Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trade along with the top traders in the world

Hi Traders

Just try before holiday's season...

Here's how you can deposit cash into your account everyday like a
broken slot machine...

regardless of how many losses you've racked up before... or even if
you have no trading experience whatsoever.

You see, global economic crisis is spreading like wildfire and
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In fact, many forex millionares were made during times like this.
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Happy holidays

Monday, November 28, 2011

An Absolute "Game Changer" Trading secret, inspired by Warren Buffet...

Hi Traders

Hope that you enjoy on Forex market...

Until now, when placing a trade you always face the
same daunting question:

Will this trade win or lose?

That unknown is the RISK...

That's what sends your emotions on a roller coaster...

That's what determines how much leverage you can use.

Like I said, until now...

See, today I've got a very different question for
you that could change EVERYTHING...

What if you could completely remove that risk and
KNOW your pip gain the instant you place your trade?

This isn't hype and I'm not being silly, though I
could barely believe my eyes when I heard about
what a top trader colleague of mine discovered...

This is such a revolutionary idea that I'm going
to repeat it one more time...


What if you KNEW your profit when you place your


Let that sink in.

It's kind of a big deal, I know.
See, there are some very high accuracy trading
methods out there, some that I've developed myself.

But the latest discovery by my good friend and trading
colleague Jason Fielder is an entirely different approach
that is a genuine game changer.

In fact, it was inspired by Warren Buffet and this
method comes as close to a sure thing that I have
ever seen.

In case you're wondering, this has absolutely nothing
to do with options at all.

You've got to see this for yourself.

More tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are you really making money in Forex?

Hi Traders

Hope that you keeping walk with new trading strategy on the forex market...if you want to make serious income then let's improve your trading knowledge...
Here's the three most common reasons people don't
make anywhere near as much money (if any) as they
should trading:

1. The system you just bought doesn't work.
2. You work full-time.
3. There's no one to help you.

By the time you read this publish, it might be too
late. I wrote this just before 9 a.m EST and already
my Skype is lighting up like Times Square on New
Year's eve. I have been forced to ignore my publish
while I write this, but this is urgent and needs your
action right now.

This publish is important, but I don't mind if you go
straight to the website while you still have a
chance at getting a copy of the World Class Trading

As Far As I'm Concerned, This Is The Only Thing
That's Real In The Forex Market Right Now

I just want to cover the three points I just

Problem #1

How many times have you bought a system that didn't
work? Even worse, you spent hours of your precious
time when you could have been doing something else.
Well, it might surprise you to know that probably 9
out 10 Forex products are like that.

Because we don't have a lot of time, I'm going show
you a fool-proof way never to be caught again - just
do this. When you get the next, best Forex, hyped up
pitch in your in-box, just hit the reply button and
say "send me your login details."

As simple as that...

If they can't share with you their live, real money
trading account, hit the delete button. Don't waste
time, life's too short to deal with anyone who's not
real and doesn't have your best interest at heart.
Oh, and by the way - here's the login details for
what I consider to be the best chance you have at a
fair deal, right here:

Problem #2

Unless you won the sperm lottery when you were a
kid and inherited the family fortune, you have to
work for a living. There are very few jobs where you
wake up to each day so excited to get there that you
lose sleep over it, or go in 3 hours early for it.
Unless of course, you attended motivational speeches
five times a week and are heavily medicated.

For most of us mere mortals, we have to work to pay
the bills and make sure we hold the family together.
The problem is when you do have a dream. When you do
have an idea that might get you the life you
actually want, it seems almost impossible to carve
out the time to make it happen. There is always
something that sucks up that precious time.

I think the World Class Trading Stars is the answer.
Two of the three trading stars had a job, and the
other was a university student, when they finally
found a way to reliably, and consistently build
wealth through trading Forex.

That's why this email is important, they have agreed
to share their real world, money-making formulas
with 750, elite people who take action today.

Problem #3

I spend about 80% of my time helping people. These
are all genuine people who want to learn to trade
from home so that they change their lives, but don't
know how. The questions range from how to get into
trading, to highly sophisticated technical analysis
questions. I enjoy it, but half the time I'm
helping people solve a problem for a course, or
system, I have never heard of.

Here's the reality, and if you think about it, it's
common sense. How much effort will someone give you
for $50, or $97. The vast majority of people I deal
with, can't get in touch with the person who just
sold them the Forex product they just bought, or if
they can, their support person barely speaks English
and don't have a clue about Forex.

Let me say this again, that's why you have to get
over to the World Class Trading Stars information
page as soon as possible. Not only do they have a
dedicated team of traders available to answer every
question, from the basic beginners questions all the
way to profession traders who just need a little

I personally think this is one of the most important
parts of the package. Forget the mind blowing 8 DVDs,
jam packed with trades and explanations. The fact
that you become part of a small group of people
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Secret Weapon Of The Super Wealthy

Unless you want to run out and spend $500,000 on a
franchise, where you will work twice as hard as your
present job for the same money, this is worth paying
attention to.

Regardless of what marketing crew, dressed up as
traders, tell you, trading is not all perfume and
roses. There is massive potential, especially in the
Forex market, but you need to be guided so you don't
make mistakes.

This is all basic stuff your Mum or Dad would tell
you. Be cautious of exaggerated claims, go with
someone who has a track record and has credibility
in the market. When you're dealing with your most
valuable possessions, money and time, you don't bet
on a horse that's never run before.

World Class Trading Stars is the name of three
traders who won the biggest, and only trading
competition that is dedicated to finding the best
systems in the world. That's a hump no other company,
or individual can climb over. It's just the smart

Here's the problem...

There are only 750 copies of the World Class Trading
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Proven Systems That
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There's nothing anywhere that can hold a candle to
the World Class Trading Stars. You know why? Proof!
You stand all those high-flying, smart talking,
marketing types from coast to coast, but the one
wall they can't climb, is the proof wall.

They can show you a video, that looks like Steven
Spielberg made it. They can show you fancy graphics
that jump out at you and make you look. They can
even stretch the truth so far Pinocchio would blush,
but the one thing they can't do is show you the 100%
no B.S. truth.

It's simple, if you are a private person trading from
home, you have no reason or necessity to share your
results with anyone - BUT, if you want to sell your
system to the public, I think it's only fair you
should stand behind your product and prove that it
works. Is that unreasonable?

Think of any Forex product that pops into your mind,
either something you have seen lately, or maybe even
bought. Now ask yourself these

- Were you able to watch how the system performed for
a period of time before you bought it? World Class
Trading Stars systems were, and still are, open for
inspection since May this year.

- Do you know how strong the system is? It's all
well and good saying the system produced X, but when
did it produce X? A good system has to be able to go
through a lot a market changes, especially now. It's
no good quoting the best month a system ever had.
Real systems produce profit regardless of the market
conditions, and that's exactly what the World Class
Trading Stars systems did.

- Is the system replicable? Now, this is a big
question. Just because some computer geek with 10
monitors and a PHD in mathematics can trade the
system, doesn't mean you can. Here's what a system
means to me. You can give it to 10 average people
and those 10 average people can expect to get
similar results to the person selling the system.
Yet again, the World Class Trading Stars is the only
group where every member of the team has traded the
system live, and can demonstrate that they can
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The Clock Is Ticking

Be One Of The Few Who Gets To
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As time is important, I'm going to summarise this for
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Here's why...

Included in the World Class Trading Package are:

- The winning systems of 3 World Class Trading Stars
systems. Each one of the DVDs contain recordings of
live trades, walk through examples trades, how to set
up your charts and how to set up your indicators.

The best part is that you can see not only the World
Class Trading Stars trade live, you can see members
of the team also trade live, so you know others can
do it too.

- 2 bonus systems. These systems are so powerful
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The first system achieved 353.69% in one month of
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- For anyone who is new to trading, there is an
entire DVD dedicated to taking a complete beginner,
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getting started.

- Nothing beats live training, and on the 7th DVD
you can watch hours of training sessions as a few
hand picked people learn how to trade these powerful

- This is the bad boy of the bunch. The #8 Experts
DVD contains more information, tools and reports
than courses that cost 10 times what the World Class
Trading Stars
does. Just think of the gifts that were
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quadruple it.

Impressive right, but wait, it gets better...

That's only half of what you get!

You will also get exclusive access to the top secret
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the World Class Trading Stars team members, and
other elite 750 club members.

This is important because you can see what everyone
is thinking and share the results you are having. We
can also share common problems.

In the Strategy Room, you will find...

WCTS - Exclusive Trading Reports
WCTS - The Trading Blog
WCTS - Fully Interactive Trading Forum
WCTS - New Trading Software Upgrades
WCTS - Trading Videos & More
WCTS - Live Training Session Dates
WCTS - Any Questions You May Have Can Be Answered

Last thing, and this should remove any doubt you
may have, try it for 60 days, and if it doesn't blow
you away, send it back. No minimum trade
requirement, in fact no minimum anything
requirements. There's no small print, if you manage
to get a copy of the World Class Trading Stars and
it isn't the best decision you ever made, send it
back. You will have lost nothing, how's that for a
no brainer...

All The Best

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trade Secrets of a Multi-Million Dollar

Make 6% per month with ETFs

Hi Traders

Wow! I just finished reading the power points for tonight's webinar
with my friend the ex-fund manager.

And, I’ve got to say, that in all my years in the trading business,
this is the most content rich webinar I have ever seen. No hype,
only hard core trading truths that not everyone is going to like.

Things like the fact that he and his hedge fund buddies used to
hunt stops. Now he’s teaching “civilians” how to make money
off those hedge fund stop hunters.

If you are new to trading, this hour could save you thousands of
dollars over the school of hard knocks.

Those who don’t get information like this risk having their whole
investment account being wiped out, before they’ve really had
a chance to trade.

Don’t miss out - Click here to register for this f.r.e.e ETF and
Money Management Seminar that takes place at 9pm EST tonight.

For trading veterans I can guarantee you that the advanced position
sizing tip is a golden nugget you’ll use for increasing profits and
decreasing risks in the years to come. This one tip could double
your profits regardless of what trading system you use. The one
tip alone can turn any average system into a winning system.

He’ll cover:

- How to maximize your winners.
- Why most traders have it 100% wrong when it comes to risk.
- How to eliminate 95% of trading stress and emotion.
- Why most traders have it backwards when it comes to winning
- Even how to become a professional money manager and raise
millions, if you so desire.

That last one really surprised me. Because I know that if you
really want to make millions in trading the fastest way is to use
leverage with other peoples’ money, when you are ready.

There are so many reasons to attend this F.R.E.E webinar
tonight at 9pm EST. I honestly believe you’re missing the
boat if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity. It won’t
be a waste of your time! I love sharing high quality content
with my subscribers and this is going to be one of the best.

Our host has worked trades as large as $50 million during his
money management career. He will share a little of his story,
but most of the hour will be spent teaching you how to improve
your trading.

Click here...

See you then,

Friday, October 7, 2011

Trading Course... It’s Time for a Revolution!

Hi Traders

Revolutions don’t happen in good times; they happen when times
Are desperate. With greater accessibility to information and
communication informed and desperate people are coming together
as can be seen in Tuisia, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, and Iran. The
people of the Middle East face monumental economic challenges.

With a New Congress and fresh debates on the edge of revolution
many leaders now understand the gravity and worldwide scope of
our present economic crisis. With no real signals that an economic
reset is near is this really revolution of economic change or
just a changing of the guard? We're still waiting for the true
end to the financial crisis. What can be done?

It’s time for a revolution. Except this revolution doesn’t need to
include street riots or mass rallies. What I’m talking about is a
personal revolution – an internal revolution to financial freedom.

My one voice and my one vote is my only power in true recovery
of our financial freedoms as a nation. As an individual my
greatest path to financial freedom is a personal internal
revolution to take ownership of my own trading and investing
decisions in today's market.

For the most part we have given the government and the money
managers to responsibility over our finances. How has that worked
out for you?

My desire is to empower you with the Knowledge of what the
money managers and Washington do not want you to know.

Knowledge is Freedom!

I would like to start by offering you the opportunity of a
FREE Mini Course that will open up the possibilities of you
taking responsibility for your own trading and investing decisions.

To begin your Free Mini Course go to click the link here...

If you really serious about having a fresh start to knowing
how to make the right trading and investing decisions in
today's market then I would suggest you Join me this
Thursday, October 13th at 9pm EST, for a FREE session with
an ex $50 Million dollar fund manager when he reveals the
secrets professional money managers would rather you not know.

I continue to keep you posted of the upcoming webinar and of some
exciting bonuses being offered on that webinar.

If after reviewing your Free Mini Course you are convinced it is
time to learn more and take ownership of your own Trading and
Investing decisions you can advance register for your f.r.e.e seat
at the October 13th, Thursday night webinar by clicking here:

Have a great success

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Forex's "golden numbers"? <--- New training

Hi Traders

Hope that you enjoy at beautiful weekend time with your family and friends...
Ever wondered the exact numbers pro traders
at the world's biggest banks pay close attention
to when they trade?

If so...

20-year "in the trenches" Forex trading vet
Tom Strignano has *just* released a video
training you need to see right away:

This is nearly a full HOUR of on-camera
"all meat" training with zero pitches, just
clear, detailed info on a tactic that rarely
gets talked about…

… how you can use the "golden" Fibonacci
levels as hidden "triggers" to place your
trades in synch with the industry's biggest
players (and make even bigger profits as a

I've NEVER seen Fibonacci explained in this
kind of depth from a *real* former bank trader
before, so this is a unique opportunity…

… and the video's only up for a short time.

Click here right now to check it out now --
all it "costs" is your email, and trust me you
want to stay on top of what Tom is up to anyway…

To YOUR Trading Success,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Meet MaxEDD, a new Breed of Forex Traders

Hi Traders

This is Totally New to the Forex Market:

MaxEDD Forex Robot Auditor lets
you trade securely, Boost Profits
and get rid of unnecessary risks!

Watch Real Trade Proof here:

I'm not talking about another EA that
can burn your money out before
you can notice... so you better
pay close attention:

What if you had software capable
to practically erase most of the risks
on your daily trades?

Imagine boosting your trading
profits by OVER 550% just by
applying state-of-the-art software
on your Metatrader Account?

What about being able to identify
which are the Forex Robots that will
have positive trades and generate
a steady income stream for you?

And most important:
You will know which are the robots
that have tremendous hidden risks
and you should get rid of immediately,
even if you get them for free!

Amazing, ah?
Well, in this case you should see this:

MaxEDD was created by Uriel Katz,
the developer of, an
unbiased forex testing portal, aimed to
help traders get real profits and protect
you from scams and fly-by-night B.S.

Resuming, with MaxEDD You will:
--> Reduce Risks
--> Get Rid of Scams
--> Identify Good Forex Robots
--> Boost Profits over 550%
--> Enhance your Trading Experience

Watch MaxEDD Working (Live Accounts):

MaxEDD will be released on September 19th.

And due to the increasing demand, MaxEDD
Forex Robot Auditor will be available
for a limited time only, because as
Uriel says, otherwise he won't be able
to offer good support service to all users.

My recommendation for you is to register
NOW and make sure you are eligible to grab
your license, as this is a rare opportunity
to get such amazing Forex software.
This is real value!

To Your Forex Success,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[RSVP Request]: We're holding a spot for you today...

Hi Traders

Hope that you have made plan for today's event on the forex market...

Looks like the videos we've publish out about
'ultra high probability' Scalping have
been a real hit...

Well over a 16 thousand traders have registered
for today's webinars to see Jason reveal exactly
how to pull from 10 to 100 pips consistently on
quick, exciting trades...

...all in less than 90 minutes a day.

Jason's holding a spot for you... just pick the
1pm or 9pm eastern webinar presentation when
you click on this link...

Don't miss this webinar because Jason's also
going to show you how to avoid the costly
'account burning' mistakes traders make when
they try to scalp...

I want to make sure you get a spot on this
exclusive webinar (two sessions...)

These webinars always fill up, so go register
now to claim your spot...

On the webinar we'll be revealing how Jason
'scalps' using his proven system to consistently
target "ultra high probability" trades almost
every day.

Here's what you're going to learn...

**HOW to think as a system developer (you will
learn a TON from this presentation, no matter
what kind of trading you do...)

**WHY ANY trader (even a total beginner), can
understand scalping in just one or two trading
sessions, and begin taking "ultra high probability"
professional caliber trades immediately!

**EXACTLY how it's been possible for to pull an
average of 7 out of every 10 trades historically,
averaging 25 pips per trade.

**WHAT makes Delphi so quick to wrap up the trading
day (you're usually done trading within only 90

And much more...

You'll hear how Jason identifes the very best pairs
to trade at any given time (they change constantly),
the best times to trade, and how he drastically
lower his risk on EVERY trade.

Plus you'll see for yourself how to ALWAYS know where
to enter and exit every trade... before you get in!
(this is one of the most powerful aspects of Jason's
system, and a big part of a successful trading plan)

I've gotten a ton of great feedback about the videos
Jason has posted on scalping in the last week...

Remember, scalping offers tremendous opportunity for
profit - IF you know what you are doing and follow a
proven system.

So join Jason for this exclusive webinar presentation
and find out if scalping is for you, too.

Over 16,000 people registered, so make sure you register
now to assure yourself a spot...

See you there!

Good Trading

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The 20 Second Forex "Cash Grab" [PDF]

Hi Traders

Hope that you entered on the forex market with the clear goals this trading week...

In case you missed it...

I found this guy who is killing it Scalping the FOREX markets

When I say scalping, I mean the act of entering and exiting
the market very quickly and grabbing 15-40 pips on average

He is proof that when you know what you're doing...scalping can
be the fastest way to earn an entire day's pay, before most people
even finish their breakfast...

CLICK HERE to get the whole story...

If scalping the FOREX markets is so great...
why aren't more people doing it?

Great question

There is one major flaw with Scalping FOREX markets...

Most traders don't have a clue about what works

Even worse, they don't know what almost guarantees
their failure every time

This guy does...

He shares his system with you in a tell all video training
called "The 10 Pip Report"

Click Here To See It

In this video he answers most (if not all) of the questions you
have about Scalping FOREX Markets.

Thousands have seen this video and responded with raving reviews
so I had to send this out again to make sure you had a fair chance
to see this before he takes it down

Don't Miss Out - Click The Link

have a profitable day

Friday, August 19, 2011

Secret Forex wealth builder...

Hi Traders

Hope that trading week behind you have been more then successful...
Over the last few months, an elite group of traders
have earned blockbuster returns with many of them
making more money than they have dreamt of and yes,
some have been able to quit their jobs and work the
hours they want.

Traders are making 10%, 20%, 50% and even 100% per
month using the most powerful, yet easy to learn
Forex system I have seen in the last decade.

Most people find this astonishing, yet I still see
people who seem lost and unable to profit from the
largest, most liquid market in the world. It's the
most target rich environment a trader could possibly
hope for.

You can do this...

Although I believe any average person can achieve
extraordinary results, like the ones I just
mentioned, this is not for everyone. If you have
been reading about trading and investing for
more than a few months and haven't done anything,
then this might not be for you...because today is
probably the last time you will have any hope of
getting a copy of the limited edition Forex Master

The Good, The Bad, And
The Incredibly Profitable

By now, you should be headed over to the information
page about the Forex Master Method, but let me just
explain why this is by far, the most exciting chance
you may have this year.

There are a few good systems out there to trade the
Forex market but often they are so badly explained,
or lack support, or are so badly put together that no
one could possible hope to achieve any kind of
success with them.

Then there are the vast majority of scam systems. I
estimate that 98% of everything that crosses my desk
will empty your bank account faster than your wife
on sales day. They are just basically a con dressed
up. If you have been reading my newsletter for any
length of time, you know I warn you about this time
and time again.

Then, every once in a blue moon, something so rare
comes along, that every person who sees it instantly
recognizes it as the real deal. I'm talking about a
system that...

* Will teach you a step-by-step blueprint that
finally takes you through the critical, but
surprisingly simple, steps of building incredible
wealth from trading Forex.

* Uses the exact same system that Russ has proven
works, and charges $1,000 per hour for. It's also
the exact same system that his elite students use to
dominate the Forex market. You could become one of
those superstar traders in days.

* Will teach you the Forex market is not a 9-5 job,
it's an any time job, and for the first time, you
will be able to wake up when you want, work when you
want, and choose the days you want to work.

* Will let someone else take all the risk, and do
all of the hard work, while you kick back and reap
the rewards from the collective testing and risk
taking of Russ' 10 years of methodical testing.
This is also the combined knowledge of over 3000
people, who Russ has helped become successful

The Solution

I can't recommend this enough. The only problem I
see, is if you can get your hands on a copy of the
strictly limited 100 special edition copies. The
last time I looked there were only 42 copies left

This Is Special

Have a look what the lucky few who get a copy will
receive delivered to their door:

- 7 DVDs + 1 Bonus DVD for a total of 8 DVDs

- A 256 page training manual with a detailed
explanation of how the Forex Master Method works,
along with charts and graphs to help explain how the
system works

- 4 Cheat sheets to help you quickly, and accurately
decide if you should take a trade

- Re-printable 30 trade tracker card, to help keep
track of your progress as you use the Master Method

- The 24 hour chart to help you tell at a glance,
what trading session you're in

And That's Not All

Your copy of the Forex Master Method contains a
secret location, where you can access the other part
of the course, which is:

- Access to the War Room private member's area

- Weekly Live Trading Webinars

- Customer Community Trading Area

- Technical Analysis Lessons

- Trading Videos

- Trading Reports

- Technical Analysis Tools

- Proprietary Custom Indicator Software

- Unrestricted support by email, Skype, phone,
webinar or other individual preference.

- One-on-one coaching

In life, timing is everything, and this my friend is
one of those times that can change every day from now

All the best

Monday, August 8, 2011

The forex secret's out...

Hi Traders

Have you checked it out yet?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few days you're probably well aware of what's happening.

But for those of you who've somehow missed out on the news, let me fill you in.

The biggest secret in forex has just been laid out for the whole world to see.

You're about to learn exactly why so few people are actually able to make it in forex and how banking elite's purses and those of their insider friends.

But just as important, today you'll be given the tools to regain control of your financial future
and start pulling in the kinds of profit that you've dreamt about and deserve.

But there are a lot of people - the ones who've been profiting from this secret - who want to shut this down before too many people learn about it.

They can't legally prevent this secret from getting out, nor can they legally prevent the tools to level the playing field from being used...

But it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they have something up their sleeves to run interference with the site that just launched and is poised to help you and some specially selected traders traders lucky enough to be notified of this.

My advice to you... move on this now.

There's no promise as to how long the spots will last or how long the site will be up.

Get on board now.

To your success,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Forex signals tool...

Hi Traders

Hope that you had a great weekend time...
Profiting in Forex trading is what everybody's dreaming of but unfortunately it's tough to do so in a consistent way...........

Until today! Now there's a unique opportunity to achieve Forex Results without going through worthless and costly trading seminars, without buying expensive software, without having to wade through tons of books and charts.
Forex Automoney - Make Money Just by Clicking

Each day of the month, every month of the year, traders can earn hundreds of dollars completely automatically!

Forex Automoney have released their unbeatable trading system based on generated buy/sell signals:

How does it work?

It's amazingly simple. Just click simple buy/sell buttons whenever we tell you. You can do so when you like and as frequently as you prefer: a couple of minutes once a week? No problem!

Be sure to take this opportunity right now because the interest is high and prices are likely to go up soon.

Best regards,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

your "second chance" at this Forex "Income Engine"?

Hi Traders

Hope that you enjoy in beautiful days with great success on the Trading market...
A few weeks ago, we let you in on what has turned out to be one
the biggest Forex surprises of the year:

-The Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software

This step-by-step trading program & companion Trade Alert
Software from 35+ year trader Bill Poulos is a multi-media
powerhouse that reveals the quickest & most flexible way to
achieve INDEPENDENCE in the Forex markets & shield yourself from

-ESPECIALLY if you're inexperienced & have little time.

In less than a week, the initial # of programs Bill set aside
for his new students quickly sold out, and for good reason:

* Those lucky individuals who claimed their copy before it
expired figured out that NOW is one of the best times ever to
trade Forex because of the huge volatility being created by the
instability of the global markets.

The profit potential right now is awesome & EXTRA lucrative.


Now that the initial wave of new student inquiries has settled
down a bit, Bill has decided to take on a few more new students
- but only through Thursday, June 23rd, 2011, at 11:59pm
Eastern (New York time).

He's not saying how many more he'll take on, but I know this for
a fact:

* He's only letting in a small, limited number...

* The doors close on THURSDAY...

And, it would not surprise me if he pulled his 'second chance'
offer down early, especially if he gets more students than he
can handle.

So, if you have ANY interest in getting in on what I think many
traders will end up calling THE Forex event of 2011, go here to
see if any copies are still available:

Good Trading

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

QuantumFxBot triples real money accounts in months! See the proofs!

Hi Traders

Let's cut to the chase... Have you seen this live trading account?

This live trading account has been tripled by an amazing automated solution that is completely different from anything you have seen before!

In a few minutes, you will be able to check out all the live results yourself. But first, let me quickly tell you what this is all about...

This automated solution is called 'Quantum Fx Bot'. And it was developed based on a secret trading system that was used for making breaking the bank on Forex.

More specifically, it is an advanced never-before-seen forex software that has the following features:

1. Rock-Steady in any Market - it uses 4 Pip-Finding Filters technique to adapt to any market conditions.

2. Super Accurate - it has a proven track record and you can see it all!

3. Unique Trend Detection Algorithm - QuantumFxBot doesn't work like a black box. Instead it can show you the rationale behind each of its trades.

4. Stingy Money Management - your trading profits will be protected even in the most volatile markets.

5. Multi-Currency Flexibility - it trades effectively on most of major pairs.

6. Screaming Fast - that means more pips for you.

7. One-click Installation - super easy, no experience required!

Really, you need to see how it can potentially quadruple your trading account in a short time, automatically! Just check out all the live proofs and amazing backtest and forward test results...

This is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. You can can operate 100% automatically on default settings or offer full control over settings.

See for yourself how Quantum Forex software will pay off your bills and much more... make your way to 4-figures trading days - and yes, you can start with just 100$.

If you want to...

... make extra good money from trading besides your 9-5 job
... boost your trading profits to the next level
... rake in pips safely and comfortably, automatically

then this is for YOU!

Download it here RIGHT NOW from this private page before it's taken down:

Don't delay. GO NOw...

To your success

Monday, June 6, 2011

"quick trade" Forex safely using THIS...

Hi Traders

Hope that you start this trading week with new goals...let's stay with us...
When it comes to Forex trading, did you know that there's 1

"unusual" technique that shows you how to instantly filter out

the bad markets?

It's true.

And once you understand it, your potential for pulling money out

of the markets in a matter of minutes could skyrocket, almost


(You'll kick yourself once you see what it is.)

Well, I just got a "sneak peek" of some brand new, no-nonsense

custom Forex software that automatically applies this "unusual"

technique to only the best short-term markets so that...

-you can safely siphon profit potential out of the highest

probability Forex markets as quickly as possible, while at the

same time totally shielding your account from huge losses.

See this new
training video here that reveals how it's possible:

(I think you're going to be surprised.)

Good Trading,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forex Master Method, yours Today

Hi Traders

I thought today would never come. I got up early
this morning to make sure I didn't miss the release
of the Forex Master Method... I haven't
been part of something this exciting for years.

If you missed all of last week, and you really have
no idea what’s going on, then you might want to pay
attention here, because you don’t have a lot of time.

Let me just put it this way...Every now and then,
something comes along in Forex that is so good, it
is instantly recognized by everyone who sees it, as
just brilliant. This my friend, is one of those

You know, I honestly don't believe there's a
"world's best trader", any more than there is a
"world's best actor", or a "world's best football
player". You can make a case for a bunch of
outstanding people in each activity, but I have to
confess that Russ Horn might just be that one best
trader. No one has taught so many ordinary people
how to build an income from Forex, with such success.

I'm planning on using this system, and I highly
recommend you do too. It's simple to learn, and it
pulls in cash like a department store on sale day.

He Has Truly Over delivered

- 7 DVDs + 1 Bonus DVD for a total of 8 DVDs

- A 256 page training manual with a detailed
explanation of how the Forex Master Method works,
along with charts and graphs to help explain how the
system works

- 4 Cheat sheets to help you quickly, and accurately
decide if you should take a trade

- Re-printable 30 trade tracker card, to help keep
track of your progress as you use the Master Method

- The 24 hour chart to help you tell at a glance,
what trading session you're in

That's Only Half (50%)
Of What You Get

Your copy of the Forex Master Method contains a
secret location where you can access the other part
of the course, which is:

- Access to the War Room private member's area

- Weekly Live Trading Webinars

- Customer Community Trading Area

- Technical Analysis Lessons

- Trading Videos

- Trading Reports

- Technical Analysis Tools

- Proprietary Custom Indicator Software

- Unrestricted support by email, Skype, phone,
webinar or other individual preference.

- One-on-one coaching

- A personal promise by Russ to "leave no one
behind". Every person lucky enough to get a copy
will experience unprecedented success.

It Took Him 10 Years And Tens
Of Thousands Of Dollars In Testing

Something that only the fortunate 750 people who get
a copy of the Forex Master Method will ever see is:

Trade Locator

This is something really special. I was told that
when he first asked a few programmers if they could
make this, they told him it couldn't be done. What
he emphasized here, is that you don’t need this
software to trade the Forex Master Method, it’s a
tool to help you.

Between what you learn and the Trade Locator, you
will achieve unheard of consistency in your ability
to produce some of the best trades of your life.
This will produce trades at a success rate no one,
outside of the elite group of traders who secure a
copy, could possible achieve.

And best of all, you get the...

Currency Power Meter

Imagine a tool so inexplicably powerful that had
nothing to do with what was happening on your chart.
This same tool could be traded without ever drawing
a line, or looking at an indicator. In fact, you
could operate it on a bar chart with just the price
and a number. This number will tell you whether the
currency is going to strengthen, and for how long it
will stay there.

You literally never need to make a wrong trade
again. It's impossible for this to be wrong because
of the way it works. Now, can you imagine the Forex
Master Method
combined with a truly unique way of
trading that is never wrong, AND something as
powerful as the Trade Locator? I think you can
guess the rest. This just rocks.

An Unbelievable Advantage

This is absolutely the most fantastic time to be a
part of the Forex industry! This is the first time I
know of, that someone of Russ Horn's calibre has made
available his personal wealth building, income
generating Forex system. After all the gifts, and
information he gave us last week, he has certainly
proved that he is someone you can trust.

Over the years, he has methodically tracked, noted
and tested systems and theories probably more than
any other trader alive. You could say the real star
of the show is actually the system. This is great
news for people who want to become independently
wealthy someday, but don't know where to start,
because just about anyone can use this system
regardless of their skill level, and will succeed.

There is nothing...ANYWHERE...that can compare with
the transparency, full disclosure and proof that
Russ Horn has given us over the last few weeks. The
only question now is, can you get a copy?

All the best

Monday, April 18, 2011

How to HACK the Forex...

Hi Traders

Have you ready to be introduced with:

"The Theory of Binary Inversion" yet?

Download it here FREE:

I know it sounds boring ... it's anything but!

It's brilliant and like most brilliant things it is elegantly simple.

This is the biggest exposed GLITCH in trading since the "John Nash's (Beautiful Mind) Equlibrium Theory".

Yes, this is advanced, but if your going to ever make money trading you HAVE to get educated.

Come on ... it's 12 pages


Monday, March 28, 2011

Finally, a real proven trading strategy for everyone

Hi Traders

Hope that you have idea what to do on the Forex market this week...

If you are using Forex robots, indicators, signals services, and manual systems or subscribed to an overpriced FX membership site then it is vital that you watch this NOW!

Forex trading is about to be spun on its head. In order to safely make any substantial cash via Forex trading, something had to change, as nothing was working.

Due to an incredible discovery in Forex trading software, you are about to cash in big like you have never done before. I guarantee you have never seen anything as accurate and risk-free as this before... It's not what you think.

Check it out here! This really is the biggest change to the Forex industry since automated trading was discovered. Very explosive!

Good Luck

Monday, March 21, 2011

Can this $40k trading software protect you?

Hi Traders

Hope that you start out this trading week bearing new trading goals in your mind...
Last week I shared with you what amounted to a $40,000 "gamble"
from a 35+ year trading veteran...

It really opened the eyes of traders & investors as to what
they've been missing out on by not considering one of the SAFEST
and most LUCRATIVE markets available to them...

Well, even if you missed out of the training videos that exposed
this gamble, don't worry, because as of right now, the $40,000
gamble is LIVE...

-and you can INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD this 35+ year trading vet's
custom software that has an uncanny predictive ability to spot
the brand new emerging "mini trends" that appear over & over
again in these markets...

(Of course, with that knowledge, you can get in on some pretty
sweet & amazing trades.)

Check out the short presentation he recorded for you that
explains everything

Make sure you watch the ENTIRE presentation on that page -- it
reveals some BRAND NEW, SURPRISE EXTRAS you're going to get when
you enroll in the program today...

I've been following Bill Poulos for some time, and I can say
without hesitation that the Portfolio Prophet is one of the
HIGHEST VALUE trading programs he's ever released.

He also priced it low enough so that pretty much everybody can
give it a shot; but it's so good, that I think he'll probably
end up doubling the price, so if you're ready to add on another
safe, predictable income stream,
go and get this NOW...

Good Trading

Saturday, March 19, 2011

36 hour Portfolio Prophet scholarship GIVEAWAY...

Dear Traders

We guess that you start this weekend enjoying with the best friends...

How'd you like to get your hands on Bill Poulos's Portfolio

Prophet trade alert software... PLUS his companion home

study course, and...


Well, he JUST announced a "36 Hour Scholarship Giveaway"!

If you read this message before 9am Eastern on Monday, March

21st, then there's still time to enter.

Spend a few seconds and place your entry here...

Good luck!

Good Trading,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

builds long-term PREDICTABLE wealth (vid 3) + BIG NEWS

Hi Traders

When you here that you're trading experience lifting to next stage...
Real quick...

1. Video #3 of Bill Poulos's "Portfolio Prophet" trading lab
series is now ONLINE!

2. He's going to be releasing his Portfolio Prophet software on
MONDAY, March 21st, at 1pm Eastern.

Everything is here...

Good Trading,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

multiple market CRASHES coming-new video

Hi Traders

Hope you have had a great day on the forex let's
check it out...

One of the trading industry's top trainers just shelled out
$40,000 to develop some brand new, custom trading software that
can help you TOTALLY AVOID the multiple market crashes you're
almost certain to experience in the coming weeks, months, and

-and it can also predict the newest emerging "mini trends" in
only the safest markets that are packed with the most profit

No, it's NOT forex, it's NOT stocks, and it's NOT options...

(but you can use it with the money you make from that kind of

I don't think many people are even trading like this yet, but I
also think that's about to change...

This is something ANYONE can do, regardless of your experience,
and regardless of how much money you have to trade or invest.

Total time commitment? About 10 minutes a week.

He recorded a brand new video presentation that reveals
everything here:

Good Trading,

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quick Week-End Reminder - Special Invitation Only Webinar

Hi Traders

Hope Everyone is having a great and safe Weekend.

If you didn't hear... former fund manager is hosting a f.r.e.e training
webinar Thursday, March 3rd at 9pm EST.

I can remember some great weekends that I never wanted to end.
I hope your weekend is like that. But, the truth for most of us is
Monday is coming.

Many of us treat our finances like we were on vacation.
But, the Truth is Monday is coming when we will be
Awakened to the realities of our Financial Circumstances.
You are invited to a Free Training Session with My friend
and former fund manager this Thursday, March 3rd at 9pm EST.

I believe this is more than an invitation. This could be your
Wake Up Call. Please click here to join us and register
for this Free One Hour Webinar Thursday at 9pm EST.

Here is a short list of some of the concepts he
will be teaching:

ETF Trend Trading

- Unique position sizing based on the combination of
a percentage risk stop and technical stop. Plus and
advanced tip to this concept that can instantly
DOUBLE your returns regardless of what system
or markets you trade.

- Two simple tricks that instantly remove 95% of
your emotions in trading and investing. As all
traders know the emotions of fear and greed are
the number one killers of traders.

- How Hedge Funds hunt stops and a simple
trick to avoid this happening to you most of
the time. Yes Hedge Funds, brokers and other
individuals (not “the market”) really do hunt

- Why money managers only risk 1-2% per trade
and still make great returns.

- Why trading is not a “zero sum game” and what
this really means for the average trader.

- How to make consistent profits using the daily
charts and trading only 10 minutes per night.

- How Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers and others
became great traders and investors.

- What the “gurus” selling hype trading courses are
hiding from you and an easy way to spot counterfeit
“trading teacher” from a mile away.

As a former fund manager he has a unique perspective
on the market and wants to share some tips with you.

- Plus he has a f.r.e.e gift, his own unique position
sizing calculator, for everyone who attends.

I promise it won’t be a waste of your time. He will
share a little of his story, but most of the time will
be spent on the subjects above and more.

Don’t miss out on this one hour that could save you
thousands of dollars over the school of hard knocks.

- Click here to register for this f.r.e.e one hour
webinar Thursday at 9pm EST...

Have a nice day

Monday, February 21, 2011

Indisputable proof from the million dollar forex robot

Hi Traders

Hope that this trading week started with a great expectation on Forex market...

Finally what the forex world has been waiting for with baited breath, PushButtonPips has just opened the doors to its astounding million dollar forex robot for a lucky select few traders.

If you haven’t heard about this revolution yet let me tell you its the only forex robot on the planet that has managed to turn a $2k deposit into over $1 million dollars.....


They can prove it with live 3rd party proof AND a never before seen 'investor' password to the $1 million dollar account.

I have a feeling this is going to sell out within the hour as they are only offering 200 copies so if you're serious about making Forex work for you, you MUST check this out right away.

Good Luck

Monday, February 7, 2011

This Could Be Your Last Chance at Forex Success...

Hi Traders

Want to believe that you're ready for improvement on the Forex market...
I'll keep it brief...

Bob's told me he's thinking about closing down Trader Swiper to new members very soon.

By now... you know what it's all about.

So if you're in any way interested... you best go here:

...and reserve your spot ASAP.

Afer all... you've got nothing to lose... and everything to gain.

It's the kind of deal no serious trader would even THINK about passing up... I know you'll want to check it out ASAP.

See you there,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Worst-Kept Forex Secret in the World...

Hi Traders

Hope that you enjoy this weekend...also we have some special for forex industry...
Wow... it's been a crazy few days.

Emails have been flooding in about Bob... people want to know how they can contact him, if he's taking new students, and a lot more.

They've also been flooding him with questions about Forex trading.

Heck... I've sent him a couple myself.

After all... it's not every day you get the skinny on trading from a guy who's had over seventeen years experience... been featured on multiple news outlets like Fox Business Channel and CNBC...and had over 500 media appearances.

Understandably... Bob's a bit overwhelmed.

Even with a dedicated suport team... he simply can't keep up with the individual inquiries.

So he's hosting a webinar at (date and time) where he's not only going to answer everyone's questions...

...he's going to talk about the Forex industry... what it takes to be a successful trader... and share some of his hard-won Forex secrets.

(if you're in a hurry to sign up... here's the link:)

You don't need me to tell you it's going to be the event of a lifetime.

And you know what the best part is?

It's 100% free.

That's right... Bob's not charging a cent for this private webinar.

There is a catch though...

Apparently the software Bob's using can only support a finite number of people.

And with the attention Bob's been getting lately... I espect it to fill up very, very quickly.

Thankfully... registration's easy.

Simply go here...

...fill in a few details... and Bob or his team will confirm your spot in the webinar instantly.

Remember... it's 100% free... you'd have to be crazy to miss it.

Heck... I've already confirmed my seat.

And if you don't want to miss out... I encourage you to confirm yours ASAP.

See you on the webinar,

Monday, January 24, 2011

SafeTradePro is Available Right Now!

Hi Traders

Hope that you start out this trading week with big expectation....
Have you heard the talk in the forums lately?

Peter Armstrong and his crack team of Forex whiz kids have just
launched SafeTradePro and they are already getting close to their
265 copy limit!

So what’s got everyone so excited about SafeTradePro?

Here’s a hint

* Solid Proof that the software performs as advertised – no fluff,
no BS, no hype –

* Accurate trades across all currency pairs

* Full market analysis – the software spots opportunities no matter
where they are hiding out

But that’s not even the best part…

The SafeTradePro team is the best at building software that can
detect and predict trend movements.

This means you’ll get trades at exactly the right time to position
yourself for maximum profit.

The software watches the trend and makes sure you pull the maximum
profit out with minimum risk.

This is the best high-gain, low-risk tool that I’ve seen in a long

Click here to see what I’m so excited about.

All the Best

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The death of Forex "robots"?

Hi Traders

We're happy here to introduce you with new events on the Forex market...
Make no mistake: I'm sure FX "robot" EA's
will be around for a long time…

… but if you're as FRUSTRATED as most
traders are with account-wrecking bots (and
with tedious "signals" services)…

… Robert Colmer's just released a BRAND
way to trade forex automatically,
with no EA involved…

… PLUS much less risk -- and record
gains up to $12,534.19 in a single 5-day
trading week.

Trust me -- I thought I had seen *everything*
when it came to forex software… and I'd
NEVER seen anything like this.

Click here to check it out now -- this could
easily be your "big break" if you're serious
about turning your trading around in 2011:

By the way… it's strictly LIMITED, and
Robert's promised to pull this offer down
as soon as soon as the spots are filled.
Don't miss out -- there will be plenty of
junk forex EA's coming out this year,
but you won't see another opportunity
like this…

Have a nice day

Monday, January 17, 2011

weird Forex story...

Hi Traders

Hope that your time which you investing on education to reach your goals on the Forex Market start produce expeected result...
I have to admit, this is a little weird.

It's a video that reveals a story about the #1 reason why most
people lose money trading Forex...

...and how the "story-teller" himself was ultimately able to
help those people make a life-altering "shift" in their trading.

Why do I say it's "weird"? Maybe because it's about stuff most
people are afraid to admit about themselves & their trading.

Check out this "weird" Forex story here...

As you immerse yourself in the story, see how close it is to
YOUR Forex story...

(pay close attention)

Good Trading

Monday, January 3, 2011

Webinar Reveals how to Stop Hedge Funds From Stealing Your Profits

Hi Traders

Hope everyone had a great New Years Week end.

With the Holidays over we are all now facing the reality of a new year. Reality always brings truth. The truth that we need to live healthy and loose those extra pounds we gained during the holidays. The truth that our economy is not healthy and it is time to now be responsible for our own trading and investing decisions.

Make this event your New Years Resolution to educate your self managing your own money. You can start by attending my friend and former fund managers Free Training webinar this Wednesday, January 5th at 9pm EST.

I just finished reading the power points for this Wednesday Night's Webinar and I’ve got to say, that in all my years in the trading business, this is one of the most content rich webinars I have ever seen. No hype, only hard core trading truths that not everyone is going to like.

As an ex-fund manager he is willing to share insider information of former hedge fund managers who used to hunt stops. Now he’s willing to teach us how to make money off those hedge fund stop hunters.

Have you ever had that feeling… after you were stopped out and the market went back in your original direction, that a bank or large fund had hunted your stop and stopped you out?

Well, that’s because it’s true!

Many times right after you are out the price turns back in the original direction.

So what can you do about it? Learn to either stay out of the market when the hedge funds are hunting stops, or profit from it.

We’ll talk about how to survive the hedge fund hunters during his complementary webinar Wednesday, January 5th at 9pm EST.

If you are new to trading or a veteran, this hour could save you thousands of dollars over the “school of hard knocks”. Those who don’t get information like this risk having their whole investment account being wiped out, before they’ve really had a chance to trade.

Don’t miss out – Click here...

to register for your F.R.E.E. seat at the January 5th, Wednesday night at 9PM EST webinar.

In addition to the long list of topics I listed in yesterday’s email, he will also be discussing:

- One of his four proprietary profit target strategies. He’ll just give you this valuable tip for listening in Wednesday.

- How to avoid being vague with your entries and stops (like those “gurus” who say, "Buy a few cents, ticks, or pips above ___." )

- A little known, no cost, scanner tool that can help you improve your trades, now.

- A complementary excel sheet that does ALL the math for you. You’ll be able to easily see the optimal position size and risk vs. reward ratio on all your trades.

I promise it won’t be a waste of your time. My trader friend really did do trades as large as $50 million before he left the world of money management. He will explain how he learned these tricks-of-the-trade, but most of the hour will be spent on teaching you how to be a better trader. I like to share useful content with my subscribers and this is a big chance to do just that.

Click here...

to register for your F.R.E.E. seat at the January 5th, Wednesday night at 9PM EST webinar.

Hope to see you there,