Monday, July 9, 2012

Insider IPO shares How to Profit From The IPO Insiders Who Are Dumping Their Stock At The Legal Expiration Time

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Insider IPO Shares How to Profit From The IPO Insiders
Who Are Dumping Their Stock At The Legal Expiration Time.

Insider IPO Secrets

Fact: All IPO’s have inside only investors at the start
(and before) the company goes public.

Fact: They are ALL required by the investments banks
(who back the IPO’s) to hold their shares 4 or 6 months.

Fact: Human nature does not change and most investors
are greedy, therefore most dump all or at least a large
portion of their shares the day of or few days after
the lock up period is over.

Fact: Most IPO’s drop during (or right before) this
“investor taking chips off the table” time period.

Fact: My new system made money on the Group IPO lockup
expiration, and has a 70% chance on making money on
the Facebook IPO (and all IPO’s) with a 2 to 1 reward
to risk ratio (meaning I risk $100 to make $200 and
win 70% of the time).

Fact: You can see this pattern right now with old,
recent and new IPO’s to confirm what I’m saying. Be
warned, when you add this to the secret I’m about to
share you will start losing sleep.

Is it fair for only the insiders to reap all the profits?

Is there a formulaic system that is better than just
selling a few days before the insiders do?

When should you take profits on these highly accurate

The question is would you like to profit during these
unique trading times to the maximum available by law?

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