Sunday, August 30, 2009

This Forex proof will shock you...

Hi Traders

Hope that you make decision to be involved in Forex market...

Several word about Forex , It’s the foreign exchange market, where people around the world trade various currencies, like U.S. Dollars and Euros.

It’s also the biggest market on the planet. Trillions of dollars
worth of trades happen every single day. It makes the stock market
look like a drop in the bucket. Chicken feed.

And most people who try to make money in that market crash and
burn. It’s not pretty. People can lose their entire life savings in
just a few days of trading, if they’re not careful.

That said, if you could find a way to trade Forex safely, without
making the stupid mistakes that can ruin you, you could make a
fortune. So I’m about to make your day.

Some guys have finally figured out a way to do it, and their
software does it AUTOMATICALLY. That’s no joke. I’m serious as a
heart attack.

Here’s the shocking proof that
this software can make a killing for
you in the Forex market, even if you don’t know the slightest thing
about Forex...


Most people who consider giving Forex trading a try are either
foolishly cavalier about it, or they’re scared to death.

Neither attitude is going to make you any money. But can you really
blame people for being afraid? It’s EASY to lose money in the Forex
market, because emotions like fear and greed can kill you.

That’s why the Forex Supernatural software is so amazing:

* You can download and install it in minutes (it comes with simple
instructions your kid could follow)

* The software literally does every bit of trading for you, meaning
it finds the trades, enters the trades and exits the trades

* It has built-in money management rules that protect the money you
have (no more worrying about losing your financial future on a
runaway trade)

* You don’t have to know anything about Forex to use the software—
just fire it up and let it run

* You NEVER have to babysit your trades (really, you don’t even
have to watch the software run on your computer)

I know that might sound too good to be true. The guys who created
Forex Supernatural expect that kind of skepticism. It’s healthy,
and smart.

But they don’t want you to be left out simply because you make a
bad assumption that they’re selling snake oil. They most definitely
are not, and they’ll prove it to you.

This video introduces you to Forex Supernatural...

When it’s done, you can sign up to see the proof video that will
show you incontrovertible evidence that Forex Supernatural can load
your accounts with cash.

They tell the story better than I can, but here’s some of what
they’re going to show you...

$10,630 profit on a single trade

$5,615 on four trades in a week...automatically

$6,164 profit on three trades in a week

I don’t know about you, but that kind of proof gets me excited.
What’s even more exciting is that those aren’t cherry picked trades
designed to wow you with eye-popping numbers. Those kinds of
results are COMMON with Forex Supernatural.

And yes, those results are on complete autopilot.

Look, watch the video. It’s free and it’ll rock your world.

Forex Supernatural isn’t available to the public yet. I’ll let you
know the minute it is, because I’m sure you’re going to want to
jump on this.

To your Forex success,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It’s time for supernatural Forex profits...

Hi Traders

I wish to believe that you reach great result on Forex market Today....If you have problem to reach your trading goals on Forex Market by now's past for you...How??? ...I wish to refreash your mind...

In case you didn’t know, the Forex market is gargantuan.

Take the worldwide stock market, the commodities markets, and
every other market you can think of. Bundle them up. The Forex
market is bigger than all of them combined.

People are trading U.S. Dollars, Japanese Yen, Euros and all
sorts of other currencies literally every minute of every day
from Sunday night to Friday night.

Fortunes get made and lost in minutes. That’s how fast this
market moves. And prior to now, only pros have been able to make
a killing.

But these guys are going to change all of that. They’re going to
let YOU get in on the action...without getting slaughtered.

This brief video gives you a “sneak peek” at what’s coming...and
let me tell you, it’s HUGE...

The reason Forex trading is so risky for novices who give it a
shot is that speed of the market.

Putting on trades isn’t rocket science, once you get the idea
that you can buy when things are going up and sell when they’re
going down to make money both ways (that’s a mindbender for some

But the speed of the market exposes the raw power of emotions to
screw up your trading results.

Think about how fast the market moves.

If you put on a trade for $1,000, you could double your money in
literally minutes on a strong move that goes your way.

But you can also get run over by a freight train when a move
doesn’t go your way.

That means most people get whipsawed by two emotions that just
about doom them to failure.

They’re scared to death of losing money, probably because they’ve
had some big losses or can imagine the losses being huge. Or
they’re greedy, and they hang on to positions too long as their
profits melt away.

After doing that a couple of times, it’s easy to see why people
get skittish. How hard to do you have to work to earn $1,000
right now? Watching it vanish in a few minutes because China
talks yucky about the U.S. Dollar is no fun.

Most people simply have no defense against their own emotions,
and it costs them their entire savings.

That’s why what these guys are talking about is going to thrill
you. I won’t even reveal who they are...that’s part of the fun.

Watch this extremely short video to see why this is so exciting...

They’re going to explain everything, and it won’t cost you a
penny to learn about how they’re going to change your life.

I won’t reveal too much here. They do a better job of it than I
would. But I will divulge one thing...

If you thought Forex was hard, or took lots of sweat effort, or
was the riskiest game in town, prepare to be shocked out of your

These guys are going to reduce your risk to manageable levels (it
can never be zero), and take 99.99 percent of the work away.

No, that’s not a joke. It’s absolutely for real.

You don’t have to believe me. Just watch the video and let them
prove it to you...

To your Forex success,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

$4,510 in the last trade.. it's *payback* time!

Hi Traders

Hope that all thing going well with you....Sundays is the time to take preparation of yourself for new trading week...before the start new trading'll have to gather more inoformation waht's new on Forex market...Today I have to discover :

The Forex Slasher robot is finally being unveiled to an elite
group of traders -- are you ready to jump on board and get
your hands on a never seen before A.I. capable of generating
as much as $378,137.49 completely on auto-pilot?

You have heard of how these guys, who hate those dodgy
"robots" that always end up wiping out your account, spend less
than 5 minutes per week at the computer and still manage to
*safely* pull 6 figures per year from their Forex accounts...

Thanks to Forex Slasher...

And you have seen other robots letting you down over and over
again, but here is finally the ONLY solution to fully
automated long term profits -- no matter if you never traded
Forex in your life!

Now it's YOUR *payback* time...

So what exactly makes "Slasher" so special? Why is this
robot a *superior A.I.* and how can make YOU as much
as $4,510 with ONE single trade -- and yet keep its winning
percentage to a whopping 93.41%?

Well, without giving away too much of the
secrets behind its technology, Forex Slasher is based on
a highly sophisticated system that uses not only indicators
and numbers, but also price patterns.

And if you are an experienced trader, you would know how
important this is.

You see, no one can predict where price is going... that’s
impossible. We know it, and if you have lost $1,000’s using
other less advanced EAs in the past, you might have found
this out the hard way too!

Instead, price movement – all the time – gives us signs
and clues to where exactly it’s going in the future. Those
signs and clues are called “price patterns” and they are
worth GOLD -- IF you know where to look and what to look for.

And that's what
Forex Slasher will do for YOU, completely
on auto-pilot...

One of things that truly makes this robot so UNIQUE and
profitable is the fact that is also avoids one of the biggest
mistakes trades and the less sophisticated robots that you might
have come across in the past make.

That is, trading on too small time frames. like 5M or 1M

Trading on small time frames makes it impossible to read the
chart and that leaves you at the mercy of indicators -- and
if you don’t know exactly what you are doing .. You are
doomed to fail.

Professional traders never trade too small time frames.
Because they know better!

Forex Slasher is based on a stable and powerful system, to
generate the most accurate signals a robot has ever managed
to achieved, based on the best indicators, trading formulas
and... Extremely powerful price patterns!

What more can I say? This is just what EVERY trader needs, a
way to take the "gamble" out of Forex trading and turn the forex
market into their own cash-machine -- SAFELY and completely
on auto-pilot!

Trillions of dollars are being traded and it is much
easier than you ever thought to claim your cut of it...
You just need to start using the right system --
And Forex
Slasher IS that system...

To your forex success,

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Forex A.I. turns $10,000 into $378,137.49...

Hi Traders

How are you...hope you didn't lost courage on your trading business , I am really excited to announce a *major* breakthrough in the way
you can trade Forex to generate massive profits on auto-pilot and
with an almost 100% accuracy...

This is nothing like you have ever heard before, so I really
encourage you to take a few minutes of your time to read this short
text -- it's just incredible stuff.

A while ago I was contacted by the Forex Slasher team about a new
superior A.I. that they have been developing for quite a while
and that produced never seen before results.

Let me tell you, their robot truly is a "superior A.I."...

I had a pick at this robot and, I must admit, I was shocked. All
these years taking risks whilst trying to find the "miracle" system
or piece of software made me feel so silly!

Forex Slasher is like nothing you have ever seen before, during our
testings it has effortlessly turned a bank of $10,000 into
a whopping $378,137.49 completely on auto-pilot!

What makes Forex Slasher TRULY special is the fact that is not
just like 99% of the EAs out there, which are based on indicators
or mathematical formulas...

That’s not bad, but it’s just not enough to beat the market!

Why? Simply because both methods are blind.

Indicators – generally – lag, because they follow the price. That
means they always give late signals. Sometimes too late.

Forex Slasher instead was developed by a group of REAL Forex
experts and is based on a stable and powerful system, to generate
the most accurate signals a robot has ever managed to achieved,
based on the best indicators, trading formulas and... Extremely
powerful price patterns:

And now, here is the greats news for YOU...

These guys just had enough of all the "hype" and the "lies" around
forex robots and decided to come out of the shadow to *proof* that
a team of professional traders and programmers can indeed develop
the "ultimate forex robot", the one capable of returning high profits
with very little risk.

But the so called "experts" have been doing it wrong all along...

And they are ready to genuinely help those average traders, looking for
a REAL way to make a living with Forex, who have been let down over
and over in the past.

So head over to the website and watch their video to
find out why the other Forex robots NEVER work for the average trader
and why this is your ONLY chance to get something that produces REAL
results in the LONG term.

Watch the video, read their secret report and take advantage of the
*free* course "Secrets to Forex Success" (worth $97.00) that they
are also handing you over on this page...

To your forex success,

Friday, August 14, 2009

25+ Years Of Trading Experience Can Be Yours Instantly...

Hi Traders

Hope you're fine...on the end of this trading week I wish to remaind you to visit Forex confidante for weekend...when you'll have enough time to study it and start new trading week just like a Pros...
How would you like to download 25 years of elite Forex trading into your brain right now?

Think you might fiercely increase your gains? Maybe skyrocket your pips?

Sure you would.

Now... the technology to implant the knowledge directly into your brain doesn't exist...yet! But I can do the next best thing and give you ultra-advanced (yet simple enough for a newbie) Forex tactics in the form of Forex Confidante...

The astonishing blueprint from Tom Strigano has made serious waves amongst Forex traders new and old. Why?

Because its methods are like nothing else out there.

Unqiue, innovative and frighteningly effective. This isn't the usual 'get rich quick' Forex junk clogging up the internet.

These are battle-tested systems, proven at the highest level.

And they're good enough to turn you into a pro Forex trader almost overnight. Once you absorb the electrifying battle plan within Forex Confidante you'll have the very same mastery of the market that the world's top banks use to juggle trillions of dollars each day.

Just a warning: You may not be 'ready' for these methods.

Tom gets people calling him every day saying they didn't quite 'get it'. Tom then asks them to read the book again... before long the lightbulb switches on and they quickly see a nice surge in profits.

Fact is... the systems inside the report run almost opposite to the other junk being peddled. Go in with an open mind and you'll emerge with armfuls of cash.

To your success,

Monday, August 10, 2009

Great Forex Trading Stuff...

Hi Traders

I'm writing today just to make sure that you do not miss out on these cool, free stuff...

If you reviewed above free trading stuff then let's to see What to look for while choosing a broker?

Online forex trading can be very lucrative if you can combine the right trading style with the right broker. In this article we’ll take a look at the most important points which must be considered before opening an account.


Is the firm regulated by authorities like the CFTC, NFA or the FSA in the UK? If it is not, stay away from it at all costs. This is a black and white issue: never risk your funds by depositing them at an unregulated broker.

The Bid-ask spread

The bid-ask spread is what the broker is charging you, so make sure that the spread is suitable to your trading style, and general preferences. If you are a scalper, or a frequent trader, a high bid-ask spread will enrich the broker and get you depressed while struggling with the cost of the trades. Accommodating the spread is easier for long term traders, but we should still choose a broker with an optimal spread to ensure the best performance.

Dealing Desk

Brokers have dealing desks to respond to emergencies such as server failure, or connection problems on the side of the trader, but the dealing desk can also use manipulative techniques against clients such as the notorious stop running which was common in the early days of the forex brokerage business. In order to have a quiet sleep at night, you may seek a broker which doesn’t have a dealing desk which can interfere with your trading orders.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Ease of withdrawal is foremost in any traders mind. As clients we don’t want to deal with problems when we choose to withdraw the funds entrusted to the broker during trading. Unfortunately, withdrawal can be arduous and stressful at some firms, so it is a great idea to check forex broker reviews and visit forums in order to ask experienced trader about their experiences with the brokers.

Attitude to trading styles

Traders have different styles, but not all brokers are equally accommodative to such diversity. Some brokers have very restrictive policies towards scalpers, others do not accommodate news traders. In general, established brokers with a good technical staff are welcoming to all kinds of traders, but problems may be encountered with new and smaller firms. It is a good idea to discuss these points with the broker before opening an account.

Secondary Tools

Items such as news feed from a financial news provider like Reuters, or IFR can be very important for fundamental traders. Similarly, a trader who utilizes options market related data should ensure that the broker’s platform incorporates information on expiries and option sizes. Some traders prefer certain indicator combinations for trading, and they too should ensure that the broker’s software implements them before opening the account.


Does the broker have a forum where you can discuss your feelings with fellow traders? Not only does a forum allow you take share your experiences with others, but it also helps you get an idea on the professionalism of the firms’ staff by their responses and attitude to clients.


top forex brokers in the world may not help you much if they do not allow your trading style, or do not offer the tools that you require. Make sure that you scrutinize the firm thoroughly before making a decision. It may take your while, but it is better than regretting your recklessness after being defrauded by a fake company...

have a good trading day

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Join the Billion dollar Forex Cash Hunt...

Hi Traders

Hope you have made a big profit on the past trading week....but if you didn't satisfied with your trading result and if you have not so much time then don't forget to be introduced with Trading robot...

Forex Accumulator has almost hit the maximum number of subscribers for
the introductory price offer.

Expert Trader Paul will be putting the price back up to $247 as he warned.
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This great EA is making headlines throughout the Forex industry.
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Can you visualise what you can do with a $100,000 profit generated
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Well Paul doesnt have to visualise this is a reality for him...

Hurry up because the price is going back up or maybe it already
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I have done my best to help you better your Forex trading
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This is an excellent opportunity to put you at the forefront of
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The ever adapting Forex Accumulator Robot can work in any
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It performs in any environment has been thoroughly tested
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I sincerely hope you arent too late to benefit from Paul's
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P.S Paul is offering a 60 day money back guarantee on his Robot
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If your not happy with the EA simply ask or a refund...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Last chance to master Forex...

Hi Traders

As you know Forex Accumulator was launched yesterday and sales went through the roof.
I knew this EA was going to be big but not this huge.

Spaces are running out as we speak, in fact you will be lucky if there is a copy left for you
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It's inevitable that this robot will sell out with the power it has inside it's engine and the mighty
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Imagine owning artificial intelligence that accurately predicts winning trades and pulling of 95%
winning trades.

Well with
Forex Accumulator this is exactly what you get.

Just make sure it is still available for you or you will regret this
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Because it runs on auto pilot you literally are making money
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$5,275 in a few hours speaks volumes for itself and I for one
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Forex Accumulator has transformed the way the Forex market is perceived and played out
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The results are amazing, it's unique trading stratetgy is awesome and the
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It performs trades like no other robot and doesn't use the traditional way of
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Let Paul explain all to you as he is the expert on
Forex Accumulator.

Happy trading.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Forex Accumulator is now LIVE act NOW!

Hi Traders

Hope you're ready for new experience on Forex market...
The most anticipated Forex Robot is now LIVE...
Forex trading has never been made easier thanks to Forex Accumulator.

I have been telling you about this EA for the last few days and finally it is here
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Would you like to make $2,735 in the space of 3 hours?
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Well with Forex Accumulator these figures are easily
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Paul has noticed that alot of people are too quick to sell Forex Robots that simply
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You will have no worries using Forex Accumulator because this is a proven EA that
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>>Forex Accumulator will restore faith in EA's
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Forex Accumulator is the most powerful EA out there and so easy to use that you dont
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Earning six figues a year from Forex trading is a huge reality with Forex Accumulator
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Paul is so sure of Forex Accumulator that he is willing to give you a 60 day trial of it and
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There is also a huge Forex product give away with Forex Accumulator worth an astonishing $1,400.
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Good luck on your Forex Quest

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Are you ready to earn six figures via Forex...

Hi Traders

Hope that you charged battery on this summer sunny this evening you can use to improve your trading knowledge and prepare yourself for new trading week...

Have you tried every darn Forex Robot out there and still haven't found "the one"?
Maybe you haven't been looking in the right places or maybe you have and have just been misguided.

Well the search is over for you now my friend... Take a look at this...

Forex Accumulator gives you the advantage over the "experts" that you have always wanted when trading.
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Well this is what Forex Accumulator gives you.
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Expect to see a sharp increase in your bank account followed by a desire to go shopping if you are lucky enough
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I will give you more info as it comes to me as I would hate you to miss out on this opportunity to change your life
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Have a nice day

P.S Remember this is a limited offer...