Thursday, November 22, 2012

Must See Forex Video! Trading with a "real" edge

Hi Traders

There's a new video online showing a professional currency trader demonstrating his winning edge in the market.

He's even running a live training webinar where he teaches his exact system, including the entry and exit rules and everything else you need to be able to copy him. All with no strings attached.

It's quite a refreshing change to see a sensible trader revealing some sensible trading techniques that you can use in the real market almost immediately. If you're still looking for your edge, this is a must watch.

I think it's a one off event though, so if you don't want to miss out you need to get over to the site right now.

There's no marketing hype or any of that usual garbage. Check it out for yourself.

You won't be disappointed.

Take care and good trading,

Monday, November 12, 2012

HFTX mega-bonuses

Dear Fellow Investor,

Today’s the big day: This new Hedge Fund Trader X
mentoring program goes LIVE in just four hours!

We expect this to be one of the biggest investing and
trading events of the year...

To show you how much confidence we have in this
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The link here will take you to the live cart today at
noon Eastern time.

When you agree to a risk-free test drive of the Hedge
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juiciest trade recommendations and ongoing coaching
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So, set a timer or something and get ready: The cart
opens promptly at noon Eastern time. Be one of the first
ones in line and you’ll be sure to get our bonuses as some
others as well.

Best wishes,

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to beat Warren Buffett

Hi Traders

If you could spend an hour with one of the world's most
successful hedge fund traders...

... an hour in which he reveals how he averaged 33% a year for
nearly a decade while helping clients like the Vatican Bank,
the Emir of Kuwait and the Queen of England...

...would you listen to what he had to say?

Well, believe it or not, you can!

Not only that, but you have a realistic shot at winning a
brand-new 16GB iPad 2 just for paying attention.

Click Here to find out how to be a successful hedge fund

We're not going to reveal who this mystery hedge fund trader
is just yet. That's because he still actively manages
accounts for some of the world's wealthiest individuals -
and plays things very close to the vest. But in the course
of 40 minutes, Hedge Fund Trader X will reveal...

*how he generated an average annual return of 33% for
nearly a decade, putting him in the elite company of people
like Paul Tudor Jones...

*why he's been able to beat even that track record in 2009,
2010 and 2011, with a compounded average annual return of
37.59% in a multi-million-dollar trading account...

*what he learned from his next-door neighbor and tennis
partner, George Soros, about shorting the market...

*why you could have turned every $50,000 into $460,632 over
the past 12 years instead of into the $61,000 the S&P 500
would have given you...

*why hedge fund traders consistently outperform the market
and make BILLIONS of dollars (sometimes in just a month)
even when the economy as a whole lies in shambles..

*and how ordinary investors and at-home traders are able to
mirror the same trades of top hedge fund managers without
having to invest $1 to $5 million in a hedge fund.

Go here to find out more and get a chance at winning at
brand-new 16GB iPad 2

There is a lot of hype in the investing world. But if
you're an investor or trader, this is someone you absolutely
MUST spend time with. You'll be amaz*d at what you

If nothing else, I seriously believe what you'll learn when
you click on the link below will have an immediate and
positive impact on your trading and your profits.

Best wishes,