Sunday, June 29, 2008

If you're a serious trader, you can't afford to NOT read this...

Hi Traders

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I almost didn't publish this because I thought to
myself, "There's NO WAY that there will be any of these left for
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What the heck am I talking about and who is Bill Poulos?! I
don't have a lot of time to explain due to the time-sensitive
nature but I'll do my best.

Bill rushed me a copy of his complete, step-by-step trading
course recently. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much. After
all, because my name's out there on the Internet, I get a LOT of
trading courses sent to me, and I feel like I've SEEN IT ALL.
Well, there was something in the way that Bill presented himself
to me that made me pay attention to his course, and I'm glad I

When his course arrived, I actually felt a little like I kid
again waiting for a package to arrive in the mail. I canceled
all my meetings for the day, shut off my cell phone (well, OK, I
put it on silent), and settled in for a thoroughly enjoyable
afternoon session with Bill's course.

There's not enough room in this post for me to cover all the
details, but Bill's trading course is PROFOUND, ENLIGHTENING,
and most important, it's USABLE. He doesn't make crazy promises
and set expectations so high that they're impossible to achieve.
He doesn't require that you have an advanced degree in
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The true beauty of Bill's course is that he's just like you and
me. He's been burned. He's learned a lot. And he explains his
course in clear and easy-to-understand language with TONS of
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When I was done going through his 150 page manual, DVD, and CD-
ROM, the moon was in the sky and it was well past midnight. I
was very satisfied in knowing that I had learned some NEW and
USEFUL trading methods that are now a part of my trading

So when Bill contacted me a day ago and let me in on a special
offer for my visitors exclusively, I had to let you know about it

Here's the deal... Bill printed 1,000 copies of his trading
course and he only has 77 left. He needs to move these
IMMEDIATELY because his printer is raising his duplication costs
next month and Bill wants to get another batch printed before
the prices go up. This means that Bill will in all likelihood
raise the price of his course after these remaining 77 copies
sell out.

He agreed to knock $100 off his list price, but just for these
last 77 copies. So it's first come, first served.

Frankly, these 77 packages may be gone by the time you read this
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Good Trading,

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The most Profitabe way on Forex market...

Hi Traders

How long you involved on forex market...???
Trade a method that fits your personality. If you are like me and like hearing the cash register ring often then use day trading strategies. If you don’t mind waiting for profits to accumulate over time then consider using swing trading strategies. This is very important. Trade with what best suits your character. Be true with yourself and recognize what are your needs. My need is the gratification that frequent profits provide, no matter how small. It keeps me going...

The Japanese Yen (JPY)- hit day lows after the FOMC announcement but rebounded as strong buying on the crosses supported USD/JPY. Overall the USDJPY traded with a low of 10767 and a high of 108.42 before closing the day around 107.91 in the New York session
USD/JPY-According to the daily chart the stable bullish movement this pair has been showing since mid March is still intact. However, the hourlies and the 4 hour chats show that the typical range trading continues with both the hourly RSI and Slow Stochastic are floating in neutral territory. Forex traders are advised to wait for a clearer signal before entering the market n this pair.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Your last chance to get Forex Annihilation system...

Hi Traders

How is hot outside you have feeling that same things happen with your trading account...
Gold-After a sharp drop to the 875 level yesterday, the 4 hour chart shows that there is a bullish correction back intact. The RSI flows low indicating that there is still a lot room for the bullish move. The hourlies also support that notion, however according to it, the uptrend is much more restrained volatility is quite low. Forex traders have a good opportunity to take advantage of an ongoing uptrend with high profit potential...

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It's so different from the kind of trading
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And I'm glad Mark sacrificed his TIME
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It's now given a lot of us hope. That,
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The small guy can win, too...

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'll keep it short because there is not time to waste...

Hi Traders

It's time to prepare yourself for new trading week....don't forget to keep in the mind next:
Don’t favor sides. Trading is about recognizing long and short opportunities. Many people have the problem of shorting. They have the problem of profiting when the market is going down. They are taught through life that you make money when markets go up. As a currency trader you don't care if the currency market is going up or down, if there is an opportunity to make money you take it, that’s your job.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Managing your trades for profit.

Hi Traders

Just one day left of this trading week, what's your trading position in this moment...
This lesson will help you to make a definite set of rules that will guide you to make the right decisions in the market.

For every trade, you need an action plan. Once the trade is under way, things can get very exciting, even stressful. It is easy to lose sight of your trading goals, and your initial intentions for each trade. You need rules to keep your trading on track, and to keep your emotions under control.

The full lesson is available here...

USD/CHF -The typical range trading on the daily chart continues. Both the RSI and Slow Stochastic are floating in neutral territory. The hourlies are also providing mixed signals with no specific direction. Good strategy might be to wait for a clearer signal before entering the market n this pair...


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If you want to be successful on Forex market....

Hi Traders

How things going with you, are you satisfied with your trading opportunity this week...don't have idea what to do next hhere is your answer...
Forex Automoney - Make Money Just by Clicking
Be patient with your profit targets. I know it is very tempting to grab the profits in a winning position before the profit objective is reached. There is a fear the market will turn around and the trade will become a loser. Be disciplined. There is a reason your profit objective is where it is. You did your homework before entering the trade and the profit objective you decided on justifies the trade in terms of risk/reward. Frequently take profits before the profit objectives are reached will destroy your whole risk/reward ratio and will finally be the difference between success and failure.

9.95% of traders are not disciplined and that is why they do not succeed. They always know better than their system, they always know better then what the market is telling them. Be amongst the 5% disciplined traders and I guarantee you will be light years ahead of the crowd.

Think, analyze, and create BEFORE the trade. During the trade only follow what you though, analyzed and created before the trade. Before you enter the trade you are cool and balanced, you are thinking logically. During the trade you are under fire since money is involved. You are under pressure. What makes you think that you can make better decisions under intense fire then when you are calm and balanced? You can't. That is why you planned the trade before hand. Follow your plan!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Futures System That Win at Least 75 Times Out of Every Hundred...

Hi Traders

Are you prepared yourself for new trading week...don't worry if you didn't , I done your jobs look at...
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Good Trading,

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Next Rules of Successful Forex Trading...

Hi Traders

Today I continue to publish next three rules of successful trading....

-Remember what type of trader you are and follow the rules of that specific method of trading. For example, if you are a day trader it would be wise to ignore the fundamental picture. It would also be wise to analyze and trade with the appropriate time frames. Also, select a broker that offers tight spreads, provides good order fills and guaranteed stop losses (all important for effective day trading). If you are a swing trader it is important you look at the much bigger picture. Sometimes fundamental market data can come in handy (although I personally prefer to look at the technical picture alone). Learn to be patient, both in terms of your profit target being reached and entering trades (for swing traders it can be weeks with no trade signals).

-KEEP IT SIMPLE! Don't think that the more indicators and patterns you use the more profitable you will be. My trading strategies are simple BUT original. I learned through time that the true gems in the market originate from simplicity. This is an important concept, don’t dismiss it.

-Never ever add to a losing position. I think this is one of the biggest "diseases" traders have. A stop loss is like a red light, it's not a suggestion. It tells you to get out of the market not to add more money to the trade. It simply makes me angry to see people adding money to a losing position. It has no justification except one. HOPE! They don’t say "gee, I was wrong and should have exited in my stop loss level", they say "I am correct about the direction of the market, it's just that my stop loss was placed to close to my entry. If I hang in there and add more money the trade will surely go my way and I will not only make for the loss but I will make much more since now I am adding to my position at a much better price!".

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Forex Automoney....

Hi Traders

Are you in good trading position this week......before then you fall in hard trading sistuation I wish to recommend you to visist: Forex Secret Reports...

GBP/USD-The Hourlies and the daily chart are showing that the pair does not have a distinct direction. The 4 hour chart indicates that the moderate bearish correction continues within the wide bearish channel which still has yet to be breached. The daily chart RSI is floating near the 50 level and the Slow Stochastic also does not deliver any specific signs. Forex traders are advised to wait for a clearer signs on the hourlies before entering the market.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

If You Trade Forex - YOU MUST See This New EA

Hi Traders

Today's I wish to discover new opportunity to your success in Forex Market....

A breakthrough in automated forex trading has arrived.
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Forex trading once restricted to the large banks and blue chip companies has now become available to the average Joe. Thanks to the power of the internet and leverage offered by independent brokers the ability to trade forex has never been easier and is fast becoming the number 1 home based business opportunity.

This forex software allows even the most technically challenged among us trade forex successfully for a living. All that is required is a basic internet connection and the ability to follow the simple setup instructions, once installed sit back and relax while the ‘forex tracer’ meticulously scans the market for trading opportunities and automatically picks off the trades with sniper like precision.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Forex terms Explanation-Spread and liquidity

Hi Traders

Today's I wish to explain to beginers some terms related to forex traidng...
Spread and liquidity...
Forex brokers don’t charge you a commission for every trade you make (at least most forex brokers). Instead, they make their profit on the bid/ask spread which is measured in pips.

As a forex day trader you are aiming at capturing small price swings sometimes several time per day. Also, your profit objectives are obviously much smaller than the swing trader’s profit objectives. All this means one thing: every pip counts. You cannot afford to trade currency pairs with large spreads, if you do your profit will get eaten up to a point where you will not be trading with an adequate risk/reward ratio.

Forex day trading must be done with liquid pairs. Most forex brokers will provide you with a very narrow spread for the most liquid currency pairs. As an example, many brokers are now offering a 2 pip spread for EUR/USD and USD/JPY and a 3 pip spread for USD/CHF and GBP/USD. These are the most liquid pairs and the ones a day trader should focus on....

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Still aggressive but even more impressive!

Hi Traders

How trading things going with you this week...I have some forex market news for you...

Gold (XAU)- gained as bargain hunters moved in after last weeks drop. Overall trading with a low of $881.60 and high of $897.35 ending the New York session at $891 an ounce...

I'm sure you saw the live account traded by the guys over at 5EMAs, using the advanced techniques from their 5EMAs Ultimate Trader system....
The account was opened at the end of October last year with $20,000 yet less than 12 weeks later (including the Christmas holiday!), the account had grown to a staggering $103,000! - 136 trades and only 6 losses!!
Don't hesitate to discover your forex trading freedom...
Anyway, some people seemed to think it was a bit of a fluke and threw down the gauntlet in an all-out challenge.

Luckily, the 5EMAs guys just love a challenge and here's how they responded...

...they opened a new $20,000 live account on 17th January, and in just TWO WEEKS, the balance was over $58,000! 71 trades, 67 winners - 190% gain!!

They took a well-earned rest during February and were in the process of changing brokers but certainly came back with a vengeance! - they opened a $25,000 demo account on 3rd March and by mid-afternoon on the 14th March, the account balance was over $70,000! 28 trades, 100% winners - 180% gain!

To really 'ice the cake', they took a a few extra trades later that afternoon and by late evening on the same day, the balance had topped the $90,000 level - 35 trades, 100% winners - 260% gain in 9 trading days!

Still think it's just a fluke? Well, how about this... a new course owner opened a $25,000 live account on 10th March and by 25th March, the balance was over $59,000 - 123 trades, 100% winners - 137% gain in 12 trading days! Do it here...

These accounts could have been yours, so I suppose the $64,000 question has to be "Don't you deserve to have the same tools in your trading arsenal?"

So, what are you waiting for? Just go here for the full details...

One quick point... these are professional strategies, designed by and used by professional traders, so if you're looking for your next "Holy Grail" system that will make you 1,000+ pips per month with no study, effort or time involvement on your part then this isn't it.

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