Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bonus 'stop day trading Forex' video...

Hi Traders

I just got my hands on a bonus, complimentary Forex training video from Bill Poulos that kind of got 'lost in the shuffle' last week during his Forex Profit Accelerator home study course release.
While his course is now officially 'sold out',
you can still get his 'lost' complimentary video here...
It's called: "Stop Day Trading Forex - Spend Less Time,
Get More Pips!" In this 13 minute, 21 second video,
Bill compares day trading to end-of-day trading, along with some trade history,
so you can see the pros and cons of each approach. ..
...and you may be surprised by what you see.

Good Trading,

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Did you get these 3 Forex trading bonuses?

Hi Traders

I Hope that trading things going well with you....

Just a quick update about Bill Poulos's Forex Profit Accelerator
home study course I let you know about earlier this week...

(I don't know if he's announced all these yet, but I wanted to
give you a heads-up as soon as I heard about this.)

Starting today, he just added on some bonus training materials
which I personally think is a little crazy for him to do.



Because 2 of them are GROUP MENTORING web-seminars that let you
"spy" on his trading computer and get your questions answered
live and "in person".

Here are the details:

* After you get his Forex course, Bill's going to give you
private login instructions were you can join him on 2 separate
web-seminars. You'll get to interact live with Bill, ask him to
pull up Forex charts, take a look at trades, and more...

-I've seen these kinds of sessions go for $200 or more, but he's
including both of them "on the house" if you pick up his course
TODAY. Folks, that's like someone handing you $400.

Get them here...


Bill also talked one of the masters of trading psychology to
"cough up" 2 brand new, unpublished "trading mind" reports that
include the latest tricks and techniques you can use to train
yourself to...

-Pull the Trigger

Yeah, I know... discipline & psychology aren't "exciting";
however, successful traders know that they are CRITICAL in
achieving success in the markets.

And I also know that any time I can get my hands on the latest
thinking about the mind of a trader, I want that information

You get these 2 new reports here:


Finally, Bill made a call to a company that's among the best at
teaching options trading and asked them if they had any new
training materials focused on trading options with Forex.

-They delivered big time.

This bonus is a little sensitive because the value is so high,
and some folks already paid a lot of money for it. So I can't
mention the details here.

But I can say that you get it at no extra cost when you pick up
Bill's Forex Profit Accelerator course TODAY right here...


I don't know how long these bonuses will last, so I urge you to
at least check them out in more detail. They're probably worth
close to $1,000, and you get them for nothing. That's a pretty
good deal to me.

Good Trading,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I bet you've never traded Forex like this...

Hi Traders

Be sure to read this short note because...
==> THE TIDE JUST TURNED in the Forex community...)

Here's what's up -

In the past 2 weeks, over 175,000 traders have bombarded a
special, "insiders" Forex trading website.

You might even call it an "underground" website because
everything it exposes challenges what 95% of all Forex traders
have held to be true for years.

So if you have ANY interest in discovering how to ride the "coat
tails" of the big banks to maximize your "pip potential" in the
Forex markets, you're in for a TREAT today...


So in just the past 24 hours, hundreds of traders already got
their hands on what HISTORY will likely call a turning point in
Forex trading...

I'm talking about a truly groundbreaking way to trade the Forex
markets that takes less than 20 minutes day (hint: it's NOT day

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a preview copy of this
technique a few weeks ago and I'm absolutely floored by what's
being revealed in this limited-edition trading course.

CAUTION: This is NOT for "systems junkies", or individuals who
like to let others make their trading decisions.

==> But it IS for traders who like to have FULL CONTROL of their
destiny in the markets...

-and who are finally ready to become INDEPENDENT traders.

Does this sound like you?

A FEW HUNDRED MORE "GET IT" - But it may be too late...

The 30+ year trading veteran who's "spilling the beans" on his
totally unique twist on the Forex markets is only releasing 555
copies of his course that has the power to help you accelerate
your profit potential like never before.

* And he's already nearing the halfway soldout point...

So if you want to:

- Vanquish the pressure, strain, and stress normally associated
with Forex...

- Maximize your returns by riding on the "coat tails" of the
behemoth market drivers before they know what hit them...

- Drastically reduce your trading time by spending less than 20
minutes a night "in the trenches"...

- Practically "rub out" account-crippling losses with simple yet
profound risk management strategies only a few select traders
are using...

...then check out the open letter the developer of this 4-
pronged approach to Forex put together for you...

I hope you find it as inspiring as I have.

Good Trading,

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Forex market -Discussion...of some rules...

Hi Traders

How are you, You know where is the hottest trend in the Today's Market..... Yes it's Forex Market...Making a living as a forex trader allows you to be truly free! No office, no workers, no inventory, no marketing worries, no advertising, no selling. For me this is one of the greatest advantages of being a forex trader. No headaches!
What you need to know.....
Know the personality of the currency you are trading. Each currency pair has its own individual "personality". This can be in terms of volatility, spread, average daily range, liquidity, specific patterns etc. Use trading strategies that go hand in hand with the characteristics of the currency pair.
That's it. Remember, 95% of traders don’t follow rules. Be amongst the unique that do and use a good trading method/system. Your success will come faster than you think....

I wish all the best...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

How to get the FIRST copy of Forex Profit Accelerator

Hi Traders

How are you...

What you expect tommorow on your trading effort to beat forex brokers...

Don't worry if you have been loser by now...look at below and improve your knowledge...
As you probably know by now, next week is going to be a turning
point in the Forex trading community when a proven course hits
the market that will show you how to become an independent
trader and claim back your time as you discover how to trade
Forex pairs in less than 20 minutes a day...

...and YOU can get the very FIRST copy from the printers before
anyone else even has a chance to.


The developer of the course is going to GIVE AWAY one full
scholarship this Saturday evening, July 19th. That's 3 days
before it even hits the market.

(He's even covering shipping & handling to anywhere in the

This includes his full course, along with all his bonuses, and 1
year of email support. It's about as close as you can get to
being personally taught how to trade Forex by a 30+ year market

Want in on the action? Just go here...

Gold-The bearish move that embarked yesterday appears to have more steam in it, as the RSI on the daily chart has crossed the 70 line, indicating that the market is overbought. This is a great opportunity for forex traders to enter a very promising trend...

Good luck & good trading,

p.s. The deadline for entering the giveaway is July 19th at
noon eastern time, Saturday. So don't dawdle if you want your
complimentary Forex fix ;-) Here's how to get it...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

High probability Forex trades are now setting up...

Hi Traders

How are you...have you trading position open this week....
If you enjoyed the complimentary 'Forex 4-Pack' training I post
on this blog last week, wait until you see this...

(Make sure you READ ALL OF THIS
because what I'm about to
share with you EXPIRES in 7 days.)

Here's the scoop...

Next week, on Tuesday, July 22nd, the Forex trading community
will get turned on its ear...

Why do I say that?

Because the home study course that stripped the Forex community
away from their computers last Fall by showing them how to reap
huge pip potential in just 20 minutes a night by becoming true,
independent traders is coming back...

...but only for 7 more days.

Everything about it is first class... and easy to understand.
I'll have more information to send you about it on July 22nd,
but for now I've been granted special permission to give you
private access to a Members Website Preview so you can get "up
close & personal" with this trading course before the rest of
the community gets a chance to.

You see, the author of the course is only releasing 555 more
copies from July 22nd to July 29th... but here's the problem: He
already has 40,000+ traders interested in it. So he just doesn't
have enough inventory to go around.

(His first two limited releases sold out in a matter of days.)

That's why he's letting me give you complimentary access to his
Members Website Preview, but only until July 22nd. He wants to
weed out the "tire kickers" so that only the traders who are
truly serious about discovering how to trade the Forex markets
in less then 20 minutes a day can get a copy of the course.

Incidentally, July 22nd is when the Members Website Preview
closes down and re-opens only for students of his breakthrough

Get it here...

Here are just a few of the goodies you'll get on the preview
site, beginning TODAY:

** Total access to his PIP FEEDER service where you can get
daily lists of the Forex pairs that have met his rigorous
trade alert criteria. In fact, these are Forex pairs that
have a high probability of entering into potentially
profitable positions any day now. He'll eventually be
charging $197/mo for this service, but it's complimentary
on the Members Website Preview.

** The "Pip Vault", which contains actual Forex trade
example "screen capture" videos, so you can see exactly
how his students can trade in less then 20 minutes a

** Complete access to his 'Forex 4-Pack' complimentary
training kit. Those lucky traders who already got their
hands on this last week know how powerful it is.

** Bonus Forex tutorials, including a very detailed lesson
on the ins and outs of Forex trading using one of the
most popular charting and trading software packages on
the market.

** Previews of the actual CD-ROMs that ship with the course
so you can see exactly the type of material that's on

** and a TON more...

But don't take my word for it.
Go ahead and check it out now by
visiting the web page here now...

This may be the best Forex education you'll EVER receive...

Good Trading,

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Make your trading position to work for your budget...

Hi Trdares
It's time of season relaxation so use that time to get more knowledge of forex market and new software and startegy opportunity...
As forex traders we can never know what price is to "low" and what price is to "high". Don’t be afraid to join a trend. I know that psychologically this can be difficult sometimes. You are always afraid that you will be entering the trend at it's end. This rule is important but must not be followed blindly but rather smartly. Suppose you are day trading the EUR/USD. You know that the average daily range of the pair is 90 or 100 pips. If your system is telling you to go long at a point where the market has already moved 80 pips and place a profit objective of 50 pips, would that be a smart move? Obviously not.

Forex Automoney - Make Money Just by Clicking

Let me tell you a couple of words about the best way to
trade Forex that ever existed. I'll keep it short because
there's no time to waste as this great opportunity may
soon expire.

Have you ever thought of trading Forex but got scared
off by all the complicated stuff like technical analysis,
charts, plots and such? Now there's a way to grab tons
of cash without ever having to analyse anything. In fact,
all you have to do is click your mouse buttons! That's all!

Forex Automoney now are letting people use their
buy/sell Forex signals. These signals are never wrong
because they are generated by state-of-the-art computers supervised
by cool professionals. You don't have to do anything,
just collect the cash! Check it out...

Remember, this opportunity may soon be unavailable - the
interest is very high. Get involved today and start earning
your fortune!

Best regards,

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Forex Market- Open Your Mind

Hi Traders

How are things going with your open trading position this week...I hope that you have a good chance to beat forex brokers ....

The EUR- experienced mixed trends versus the major currencies yesterday. The EUR gained 62 points against the USD and closed at 1.5742. However the EUR declined versus the GBP, eventually closing at 0.7964. The German Trade Balance and the French Trade Balance indicators were published at 14.4B and -4.7B respectively. In addition, the European Central Bank President Trichet spoke about economic and monetary developments that helped increase volatility. Overall, yesterday's indicators had a minor effect on the European currency; therefore we should look deeper into the EUR's counterparts for the explanation...

Most traders think they've "seen it all"... I can relate,
because I used to think like that. It wasn't until I decided to
always come from "I don't know" that things began to change for

This is why I'm constantly searching for new trading reports,
articles, ideas, tidbits... anything that can give me an edge in
the markets...
Claim Your "Sneak Preview" Trading "Blueprint"...


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brand new 'Forex 4-Pack' just released (it's on me)

Hi Traders

How are you Today...please Don't place another Forex trade until you READ ALL THIS...

The bar for Forex training is about to be raised again...

...because one of the top Forex mentors has just released his
BRAND NEW multimedia training "kit" that challenges 90% of what
most Forex traders hold to be true.

It might "ruffle your feathers", but if you have ANY interest in
discovering how select groups of traders have been quietly
riding the coat tails of the big banks to maximize their "pip
potential" in the Forex markets...

I think you're in for a big SURPRISE.

The USD -saw a bearish trading session yesterday. Although no economic data was released with an impact, the USD was mostly affected by speculations. Impacting the greenback was the wary economic outlook from a Federal Reserve official and the possibility of more financial troubles of the Federal National Mortgage Association commonly known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - the largest corporate funder in Washington. The USD lost value against its major crosses, most notably vs. the EUR as the pair was once again being at just above 1.57


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Still aggressive but even more impressive!

Hi Traders

How are you, do you enjoying in great summer weekend with a much sunshine, if you seatning below your sunshade with your lap-top or mobile phone in your hand then you have what's you need to start with trading in coming trading here is some useful information ...

I'm sure you saw the live account traded by the guys over at 5EMAs, using the advanced techniques from their 5EMAs Ultimate Trader system.

The account was opened at the end of October last year with $20,000 yet less than 12 weeks later (including the Christmas holiday!), the account had grown to a staggering $103,000! - 136 trades and only 6 losses!!
Look at here...

(if the page doesn't load then please retry as the server may be getting overloaded)

Anyway, some people seemed to think it was a bit of a fluke and threw down the gauntlet in an all-out challenge.

Luckily, the 5EMAs guys just love a challenge and here's how they responded...

...they opened a new $20,000 live account on 17th January, and in just TWO WEEKS, the balance was over $58,000! 71 trades, 67 winners - 190% gain!!
Look at here...

They took a well-earned rest during February and were in the process of changing brokers but certainly came back with a vengeance! - they opened a $25,000 demo account on 3rd March and by mid-afternoon on the 14th March, the account balance was over $70,000! 28 trades, 100% winners - 180% gain!
Look at here...

To really 'ice the cake', they took a a few extra trades later that afternoon and by late evening on the same day, the balance had topped the $90,000 level - 35 trades, 100% winners - 260% gain in 9 trading days!
Look at here...

Still think it's just a fluke? Well, how about this... a new course owner opened a $25,000 live account on 10th March and by 25th March, the balance was over $59,000 - 123 trades, 100% winners - 137% gain in 12 trading days!
Look at here...

These accounts could have been yours, so I suppose the $64,000 question has to be "Don't you deserve to have the same tools in your trading arsenal?"

So, what are you waiting for? Just go here for the full details...

One quick point... these are professional strategies, designed by and used by professional traders, so if you're looking for your next "Holy Grail" system that will make you 1,000+ pips per month with no study, effort or time involvement on your part then this isn't it.

Be prepared to learn the strategies and trade them properly - join the ranks of the professionals.

All the best,

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sink your teeth into this 'sneak peek' trading video before it's gone...

Hi Bettors

I can bet that you will be enthusiastic when you read this post below..., by the way what's new in your trading efforts have you any good news...
Last month, a new trading method was released that turned the classic
divergence setup on its head. And after I experienced it firsthand, I
truly thought this was a 'no brainer' method that every trader should
have in their toolkit.

I was on the phone with the developer the other day and I asked him
if he could give a sneak preview of his new method to my blog-readers.
After some arm-twisting, he finally agreed, so that's why I'm publishing this:

The 'sneak preview' he put together for you has never before been
available to the public -- it contains parts of the actual divergence
method that's explained so clearly in the official course. This isn't
'fluff' either, it's the real 'meat and potatoes', and contains some of
the 'secrets' that only paying students get to sink their teeth into.

This video will only be available for a few days, and then it will be
taken offline, so if you aren't already fully satisfied with your current
trading routine, you absolutely need to
check this out NOW...

Is your trading toolbox ready for something new? If you’re ready
to add a powerful new method to your trading toolkit, then you
need to experience these step-by-step blueprint videos that
reveal a classic trading pattern with astonishing simplicity...

In my opinion, you need to have a variety of methods and
techniques in your trading 'toolkit' in order to potentially
become a successful trader. Even that can't guaranty success,
but I believe it can maximize your chances.

Very specific trading rules for bullish and bearish divergences
are featured. First beginning with high-level, general rules.
Then, diving deep into valuable case studies using a unique,
step-by-step learning mode that's like watching the market unfold
before you on the screen.

After experiencing this new method, I truly understood for the
first time with absolute clarity how to
apply this powerful setup

For all its potential power, I believe the true elegance of the
this new method is in its simplicity. If you found a trading method
that was relatively simple to apply and that gave you the potential
to capture otherwise missed trading opportunities, wouldn't you be
clamoring to add it to your personal trading toolkit?

Imagine what it will feel like to have a potentially powerful new
trading method in your personal trading toolkit, ready to be used
at the next sign of divergence...

The bad news is that only 1,000 copies have been produced, and
many of them have already been sold, so supplies ARE dwindling...

The good news is that if you're a serious and decisive trader who
is committed To taking the time to study a new trading method
that can be part of your toolkit, you can reserve your personal copy
of the brand new method today before it sells out by
going to the here

Good Trading,

p.s. Remember, for just a few more days, you can visit the link
below and experience a special 'sneak preview' video of this new
trading method. This video contains some of the actual 'secrets'
that only paying students get to sink their teeth into.
Hurry ...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This new trading method is going to sell out...

Hi Traders

Do you thinking about beauty of forex market ...Why ? It's simple you seating at your home with your lap-top in front you and you makeing your future...without rush around the city...

Today's Currency info....
U.S. Dollar Trading (USD)- had a choppy day but was able to recover off lows and make small gains into the US session...
The Euro (EUR)- found trading above 1.5800 only temporary even though the June Eurozone Inflation Report came in at 4.0% on the high end of expectations...

EUR/USD-The pair is trading in a range for the past three days after the previous sharp bullish correction and is now consolidating around 1.5750. The daily chart is showing the first buds of bearish momentum whereas the 4 hour chart is still bullish. Selling on highs might be preferable today...

Recommend to review: Is your trading toolbox ready for something new? If you’reready to add a powerful new method to your trading toolkit, thenyou need to experience these step-by-step blueprint videos that reveal a classic trading pattern with astonishing simplicity...improve your trading knowledge here...