Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Is what You've Been Looking For...

Hi Traders

All I can say, Is WOW...

The doors are open, the gloves are off and more importantly...

I have just downloaded Forex Ultimatum System from Jeff
Harey and I am deeply impressed...

The functions on it are unlike any I've seen before and give you
total control over it if you so wish.

Flicking through the manual and looking at the type of software
it is I can tell the strategy behind has much to be desired in
the way of engineering.

I can see why this software only made 10% Loss in the last 6 months.

This exact system is currently running on 4 major brokerages now
and is providing profits for man influencial people n the finance

But the biggest kicker appears to be this bonus Jeff has given me
as a member and the amazing opportunity to really enhance my
earning potential 10 fold,

This is no exaggeration either LOOK

I urge you to take this opportunity now and trial Jeff's system
before they all go, as he has promised the brokers that paid him
to let it run that he will not let more than 300 copies become

So act immeditately and download your risk-free copy now so you
can see exactly what I'm talking and why this is about to change
the way things are done dramaically,

You may be thinking cautiously an I couldn't blame you especially
if you have been lied to so many times.. but this is truly an
amazin opprtunity for you right here,and best of all there is no
risk involved... ONLY BENEFITS

Download Forex Ultimatum System From Here

I will keep you updated in the developments as I find out but
Jeff is expecting to clear all his copies by the day is out so

To Your Success

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Elements of Successful Trading (best training video)

Hi Traders

Hope that working week have been successful for you...
The best time for your education and introducing new strategy and software on the Forex Market is weekend...because of you have more time for relax and research...

Have you ever wondered why some traders are very successful why others
fail miserably?

If you have, then you need to see this brand new, complimentary training video
from two successful traders now.

In this video, they reveal 4 key elements that are crucial for successful trading
and guide you how to become a real profitable trader.

Once you see this video, you will find that these elements are very important and must
come together in order to find success.

I was very surprise while I watched this video. Although these elements are sometime
apparent but most of traders have never found all of them because they didn’t take time
to study their success and failure.

This is definitely one of the best training video I’ve seen. So make sure you watch it right
away. It is up for only a very limited period and by invitation only.

Hop over this link and watch it while it is still available...

Best Regards

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

High Yield Forex Robots do NOT work!

Hi Traders

Hope that had a funy and relaxed I suppose that you ready to take action on the Forex market...

By now it's official: Forex "robots" do not work as they should.

At least not the ones that have been released thus far, but it seems things are taking a turn for the better...

From a team of 5 programmers comes a forex automated income tool that claims consistent gains for the last 6 (!!) years...

And I'm not talking about doubling your deposit in 1 month only to lose it in the next... I know we've all had it with those fly-by-night robots...


But this is different from anything you've seen before.. I'm talking about ongoing profits with no deposit loss for over 2300 days!

Right now, not much news has leaked through... but the information that has leaked is already causing a huge buzz in the community.. a few beta test samples have been sent to selected people for testing (including me) and it looks breathtaking...

Over 4000 lines of code when your average "robot" has 409... WOW!!

You owe it to yourself to stay updated on this one.. especially since there is a chance to obtain an exclusive copy for free.. if you're quick that is..

I signed up... don`t let this pass you by!

Go here...

for the full scoop!

Your forex friend,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Free Trend Rider Strategy...

Hi Traders

Hope that you ready to make serious funds on the Forex market...
We're here to help you with new information related to forex strategy and tools...
Now le't to be friendly with Sublime Forex Champions...

This video can only be described as shocking...

It reveals an unusual trading stragegy, and the crazy part is that:

- It actually takes less effort
- It's more fun to do
- It's fool-proof, battle-tested and Wall Street proven

I was shaking my head when I first saw this video,
but I've tested it out myself, and I know this works.

It's simple, straight to the point, and easy to apply that
a compete novice trader can understand and execute.

Watching this video alone gives you the absolute advantage
over 90% of the traders out there, and gives you a completely
battle tested trading strategy ti quickly apply and make some pips.

I'm pretty sure about that...

Go watch this video and see for yourself

To Your Success!

P.S. You should know that this video is going to be pulled
down soon... So, make sure you watch it NOW while you still can.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Almost sold out! Watch the ETF webinar recording asap

Hi Traders

The webinar last night with my friend the former money manager was packed! He had hundreds of traders on the webinar. He gave us more powerful trading content than most paid courses. And, because the webinar was filled to capacity we are posting the recording. It will only be up until Sunday night the 8th.

Here’s the link to register for the webinar replay.

One of the things he taught us is called the “Law of Association”; which states that in 5 years you will become like the people you hang out with and the books you read and the courses you study. The bottom line is that if you want to learn to trade big, or profitably and consistently, you need to be around someone who does. Someone like our webinar instructor who used to trade $50 million at a time.

Here’s a short list of only some of the highlights:

- A little known position sizing trick that can double your returns regardless of what market or system you trade.

- Two simple tricks that instantly remove 95% of your emotions in trading. As all traders know the emotions of fear and greed are the number one enemies of traders; beat them and you win.

- How some hedge funds hunt stops and a simple trick to avoid being a victim. Yes hedge funds, brokers and other individuals (not the "market") really do hunt stops.

- Why money managers only risk 1-2% per trade and still make great returns.

- Why trading is not a "zero sum game" and what this really means for the average trader.

- How to make strong profits using the daily charts and trading only 10 minutes per night.

- How Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers and others became great traders and investors.

- What the "gurus" selling hype trading courses are hiding from you and six easy ways to spot a counterfeit "trading teacher" from a mile away.

- One of his profit target strategies. (He has 4 proprietary tactics and gives us one, no charge).

- How to not be vague with your entries and stops like when others who say, "Buy a few cents, ticks, or pips above ___."

- A little known, no cost, scanner tool that can help you trade profitably, right now.

- A complementary excel sheet that does ALL the math for you so you can easily see the optimal position size and risk vs. reward ratio on all trades.

- Why ETFs are the best instrument to trade.

- Much more.

I promise it won’t be a waste of your time. My friend really did do trades as large as 50 million before he left the world of money management. He did share a little of his story, but most of the hour is spent on the subjects above. As you know I like to share good content with my readers and this is one of them.

Click here to get the webinar replay:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trade Secrets of a Multi-Million Dollar Trading Guru Revealed Tonight

Hi Traders

Hope that you ready to be involved Tonight to discover Trade Screte of Multi-Million Dollar...
I just finished reading the power points for tonight's webinar with my friend the ex-fund manager.

And, I’ve got to say, that in all my years in the trading business, this is the most content rich webinar I have ever seen. No hype, only hard core trading truths that not everyone is going to like.

Things like the fact that he and his hedge fund buddies used to hunt stops. Now he’s teaching “civilians” how to make money off those hedge fund stop hunters.

If you are new to trading, this hour could save you thousands of dollars over the school of hard knocks.

Make 6% per month with ETFs

Those who don’t get information like this risk having their whole investment account being wiped out, before they’ve really had a chance to trade.

Don’t miss out - Click here to register for this f.r.e.e ETF and Money Management Seminar that takes place at 9pm EST tonight.

For trading veterans I can guarantee you that the advanced position sizing tip is a golden nugget you’ll use for increasing profits and decreasing risks in the years to come. This one tip could double your profits regardless of what trading system you use. The one tip alone can turn any average system into a winning system.

He’ll cover:

- How to maximize your winners.
- Why most traders have it 100% wrong when it comes to risk.
- How to eliminate 95% of trading stress and emotion.
- Why most traders have it backwards when it comes to winning percentages.
- Even how to become a professional money manager and raise millions, if you so desire.

That last one really surprised me. Because I know that if you really want to make millions in trading the fastest way is to use leverage with other peoples’ money, when you are ready.

There are so many reasons to attend this F.R.E.E webinar tonight at 9pm EST. I honestly believe you’re missing the boat if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity. It won’t be a waste of your time! I love sharing high quality content with my subscribers and this is going to be one of the best.

Our host has worked trades as large as $50 million during his money management career. He will share a little of his story, but most of the hour will be spent teaching you how to improve your trading. Click here...

Have a success

P.S. That’s right, $50 million advice, f.r.e.e.

* Paying attention while our guest explains how you can make more profits with less risk trading the markets.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Webinar that reveals how Hedge Funds hunt stops

Hi Traders

ETF Trend Trading

Financial Freedom in trading in today’s Market starts with the pursuit of truth.

This is why it is necessary to join me this Wednesday, Aug 4th at 9pm EST, for a FREE session with an ex $50 Million dollar fund manager when he reveals the secrets professional money managers would rather you not know.

Have you ever had that feeling… after you were stopped out and the market went back in your original direction, that a bank or large fund had hunted your stop and stolen your shares?

Well, that’s because it’s true!

My guest on this Wednesday night webinar at 9pm EST, a former big fund manager, used to do just that.

In small markets like penny stocks his firm could do it all by themselves. In larger more liquid markets they would team up with other hedge funds. He says even some banks would do it.

So what can you do about it? Learn to either stay out of the market when the hedge funds are hunting stops, or profit from it.

We’ll talk about how to survive the hedge fund hunters during his complementary webinar Wednesday at 9pm EST.

Go ahead and reserve your slot now – with over 255,145 invitations and only 1,000 spaces, you’ll need to register and opt in early to get on the webinar. Click here to register...

In addition to the long list of topics I listed in yesterday’s email, he will also be discussing:

- How some hedge funds hunt stops and a simple trick to avoid getting caught, most of the time. Yes, hedge funds, brokers and other individuals (not the “market”) really do hunt your stops.

- One of his four proprietary profit target strategies. He’ll just give you this valuable tip for listening in Wednesday.

- How to avoid being vague with your entries and stops (like those “gurus” who say, "Buy a few cents, ticks, or pips above ___." )

- A little known, no cost, scanner tool that can help you improve your trades, now.

- A complementary excel sheet that does ALL the math for you. You’ll be able to easily see the optimal position size and risk vs. reward ratio on all your trades.

I promise it won’t be a waste of your time. My trader friend really did do trades as large as $50 million before he left the world of money management. He will explain how he learned these tricks-of-the-trade, but most of the hour will be spent on teaching you how to be a better trader. I like to share useful content with my subscribers and this is a big chance to do just that.

Click here to register for your f.r.e.e seat at the Wednesday night webinar.

Hope to see you there,