Thursday, May 29, 2008

Volatility-Day Trading..

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forex strategy

As a day trader volatility is you friend, a friend you cannot afford to trade without. In it’s basic definition, volatility is simply the amount of price change with relation to time. Volatile currency pairs have various price swings (price changes) during a small period of time (one day). These price swings are what a day trader lives on.

In the forex market volatility many times comes hand in hand with liquidity. The most liquid pairs are the ones that are the most volatile. The big 4: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and USD/CHF are the most liquid pairs that provide the best volatility and hence opportunity for the forex day trader.

Within these four pairs, the GBP/USD is the most volatile. Although it’s not the most liquid (the EUR/USD is), but it’s the most volatility. This pair, traded with the right broker (one that provides a 3 pip spread) can present many profitable opportunities for the astute day trader...Test Forex Machine...


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Forex Market --What's happen...

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How things going with you, this is going to seem like a breath of fresh air, and has the potential to make you fabulously wealthy if you take it to heart and TAKE ACTION...

U.S. Dollar Trading (USD)-was range bound against the majors with low liquidity due to London and NY holidays. The U.S share markets were closed due to Memorial Day. Crude oil gained $1 after Nigerian rebels blew up a pipeline, closing the New York session at $133.10 per barrel...

EUR/USD-The 4 hour chart shows that the bullish channel continues with strong momentum as the pair now floats around 1.5807. Oscillators show that the momentum is still bullish and a breach through 1.5830 will validate a bigger bullish move into the 1.5900 levels. The RSI is also forming back into bullish formation and supports the general notion...


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don't allow yourself to fall in Forex Market...

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Don't losing your faith in your successof forex trading...take a few minuts to review a complete course, it includes exercises and 21 video segments, a total running time of almost 3 hours.
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Question on fibo tools: I know that you use eSignal. Have you found any tools (Fibonacci Trader, DiNapoli's FibNodes, etc.) that work well with eSignal and are also a good investment?

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Forex will never be the same again...

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What's happen in your trading life...
The Euro (EURO)- received another boost on the back of better then expected German IFO business climate index coming in at 103.5 (102.1 expected).

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Forex will never be the same again...

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How are you Today...
The Japanese Yen (JPY) The Dollar gained against the Yen on the back of a rise in US stocks and general Dollar strength, although it did give back some of its gains into the US close...

USD/JPY-The pair is showing bearish momentum on the hourly level after a drop to the 103.70 level. The 4 hour chart and the dailies are giving mixed signal with no distinct market direction. Forex traders are advised to wait for clearer signs on the dailies before entering the market.

In 48 hours from now, forex will never be the
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P.s. Have a nice trading week...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Forex Trading- control risk...

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Do you preparing for next trading week , don't hesitate to discover somthing new in Forex Market.
To Control Risk-One of the most important jobs as a day trader is to control your risk exposure. Sure, controlling risk is a concept you must use in any type of trading, however in day trading you must look at this issue from a different angle. Since your job is to capture various price swings during the day naturally your profit objectives will be much smaller then of a swing trader (who places a single trade aiming for a much larger profit objective).

So, when placing several trades during the day it can be easy to “drift” away from your pre-determined stop losses. A common (very common actually!) day traders thought is “if I extend my stop loss just a bit I hope the market will turn around”! Hope is one of the trader’s biggest enemies.

These little extensions of stop losses add up and suddenly without noticing you are losing more dollars per trade than planed making your risk/reward ratio turn against you.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Killer breakout trading technique

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Sometimes a chart looks so inviting that we want to jump in before the trade gets away from us.
One the of the primary principles of trading is to "preserve your capital". We have to take some risks, but we should employ strategies which put the odds in our favor. With that in mind, I suggest that you should not be the first person to buy a declining market. Wait for support to develop first.

Here is a practical example of how to approach a chart, how to avoid a trading disaster, how to filter out those bad trades. Click here for details

GBP/USD-There is a very distinct flag forming on the 4 hour chart, as the cable now approaches the upper level close to the tip of the flag. The local momentum within the flag is moderately bullish yet a very strong cross is imminent on the daily chart, which indicates that the bearish move might return shortly with strong steam...


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Specific Forex news...

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Would you like to learn how to trade the forex market with three 100% mechanical systems never published before to the public?
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Specific news announcements

Currency rates are affected by rumors, news, economic indicators and government reports.

As a day trader you must always be aware of what economic reports are scheduled on the day you are trading and at what time. Why? Simply because many of these reports can have a strong momentary impact on the market once they hit the news wires. This impact can be of 10 pips or 100 pips depending on the report and it’s difference from the market consensus.

The most important and impacting economic indicators and government reports are issued by the US government. They affect every USD/X or X/USD currency pair. Again, always know what are the release times and the importance of the economic report.

For example, suppose you are in a EUR/USD trade at 8:25 a.m. You know that an economic report is scheduled for release at 8:30 a.m. You might consider either exiting the trade before the release (in order to avoid unnecessary speculation as to what impact the report will have on the market) or entering your profit objective and stop loss into your deal station (for risk exposure reasons)....


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rules of Successful Forex Trading

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System News: Creating True Wealth as A Forex Trader
Being a successful Forex trader takes more then just having money, time and desire. The more you realize it, the better are your chances of making it big in this wonderful business. Throughout the years I learned many valuable lessons that today I apply to my Forex trading. Here are some of these lessons. I hope you don’t take them lightly, I guarantee you that these are true gems product of trial and error (something I hope to shorten for you!).

1.Your psychological state of mind is more important than your dollars. Yes, that is correct. For example, entering a trade when you know you should not enter it and ultimately losing money on it will cause you a financial loss which hurts but can be recovered in the next trade or two. However, it will also cause you a psychological loss in the form of future fear and insecurity. This, will take more than one or two trades to recover!

2.This one is simple but you would not believe how many traders do not follow it. In bear markets sell the markets that show most weakness. Don’t try to outsmart the market. If the market is telling you "I am weak" don’t argue and just follow! If the market tells you "I am strong", BUY and continue BUYING!

3.Don't ever try to pick absolute tops and bottoms. I know of traders that have an addiction with this. They always look to pick the absolute bottom or top and ride the market on the reversal. They succeed one or twice but eventually suffer a big hit. If you can't help it and you want to try and look for those huge turning points in the market at least use some sort of confirmation. Don't just guess "this is the top" or "this is the bottom".

4.Trading runs in cycles. There are good day and bad days, there are good weeks and bad weeks, there are good months and bad months. Don’t let a bad day, week, or month put you down. Learn not to measure results in the very short term. Many traders give up after having three or four bad days. Don’t! Know that its part of the business. Hang in there, manage your money well, be persistent and I promise you it will pay off!

That's it. Remember, 95% of traders don’t follow these rules. Be amongst the unique that do and use a good trading method/system. Your success will come faster than you think.

I wish you all the best.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Complimentary FX lesson...

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I'm always on the lookout for products that give new opportunity at Forex market...

Crude Oil-After breaking every possible resistance level, and setting all time highs on a daily basis, Oil is now traded around 124.00. The momentum is more bullish than ever, and it appears that the bonanza will continue, possible to the 126.00 level on this move. Forex traders have a great opportunity to dive into a very healthy up trend with great profit potential.

Don't miss to review Today...
I've already post at this blog a couple of forex trading lessons created by Adam from 5EMAs and I'm sure that you found them informative.

I don't know how he does it but Adam has created another lesson and, again, I consider it required viewing for every aspiring FX trader.

You can access this latest complimentary lesson...Click here to learn more..

As before, this is a "to the point" and well explained lesson so I hope you can quickly start using the technique in your own trading.

All the best,

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Simple rules, impressive results.

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How things going with you this week...have you positive trading trend ...

The Japanese Yen (JPY)- tracked other majors as Japanese markets remained closed for the day. Upon positive readings in US ISM services the USDJPY came within a two month high of 105.62 and a low of 104.74 before closing the day at 104.79 in the New York session. Japanese markets will remain closed on Tuesday.
USD/JPY-There is a very accurate narrowing bullish channel on the daily chart, as the pair now floats near the bottom barrier of it. The Slow Stochastic is indicating that the chances of a bearish breach are quite slim and that the bullish momentum still has steam in it. A failed bearish breach through the 104.00 level will probably unleash a fresh bullish move.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Low Risk Entry Points

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Before then start new trading week I wish to recommend you DailyForexCharts can help you improve your trading strategy and minimize losses by guiding you to:

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"Thank you for the updates. It's really hard work on your part, your commitment does shine through. BTW, great pips on the EUR/JPY. Please, we want more!"


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Friday, May 2, 2008

Simple rules, impressive results...

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U.S. Dollar Trading (USD)- strengthened against most of the majors on Thursday as the U.S saw positive data released combined with a surging equity market and more interest rate conviction which prompted confidence in the dollar....
EUR/USD-The key Fibonacci level of 1.5500 was breached and the bearish move is now validated with a full bar on the 4 hour chart. The momentum is very bearish and it appears that the next target price might be 1.5390. going short appears to be favorable today...

Education News: Develop some simple rules to allow yourself to trade within a solid framework. A few basic rules can give you an edge, keep you out of trouble, and allow you to capture winning here for details...