Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Your Imminent FX Trading Transformation

Hi Traders

I just received this personal note from
Todd Brown and I wanted to share it
with you below:

Todd here from Triple Threat FX. I created
a different kind of
video today because I
wanted to share something personal with you.

Several years ago when working with Anthony Robbins, I
noticed one common theme among most people wanting
some kind of change in their lives..

They were waiting for someone or something to come
along and make the change in their lives that they were looking for.

If there is one thing I have learned more than anything else
it is this: I have to be the change I am looking to experience.

In this day and age, probably more than ever, people from all
walks of life are feeling limited in their options or outright
powerless. And at one time I was there too.

But I found my way out and so can you.

I am often asked why I put so much time and energy into
transforming struggling traders into consistently profitable
market masters. I mean, why don't I just focus on trading
my proven systems for myself exclusively and leave everyone
else to their own devices?

Here's why. To me, there's no greater feeling in all the world
than seeing my students succeed. I truly feel that it is my
calling to help you realize and maximize your true trading
potential and save you from years of frustration, the time and
money lost in the attempt to put together all the pieces of fx
trading that bring you the security and freedom you desire.

No matter where your experience has brought you to at this
point - I am here to tell you through personal experience and
the experience of hundreds of clients...


You have what it takes to make a living trading.

And, yes, you even have what it takes to become a wealthy
trader as you trust yourself and muster the courage to make the
decisions that will change your life for the better.

There are two things I'd like to request. The first is to click on
link here and watch this very personal video which reveals
the transformation that is in store for you by working with me.

Please leave any unanswered questions you may have in the
comment area or email your questions to trader@triplethreatfx.com.

register for my live Q&A Webinar that will start on
Wednesday at 5pm Pacific time and 8pm eastern. I'll make sure
to answer any and all questions you may have - live and in person.

To your success!

Todd Brown

Have a good Trading week

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Don't miss this Video

Hi Traders

I want to break your relaxation this weekend because of...

Todd Just Released a New Video that
Explains Everything...

This is The One Video you Can't Afford
to miss.

Talk Soon,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Triple Treat Webinar...

Hi Traders

Hope that you cannot allow yourself to miss important trading Webinar...

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See You There,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FRWC's Royal Trader Is LIVE (This Is Unprecedented!)

Best Forex Bot Available
Hi Traders

It's the 16th - the day we've all been waiting for is finally here!

The Forex Robot World Cup is finally letting us get the robots today! I was so excited I just wanted to go to the site without telling you!

Look, maybe they are limited and there's no way that I'm going to chance missing out...

The Forex Robot World Cup! I haven't been a part of anything this incredible for years.

And, by the way, if you've been keeping up to date with their competition and the video they released for Fusion-V 1.1a yesterday (354.56% in 19 DAYS!), I have no idea why you're still reading this!

Here's where you'll find it...

If you really have no idea what's going on then you might want to pay attention here because you don't have a lot of time.

Let me just put it this way... Every now and then, once every so often, you get a chance to own something extraordinary.

Some people nit pick until it's too late and they no longer have the option, while others recognize a an opportunity and grab on to it tight with both hands!

Here's the short version of what happened:

- They set out to find the BEST EAs IN THE WORLD!

- $150,000 in prize money was put up for grabs

- 329 EA developers entered the competition but only 24 qualified for the live trading phase (because of the tough FRWC rules)

- They traded the bots LIVE for 2 months and let everyone watch!


* LMD MultiCurrency: 145.60%
* HiRider: 88.11%
* SuperVolcano: 36.25%

But this is the Forex Robot World Cup we're talking about. This is the biggest thing to happen in years.

They've shaken this industry to its very core!

They've exposed fraudsters and charlatans everywhere! No EA marketer is safe from these people!


It didn't stop there... not nearly!

If you watched yesterdays FRWC presentation, you know about the FRWC "EA LAb" and its first extraordinary development...

Ladies and Gentleman...
I give you the FUSION-V 1.1a Forex Robot...

- The FUSION-V 1.1a � THE most powerful Trading Robot on Earth!

- Made 355.46% in 19 days of Live Trading...

- A marvel of technology and unrivalled human ingenuity - crafted from the TOP 5 FRWC Robots!

- An Incredible Synergy that brings you the strengths of all five robots!

- Fusion-V 1.1a includes Exclusively Redefined Money Management Principles that Control Risk in a unique manner.

- And, of course, the robot has been trading on a real-money, live account (investor password will be provided to YOU! for personal verification)

Do you think they would do all this and just ask you to take their word for it?


You will have unrestricted access to their EA lab and they will hand over their investor password so you can prove to YOURSELF that this is the real deal!

This is History in the making!

No longer will we settle for anything less than 100% proof � and that is exactly what the Forex Robot World Cup stands for.

FXCM sponsored them. They released a "no holds barred" report showing us the truth about EAs for the first time. They showed us a video of the winner receiving $100,000. They've done everything that no-one else has been willing to do until now. This is the one!

It doesn't get better than this - if you've been waiting for EAs to finally have some kind of standard for quality... if you're tired of being ripped off... if you're just plain tired of getting something that never works...
today is the day you've been waiting for!

Best Regards

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fusion-V 1.1a Bot is unveiled! 355.46% in 19 days!

Hi Traders

Hope that you strat this trading week with enthusiasm....
When I saw this, my jaw hit the ground! I was speechless, I could hardly believe what I was looking at, it's just so incredible - In one game-changing move they've altered the destiny of Forex trading. The FRWC has already done more than we could have ever have hoped for the EA industry, but what they've done here will change things forever.

Fusion-V 1.1a is going to change the world and your life! The only question is... Are you ready for what comes next?

best forex bot
- The Forex Robot World Cup has created the world's first SUPER ROBOT (an FRWC EA Lab product)!

- 355.46% in 19 days of Real-Money, Live Trading!

- The combined DNA of the top 5 robots in one single Super Bot!

- Exclusive money management rules that apportion risk more evenly!

- 100% total access to the EA Lab!

- Investor passwords for verification!

Fusion-V 1.1a is like nothing the world of Forex has ever seen before. 5 Robots that were great on their own is one thing - but putting them all together - merging the best qualities of each with the weaknesses of none... it's just revolutionary. It's absolutely mind-boggling.

All the best,

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Give You Permission To Succeed

Hi Traders

Hope that this trading week give you satisfation on Forex market...
It's Time....

Time to Allow Yourself to Succeed
with your Trading and Future!

Let me be Frank Here.

To be truly successful you need
to accept some loss and forgive
yourself for past trading mistakes.

In the finance world it's called an
"opportunity cost" meaning - let it go!

No further actions will change the past,
and efforts and energy spent on whatever
ensued is a useless waste of your time.

These actions of attempting to recoup
losses will undoubtedly foster failure
by causing you to focus on doubt and fear.

Replace "Loss is Painful" with...

"Not Following My Plan is Painful".

No trade is 100% profitable.

No model performs without drawdowns
and losses. None. Period.

Take emotion out of the equation.

It's illogical to expect perfection.

Be smart, prepared and calculated...

Todd shows you how in his next video...



Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Combo Secret Behind FX Robots

Hi Traders

>>GET This Exclusive FX Content Now (limited time)


Last week was absolute chaos for me... By the time I told most of you about the video the FRWC had, they'd switched it with the interview. When I told you about the interview, they'd switched it with the Special Report. They're moving so fast that I can barely keep up. Today, here's one place to get everything...

(For a limited time: no opt-in required)

I couldn't be happier though, this is the best thing to happen to Forex in a long time. That report that came out on Friday completely floored me! Let's start with what you'll see in the video though:

- The importance of Full Disclosure and utter Transparency!

- Why the biggest broker in the world decided to become a SPONSOR!

- The Final 3 Bots - LMD, HiRider & Super Volcano

(For a limited time: no opt-in required)

I know some of you had doubts that the FXCM would ever be directly involved in a trading contest, but that's what people don't understand - this is the future, so you have to either get on board or get left behind - here's what happened in the interview:

- Hear first hand from FXCM on why they're sponsoring the most important event to happen in FX for the last 15 years!

- Two months of Live testing - 15 minute updates for the world to see - nothing undercover - What does FXCM have to say?

- The secret about liquidity that only a broker could know!

- Why MT4 is the platform of choice for automatic trading - hear directly from FXCM!

- No restrictions, no dealing desk execution - you have to hear this.

- The benefits of the FXCM/Boston Tech partnership - and why it's good for YOU!

- Important information for scalpers - don't miss this!

Now here's the big one - I really think this is the best report that's come out in years. This completely blows the lid off the EA market - some shocking revelations are in here:

- Learn how to test your EA and make sure you've got the goods - you'll nev-er get scammed again!

- Ever spent $97 on a dud? You've been getting mugged online for years! (this really got me worked up)

- Finally, the most complete explanation on EAs you'll ever find. This report dissects robots with a scalpel and tweezers.

- If you've nev-er traded a day in your life - that's not a problem, we've got a short history of the business from cavemen to geeky programmers!

- Rules, testing, stringent compliance, analysis, science - go to the FRCW labs and see what it takes to build the best robots... Their secret is one that traditional marketers can't hope to com-pete with.

- Truth serum - something no one else would dare tell you about EAs

- The dirty little secret about EAs that no one wants you to know!

- The winners of the Forex Robot World Cup and WHY you absolutely MUST HAVE THEM

(For a limited time: no opt-in required)

You'd better get this stuff while it's still there because knowing the FRWC guys, they'll be hitting us with some even bigger content pretty soon!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Personal Video For You...

Hi Traders

Time is of the essence. Tom Strignano who is an
ex-bank chief trader has just released a killer
system he developed while trading for international banks.

Watch the entire video here:

It's called the Fibonacci Strike and he's limiting it to
ONLY 300 SPOTS, so you must watch this video
about it now. It's sure to SELL OUT as does all his
systems that are limited. (Maybe in the first few hours.)

He'll explain to you what the Fibonacci Strike can
do for your trading and why he has to limit the availability
in this video.

Make sure you watch the video until the very end
to see the incredible bonuses he is offering with this
very valuable system. (This is a NO-BRAINER.)

I'm sure this will produce hundreds of happy traders
who are smart enough to grab this while it's available.

Don't wait, go now...



Thursday, February 4, 2010

What An EA Can't Do...(Download This)

Hi Traders

I could go on and on about why there will never
be a perfect EA on the market, don't worry...

Imagine having the prowess to dominate the market, using
proven insider techniques that give you the edge every
time you trade...(Developed for Banks)

Here's one that you can learn now...

Anytime you get the chance to learn from
Tom Strignano who has 25 years experience trading for
international banks as chief trader you should
absolutely jump at the opportunity...right?

Watch this Fibonacci Strike Video Now

The catch? There is none...it's super valuable
free content...Last time he gave a filter away
the people begged for more...

It's legendary...you can do a search on
"head fake filter" and find all kinds of testimonials
on youtube...Now that really shows how
amazing his trading techniques are...

I mean NEWBIE traders were making 175 pip gains
just from the free method he was giving away...

And right now you have the chance to grab
one more of his MOST lethal weapons...

Download the Fibonacci Strike

Hurry...Thousands have already viewed this
video, and I really don't know how long it will
be up....


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pulling Calculated Fibonacci Strikes for 500+ Big Pips

Hi traders

What you doing on Forex Market today...

Imagine knowing insider techniques that will pull
massive pips almost every time...

Picture this executing exact trades that easily grab 300, 400 and even
500+ pip gains by using a specific system that was developed
for banks by an their chief bank trader.

Now you can use this exact proven strategy to strike the
market at will, on your own terms.

==> Download the "Fibonacci Strike" Filter

World renowned ex-chief bank trader Tom Strignano is going
to allow people to learn this strike method for no cost at all...

Last time he released a trick like this people were pulling massive
gains off the filter that he gave away for free. This will be even
more intense.

Just sign up for the VIP list right away and see the video everyone
is talking about now...

==> Download the "Fibonacci Strike" Filter