand, but in the long run.

Forex Secret Agent turns Forex trading into BlackJack for you.

The reason is simple. The software acts like a spy inside the
professional Forex market. It senses when the market is going to
turn, and lets you position yourself to make a killing on that

It’s based on a proven system that depends ONLY on price action.
That’s tremendously important. Any other technical analysis is
fine, but price action is ALWAYS the most reliable.

And what’s truly amazing about this is that the software does NOT
trade for you...which is exactly what you want!

Trading robots are software that trade for you. Sounds great, but
the bad news is that those robots tend to fizzle out, and the pros
can actually catch onto the fact that you’re using one. Then
they’ll rob you blind.

Forex Secret Agent is different.

I can’t share all the details in this publish, because it’s not quite public yet.

What you CAN do right now is watch their video to get a bit of a
sneak peek at what’s coming.

That’s just a hint of what’s up next, though. You most certainly
want to sign up for the next video. That’s the one that proves how
great Forex Secret Agent is.

Believe me, you’ll be floored.

I bet right about now you’re starting to be a little skeptical. So
was I until I saw what these guys will let you do.

Really, they’re already using Forex Secret Agent to infiltrate the
Forex markets and make a killing.

There’s no reason you can’t do the same.

I’m sure you’re excited, so go watch that video right, sign up for
the next one, and I’ll publish here when this thing gets

To your Forex success,