Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It is the first time I have seen PROOF that breaks all the conventional thinking.

Hi Traders

Hope that you enjoy on Today Trading on Forex market....
Finally, the boundaries of automated trading technology
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Bryan & Jerry has produced an insanity: a truly profitable trading
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All the best,

Friday, March 19, 2010

If you missed the two killing forex tools, here they are again...

Hi Traders

Hope that trading week behind us have been very successful for you...
Over the last few days, tens thousands of traders have downloaded and used
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Good Trading,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Forex Trend Dash Board (Download now)

Hi Traders

Hope that your goals for this trading week is highly...
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Being active in forex arena for such a long time, I thought I've
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At a certain time in your life, there something suddenly comes
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It's the brainchild trading tool from two experts Jerry Dodson& Bryan Stapler.
You may have never heard of their names before but both of them are really
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For the first time ever, they decided to release one of their best trend
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The Trend Dash Board

Honestly, I was just blown away by its ground-breaking built-in techniques.
I've never seen such an accurate trend identification tool before.
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Moreover, it can tell you how the trend is going to
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I can't reveal too much (you can see it all for yourself),
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Good trading,

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Confession from an Insider...(ex-bank trader)

Hi Traders

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World renowned ex-chief bank trader Tom Strignano
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why you will absolutely fail in trading if you don’t master this…

ETF Trend Trading

Hi Traders

Hope that you can feel satisfaction of your Trading efforts on Forex market...

Why use risk controls?

Every trader/investor must guard himself against drawdowns, which refers to the percentage drop in his account size after one losing trade or consecutive losing trades. For example, imagine that after losing a few trades in a row, your $20,000 account is reduced to $12,000; that would be a drawdown of 8,000/20,000 = 40%. If I were to ask some new traders, "In order to be back up to $20,000, what percentage return do you need to generate?" Many would answer, "Since I lost 40%, I have to make back 40%!" This couldn't be more wrong! Note that after losing 40%, the trader now starts with a lower base, i.e. to undo the $8,000 loss, the return he needs to generate is 8,000/12,000 = 66.6%! That is why I share free training videos on my website to help dispel some of the myths of trading.

The more severe the drawdown, the harder it becomes to undo the damage, as shown in the numbers below.

Drawdown% ---%Required to get back to break even
10% ------------11.1%
20%------------ 25%
30% ------------42.8%
40% ------------66.6%
60% ------------150%
70% ------------233.3%
80%------------ 400%
90%------------ 900%

That is why all professional money managers only risk 1-2% per trade. It's because no matter how good your trading system is at some point it is a statistical fact you will have 10 losers in a row. Based on risking only 1-2% per trade this is only a 10-20% drawdown and easily recovered. 99% of the hype trading and investing courses in existence don't say or do this. They say risk 5-10% per trade. It is wrong and will cause you serious financial pain if you follow their advice.

Many of them also use arbitrary stop loss advice. For example, they say, "Place your stop at $100.10 because that is on the other side of a major support or resistance, trend line, MA, etc."

This makes your risk based on the size of the stop. That is also wrong because the risk can be too large and it's not the same risk on each trade.

Others reverse this and say risk only 2% total period and let that determine your stop. This is also wrong and will hurt you because it is important to have the correct technical stop.

The answer is to do both. Use a percentage and technical stop together. It works like this. Let's say the technical stop is $100.10, but based on your entry price that is a 3% risk. Since your plan calls for a 2% risk you simply lower the number of shares you are trading. This lets you stay within your 2% risk and have the correct technical stop. This is exactly what most professional money mangers do.

Some say that this will lower their profits because of trading fewer shares. So what! Study the numbers above again. You know the old quote, "More risk equals more reward." Well it's not always true. Sometimes more risk equals more risk! If you lose your money you have no chance to make a profit. Even losing 50% is disastrous because you would then need to make 100% to get back to even.

Like Warren Buffet says, there are only two rules in investing. Rule #1: Don't lose money. Rule #2: Don't forget rule #1.

I'd like to add a third rule. Correct money management and position sizing must be mastered to ensure your long term success.

The good news is that it is easy to have correct money management and position sizing. I just explained how to use a combo of a % stop and a technical stop. If you want more of an explanation please visit the free video area on my homepage and click on the "Why have risk controls" video.

The system of entries, stops and profits taking is only half of your key to success. The other half is money management. If you get this part wrong you will lose your account every time regardless of how good your system is.

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