Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Your 'second chance' at Forex independence...

Hi Traders

Before then we start new trading year...let's use several days of this year to learn some new trading tactics...It's

-The Forex Income Engine 2.0

This step-by-step home study course from 35+ year trader Bill
Poulos is a multi-media powerhouse that reveals the quickest &
most flexible way to achieve INDEPENDENCE in the Forex markets &
shield yourself from risk...

-ESPECIALLY if you're inexperienced & have little time.

In just about a week, the initial # of courses Bill set aside
for his new students quickly sold out, and for good reason:

-those lucky individuals who claimed their copy before it
expired figured out that NOW is one of the best times ever to
trade Forex because of the huge volatility being created by the
weakened global economies.

The profit potential right now is awesome.


Now that the initial wave of new student inquiries has settled
down a bit, Bill has decided to take on a few more new students
- but only through Friday, January 1st, 2010, at 11:59pm
Eastern (New York time).

(He's doing this because of all the requests he received from
people who missed out earlier in the month due to busy holiday

He's not saying how many more he'll take on, but I know this for
a fact:

* He's only letting in a small, limited number...

* The doors close on 1/1/10...

And, it would not surprise me if he pulled his 'second chance'
offer down early, especially if he gets more students than he
can handle.

So, if you have ANY interest in getting in on what I think many
traders will end up calling THE Forex event of 2009, go here to
see if any copies are still available...

Happy New Year

All The Best in New Year...


Monday, December 21, 2009

You don't need to know how to trade!

Hi Traders

You probably prepare you for coming Holiday season, so I think that you have to make use of this several day of this year to be armed with new trading weapon for nex year...so pay attention to This Service is Reliable and it is FOR REAL – Top professional service.

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This service provides accurate and profitable Buy
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No More Being Stuck In Front Of The Computer All Day.


Sounds Interesting?

And Get Things Started…

All the best

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trading and Intervention...

Hi Traders

Hope you have a great weekend, It's not time for Holiday's celebration , we have a trading week in front of us...so let's to work...You know Whats's Trading and Intervention...

Intervention of the Forex is not unusual. When there is a large tragedy or debt in a country, the value of that nation’s currency will drop.

There was a time when the budget deficit of the United States caused the value of the dollar to decline very rapidly in relation to the Japanese yen. This caused the Japanese yen to rise very quickly.

When this happens, brokers and Forex traders can forecast, or speculate that an intervention is likely. Intervention makes the value of a currency to either rise or fall depending on how the government wants it to move, even if it is short term.

When experienced brokers and Forex traders understand when intervention is likely, it creates the opportunity for the trader to profit by acting quickly.

Using intervention as a means of trading on the Forex means that a trader must be up to date on current events from around the world and must be able to act upon the trends very quickly.

In addition, it can be very risky to trade on intervention trends and there is the potential for the trader to lose a large amount of capital in a very short amount of time.

Have a success...

Monday, December 7, 2009

The MUST OWN System Almost Gone

Hi Bettors

How are you on the start of this trading wek...I wish to believe that you have success on Forex market...

This is your last chance to get over and see this
personal video
that was sent out to Tom Strignanos
subscribers as a very special limited offer.

There are countless testimonials flying in already
thanking him for this amazing winning system.

Stories of making the investment on it back first
trade just messing around...

Serious gains like 178 Pips, 220 Pips, and 311 Pips
in just one single trade!

Tom's an ex-chief bank trader so when he puts
something out that is limited I jump all over it and
you really should too. This is insider secrets!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Watch Forex Master Bob Iaccino's Win 3 Trades in a Row!

Hi Traders

Hope you're fine..how you spent weekend time...
Last week in Las Vegas I told you about meeting CNBC's Celebrity Bob Iaccino at the Trader's
Expo and at the Palms! Let me tell you, it was a crazy good time and you should definitely make
the trip if you can next year!

...Anyway, Bob was just showing me a few trades that he took the other day, and he went ahead and made a
video showing them. He had three winners in a row, and he took the time to explain excatly why he took each trade.

In each of these video's Bob walks you through the trade, step by step, laying out the reason's for getting into the trade, and more importantly his profit targets!

What I really like about Bob's trades is that he's basically using pure price patterns, not a lot of this technical
mumbo jumbo that get's people confused and lost. I can remember when I started trading that if you looked at
my charts, you might have been hard pressed to find the price graphs anywhere on there I had so many indicators!

I'm sure many of you have been there too!

Well this isn't like that at all. This is very simple, pattern recognition stuff that anyone can do!

Check it out here...

Bob's only going to have the video's up for a couple of days, so be sure to go watch them now while you can!

Good Trading,


Friday, November 27, 2009

Truck Driver Turns into a Forex Pro

Hi Traders

I expect to hear a good new on the end of previous trading week...
Listen up, this blog post could actually change your life. Seriously!!

If you watch the financial news you know who Bob Iaccino is. Bob is one of the most frequent guests on a number of the top business shows. He's known for providing a traders view of the markets, he really gets right to the heart of the matter.

What many people don't know about Bob is how hard he worked to become profitable. Bob was telling me about his early years as a trader, and he must have made every mistake that a trader can make. Not only that, he made up a few of his own as well!

But Bob's a determined guy and he stuck it out and wouldn't give up.

In this special report Bob shares with you the most important lesson that he's learned over the years as a trader.

This one lesson is so critical, it could literally be the difference between you living your dream's as a successful trader.....or living your nightmare and blowing out your account and being forced to go get a JOB.

So go check out this powerful free report before Bob takes it down. I don't know how long he\'s going to keep it up for.

Good Trading,

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There’s No Room for Emotions in Forex Trading

Hi Traders

“Go with your gut.”

When it comes to forex trading, that’s a trading strategy that is bound to lose you money – unless your gut is highly trained and impervious to emotion. The trick to making money in the currency exchange market is to avoid making emotional decisions and follow a carefully thought out strategy that takes the current market and history into account.

Forex trading is a highly volatile market. Emotions tend to run high – and low – and either of those extremes can influence your trading decisions, unless you have a strategy planned in advance, and stick to it, no matter what you THINK you’re seeing at the moment. The keys to success in Forex are system, analysis and perseverance. Note that emotion is not one of them. Going with your gut is a losing proposition in forex trading.

Letting your emotions rule your decisions can hurt your trading in several different ways. It’s the reason that most experienced traders tell novice traders that they need to develop a system – and stick to it no matter what. The system tells you when to buy, what to buy, when to trade and what to trade for. By sticking to your system even when you want to fly in the face of accumulated data, you’ll maximize your profits.

A system based on technical analysis of historical market trends is one of the most potent tools that you can utilize if you’re just getting started in forex trading – and many traders with years of experience continue to use their system to keep the profits rolling in. In fact, many will tell you that when their ‘gut instinct’ and their system collide, the system is almost always right.

The third key is perseverance. Analysis of trends in the market will show you that the market moves in dips and spurts within overall patterns that are predictable. No trend moves smoothly in an up or down line – there are inevitable periods of time when values suddenly spiral up or down based on some outside factor. These are the times when emotion can hurt your portfolio. When a currency that you’re holding takes a sudden dip south, it’s tempting to succumb to panic trading, cut your losses and run even if your system tells you to hold on. On the other hand, it’s easy to catch the rising excitement as a trade starts increasing in value and scramble to buy more of the same. These are exactly the times to rely most heavily on your trading system. It will tell you exactly when to trade for maximum profit.

Using a mechanical system takes the emotion out of your trading, eliminating one of the key factors that people fail. Your system doesn’t get stubborn about proving a theory. It isn’t swayed by bad news, or elated by good news. It doesn’t hold onto a bad trade hoping against hope that if it just holds on long enough, the trend will turn around and become a moneymaker.

To be effective, your system – whether you develop your own or adopt one created by someone else – should identify the entry point of your trade, the exit point of your trade, mitigating factors, and an exit strategy. In laymen’s terms that means:

- Under what conditions should I acquire a currency?

For instance, you may have a buy order for when a particular currency drops more than 5 pips because your analysis tells you that that’s likely to be as low as it goes.

- Under what conditions should I trade that currency for another – and which one?

There are two reasons to exit – to maximize your profit, or minimize your loss. That means you have a set stop-loss order and a set take-profit order at which point to cash out your trade.

- What factors will I allow to change that decision?

If you’re not careful, this is where emotion will sour deals for you. While the money market moves in predictable patterns, there are always individual variations of a trend within those patterns. If you’ve taken those variations into account, it will be far easier to decide when a factor really does make a difference, and when it’s just wishful thinking.

- How will I trade out of a currency?

Your exit strategy may be as simple as ‘a stop-loss order when my loss hits 5% or a take-profit order when I’ll make 40% profit’.

By employing a system to tell you when to get in, out or stick, you’ll minimize the impact of your emotions on your trading and maximize your proft...
Recommend to review: You no longer have to monitor the Forex market or worry when to enter, exit or buy... one of the most respected traders in the world gives it all to you...


Monday, November 16, 2009

Insatiable Demand Causes Correlation Temp. Re-Open...

Hi Traders

Hope that start of this trading week found you in good will and ability to have a profitable trading week...
Well I sure didn't expect this!

But yesterday Jason Fielder himself contacted me and let me know
the demand was SO high for Correlation AFTER it closed, they were
"strong armed" into hiring 2 additional staff members to keep up with
the high level of support they are committed to providing.

Because of the new staff that were hired, and the FAR higher than
expected demand, Jason just told me he is releasing 75 more
of Correlation.

(They are now able to support more traders which was the limitation
to releasing more copies the week before last.)


And this is a big but...

The OTHER reason they are releasing more copies is because of the
crazy demand that has not subsided since they closed two Friday's ago.

How do they judge this demand?

Simple, they have a "Waiting List" on the original order page, and you
won't believe how many traders have already signed up...

Over 742!

Remember only 75 are available for the 700+ traders that are
on the wait list...and they won't last long!

And this time, the doors won't re-open.

Good Trading,

Friday, November 13, 2009

Did You See This Personal Video? Neural Network and the *AI*

Hi Traders

Just wanted to make sure you saw this personal
video from ex-Chief Bank Trader Tom Strignano about his
FX signals service and *New* AI...(averaging 30% monthly!!)

I could sit here and go on and on...

But I'll let him tell you all about it, if you have any questions
give them a call and they'll be glad to answer them
for you...(Yep, phone # is on the top)


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

FX Master Tom Strignano's AI (EA) Available...

Hey Traders

It's finally time...

Are you ready to start scalping the markets using
proprietary bank systems with LOW RISK for MAX GAIN?

Do you want to feel the excitement of using indicators
that foresee the coming trends like an oracle would?

Would you like an ex-chief bank trader trading for
you on autopilot 24/7?

Then it's time to take action.

With the signals service you are going to get superb
support, you are going to see massive gains, and you
are going to become and expert trader that scalps the market.

I fully endorse this service and believe that it is above
and beyond what you will find in most others.

Join now, I'm not sure what capacity they are able to
support, and I know they are very tight about keeping this
group exclusive so that everyone is properly taken care of.

Over 10,000 are awaiting the release of the *NEW* AI
and it goes live today!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

The "Neural Network" is like the Oracle...

Hi Traders

Hope that this news find you in a good learning will...

Have you seen the famous movie the matrix?

In this sci-fi movie there is someone called the Oracle
that can see into the future.

If there was an Oracle in the forex market don't you
think you would want to know what they see?

If you could get the exact points you can enter and
exit a trade for maximum gains wouldn't you use them?

Are you tired of losing money with the latest shiny robot?

Well then you definitely want to go see what all the buzz
is about with the "Neural Network" and receiving winning
and mentoring to use them the most positive way.

Not only that but the BIG NEWS...

Now you will also have access to the Oracle on a 24/7
basis, through being connected to the artificial intelligence
that was created to trade the signals for you when
you are not around.

Can you imagine making money when you are not even
around, but out having fun.

Now picture how your life would be different.

Go Now ...

Take care

Thursday, November 5, 2009

FX Bank Trade Secrets Revealed...

Hi Traders

Hopefully you already heard that Tom Strignano
world class forex trading expert with 25 years bank trading
experience is relaunching is premier signals service.

This time it's even better then ever.

It's not just signals you can rely on, but mentoring and
superb support and training so that you can learn to
trade as an expert does.


The big announcement with V2. is the new AI (artificial intelligence)
that will trade for you while you are away enjoying the life
you can only lead when you are cashing in like the members
of this
service do.

Hurry and go now to join the VIP notification list and you can
grab a few cool forex guides, a FX101 guide, and a system called
"The Catapult for 180" plus you can find out the secret of the
7 bridges...A personal training video from Tom himself.

Just by watching you will be able to tell that Tom is the "real" deal!

You are going to want to go right away, last time Tom decided to
give systems away it was the now infamous head fake filter which
was just a small part of a bigger much coveted system that had
a limited release...

You can still do searches on how many people made money just
from what he gives away...Seriously Google it...

So don't hesitate if you are ready to change your life...


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Come See Correlation's Most Recent Trades In The Final Webinar!

Hi Traders

With fewer than 10% of the seats remaining on Jason's
webinar tomorrow, the subject of this blog news is
exactly what you'll be reading when you try to sign

If you don't register now...

Remember, up till now you've seen the "How and
Why" of exactly what makes The Correlation Code
such a fiercely powerful and accurate trading system.

But you haven't seen the results...

And we all know it comes down to results.

So join Jason tomorrow where he'll be unleashing how the
system has been doing in its most recent scalping AND
swing trades, and what YOU can come to expect as a
"Code" trader.

You really have to see it to believe it.

There's simply no other way to describe what looking at two
pairs instead of one, AND having "Fundamental Law" on your
side every time, can do for you...

Have a good day

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Forex Robot That Turned $3000 to $150,000?

Hi Traders

Today I just wanted to pass by to share with you something
cool...something shocking about the new Forex Conquest robot....

This robot is widely acclaimed as the most complete trading
solution in the market. And here are the reasons why:

*** The Forex Conquest can generate HUGE profits CONSISTENTLY in
any market condition (in fact it turned $3000 investment into a
huge chunk of $150000 in a short time).

*** It is designed for retail traders like you. And it has been
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*** It's the only robot that can claim an astonishingly high
accuracy rate 89-94%

*** It's 100% automatic. You don't need to do any trading. You
don't need to have any forex experience or background.

*** It works anywhere, anytime, with any broker and any account

**************IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY***********
Spots for this are very limited, even more so now that it's
live. People like you, looking to make money from Forex,
have been snapping up the copies. Go here NOW and find out what
the fuss is about...

You see, forex trading is THAT HARD! Nearly 95% of forex traders
lose their money! Many highly qualified and intelligent people
came to the market and then they found out that it is not easy to
make money from the forex market.

Only 5% of forex traders are making money... and many of them
are making real BIG money...money that can change their lives...

Then, perhaps you are questioning what makes one Forex trader
successful while another trader is a dismal failure.

Well, I got the answer for you right here...

The answer is that you must have a winning trading system that
can CONSISTENTLY make money for you in ANY MARKET CONDITION...and
it's better if you have an automatic software that does all the
trading for you...

Otherwise, you must trade with your emotions, make losses then
end up quit in furstration. You know you don't want to quit...

...because you can ACTUALLY make GOOD money with forex

And today I recommend you a system that can help you do all just
that... the system that eliminates all the hard-work, the system
that trades and make profits for you on autopilot. Profit like
this is totally possible:

- $900 investment became $2012.24 in 3 weeks...
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Check out The Forex Conquest right now...

No more guess work. No more long hours monitoring your trades.
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But you must act fast to enjoy the special discount offer
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Remember, with The Forex Conquest, you not only have a software
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* Lifetime email support. You can ask any question you
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* Lifetime complimentary upgrades to new versions of Forex

So don't sit on the fence, check out The Forex Conquest right
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To your forex success,


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Triple/Quadrupe your account is easy...

Hi Traders

Hope that you have success this autumn on Forex Market...

WhatI have discoverd new on Forex market for you...

It's easy. And here are a few steps:

First, if you haven't downloaded the gift from Nick-The Forex Conquest yet,
go ahead over here to download...

Second, watch this cool video that Nick shares with us how he can quadruple his accounts and many other people's accounts automatically (just scroll down to the bottom of the website to see the video).

As Nick said, "the result speaks for itself". There is no hype whatsoever about the upcoming The Forex Conquest software. Just pure massive income proofs that the software can generate.

Unfortunately, the software is still not yet released to the market. So right now, you can just
watch the video and see for yourself why The Forex Conquest is the 'one-in-a-million'.

I'll keep you updated about this soon,


Monday, October 26, 2009

The Correlation Code Webinar is SOLD OUT!

Hi Traders

How are you Today...hope you have start this trading week enthusiastically...so let's take advantage of Corellatation code Webinar...


You haven't registered yet?

Well the subject of this blog news is exactly what you'll be seeing
if you don't go ahead and
register yourself right away.

You see Jason has a maximum of 6000 spots, and they already have
FAR more than that registered (actually over 8000 so far and climbing).

If you understand the difference between taking trades based on
back tested, curve fitted results like most systems, and "Fundamental
Law", like correlation, you won't want to miss out...

And they're just about full.

(Fundamental Law is based on the concept that the sun rises every day, it simply
HAS to happen, and is the same principal correlation is based on)

Register before they're full, so Jason and Anthony can show you how we can...

Rule The Markets Together!

Have a good trading week...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

See The Correlation Code Live In Action!

Hi Traders

Hope you have a successful day...It's time for action on Forex market...
Unless you've been trading in a cave you've likely been hearing a
MASSIVE amount of buzz about “The Correlation Code”.

In fact so much so, one of the servers hosting the two acclaimed
reports Jason so generously gave away, nearly “melted down”, with
an unreal 36,453 downloads in just a few days, and the numbers
keep flying up by the hour.

But it's only about to get better...

Next week, on Wednesday October the 28th, Jason and his partner
Anthony Trister are going all out, and totally pulling back the curtains on
Correlation Trading, showing you how to trade with “Fundamental Law”
on YOUR side, every time you take a trade.

You'll witness live, and see in depth, the very same system Jason uses himself
to trade every single day...

And let me tell you, Jason is a VERY successful trader.

You can register now for either the 1:00 PM EST webinar or the 9 PM EST
webinar (this is New York Time).

You'll see The Correlations Code's RAW power in action, and discover even
more of its "highly unique" trading benefits (many successful trades are taken
when most other traders have NO idea setups even exist!)

You'll also find out how long it takes most traders to get rolling with it, find out
when it will be available, and for how long (it is a very limited release, and FAR
fewer copies will be available than traders who have expressed interest).

This is your chance to see the REAL story that is behind the power of Correlation
Trading, exactly what The Correlation Code is, and WHY Jason's system has
been dubbed “THE most revolutionary trading methodology to be released to
non institutional traders.”

If you have questions and want to interact with the guys behind The Correlation
you don't want to miss this...

Jason and his team can barely keep up with all of the “frantically excited” traders,
so they are going to tackle all the questions you have live, in their webinars next

Register now, and prepare yourself for a very exciting event next week...

Have a nice day...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Legally Steal Your Pips With The FX Correlation "Cheat Sheets"!

Hi Traders

Hope you'll be really surprised what's happen on Forex Market and what you can do on Forex market...

Last week I have published one of the most groundbreaking trading
reports I have ever come across as a trader...

It was called the "Correlation Secret", and it got so much buzz,
it's been downloaded an ASTOUNDING 21000 since it's was
released just a few days ago

Today, the author of that report and one of the most thighly respected
traders and educators in the business, Jason Fielder, has without a
DOUBT taken it to the next level...

Jason has just released for the first time EVER, his Correlation
"Cheat Sheets" that not reveal even MORE legitimate "cracks" in
the market which you can IMMEDIATELY take advantage of...

But he goes on to just GIVE AWAY 3 specific strategies you can
use right away. One for Scalping, one for Swing Trading, and one for
Long Term plays.

Jason literally "unlocks the market randomness" with his brilliant
correlation trading approach, and when you see the power of
the trades he takes (one of them averages over 90% accuracy)
you're not going to want to trade any other way...

But his report will only be available for a few days.

As a full time trader myself, just about every new trading system,
report, or high end strategy comes across my desk...on a pretty
much daily basis.

So you can imagine that when one stands out as much as Correlation
Trading does I pay VERY close attention, and that is why I'm sending
it out to you today.

Go grab your copy, they are short, to the point, and they will not only open
your mind to a better way to trade, they will make you a better trader.

Have a good trading day...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Most Powerful Trading Strategy You've Never Heard Of

Hi Traders

Hope that you fine and you looking for the way to make a winning trading on forex market...

Imagine for a moment that there was a way of trading that was
completely unique to absolutely ANYTHING you've ever heard

Now, let's assume for a moment that it was SO powerful, that as
soon as you were made aware of this “kind” of trading, you would
never want to trade any other way again.

If I've peaked your interest so far, let me tell you this:

As soon as you understand the sheer RAW power of this methodology,
not only you will understand exactly what I'm talking about,
immediately want to get your hands on it...

As a trader myself I keep in close contact with those who I consider
to be the industry leaders, the innovators, the "teachers, teachers" if you

One of the very best I know is Jason Fielder, and when he talks, I listen

Jason has just released a SHOCKING report called “The Correlation Secret”
and in it he goes on to explain how he's discovered a way to see “cracks”
in the market.

Now for the really interesting part...

Every time these “cracks” appear, they present trades that you've NEVER
seen before, and by “Fundamental Law” virtually have to do what you
expect them to do.

On top of all this Jason is actually revealing one of his most powerful
correlation systems that you can use immediately to take “Ultra-High”
probability trades, that virtually NO other traders would EVER notice.

And the best part? He's allowing me to offer you a copy “on him” for a
short while before he removes the web page.

I'd suggest you hurry.

Good Trading,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forex Annihilator spots are limited join now...

Hi Traders

Hope that you have a trading strategy this week to make success on forex market...
First rule of success on Forex market is:"Always keep educated yourself with new forex trading strategy"

If you've been on the fence about this program, and have been wondering if it's the real deal, be sure to read this short post right away.
James isn’t opening the doors too wide, though. He’ll take it off the market without warning when he thinks it’s time again.
I've tested this robot myself and was remarkably impressed by it.

Maybe you already have the forex annihilator package and maybe you don't.

But if you haven't you have no idea what your missing out on let me tell ya.

********** Don’t miss the chance,

Lock in your package of the Forex annihilator before the doors slam shut (which will happen sooner rather than later):

Best Regards


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Check out this secret forex loophole...

Hi Traders

Hope that you have made satisfied trading result in the past trading week...Let's to talk about how to increase your forex trading profits in 30 minutes a day...

The much anticipated Forex Annihilator robot will be released to the public for the first time on Tuesday 13 October 2009 at 18.00 GMT This is the first expert advisor of its kind on the market You set up the robot to run on your broker and thats it.

Each day you load the robot up... and let the robot do the work for you. All you need to do is set it up, plug and play and watch the profits roll in. In fact... it’s almost like a combination lock – if you don’t know the code, you'll never discover the hidden treasure.

Click here for your free forex report...

But once someone (a renegade trader) hands you the code, and the numbers line up, you can be profiting within minutes.

The robot gets to work and automatically spits out the EXACT entry, take profit and stop prices.

That’s all there is to it! All you need to do then is wait for your profits to roll in. No sitting around in front of your pc for hours, just a few minutes a day leaving you to get on with your life.

Mark your calender Tuesday 12pm Eastern (5PM UK time)....

Have a good trading week...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trading and Intervention – Ways This Moves the Forex Market

Make profit in Forex trading the News

Hi Traders

Hope you're ready to make success on Forex market...
When trading on the foreign currency exchange market or the Forex using trading and intervention techniques can offer traders benefits. When traders look to intervention as a means of seeing where the Forex is heading, it can indicated that some currencies should be higher or lower depending on what is going on in that country.

Intervention of the Forex is not unusual. When there is a large tragedy or debt in a country, the value of that nation’s currency will drop. There was a time when the budget deficit of the United States caused the value of the dollar to decline very rapidly in relation to the Japanese yen. This caused the Japanese yen to rise very quickly. When this happens, brokers and Forex traders can forecast, or speculate that an intervention is likely. Intervention makes the value of a currency to either rise or fall depending on how the government wants it to move, even if it is short term.

When experienced brokers and Forex traders understand when intervention is likely, it creates the opportunity for the trader to profit by acting quickly. Using intervention as a means of trading on the Forex means that a trader must be up to date on current events from around the world and must be able to act upon the trends very quickly. In addition, it can be very risky to trade on intervention trends and there is the potential for the trader to lose a large amount of capital in a very short amount of time.

In order to completely understand the foreign exchange market and they way currency moves, it is necessary to understand economics from around the world. The Forex solely revolves around currency and their value in relation to each other. The value of the currency plays a huge role in both domestic and global economics.

Intervention is also directly related to the value of the currency and to the central banks. Currency obtains the value by supply and demand and by the government, or the central bank. When a currency is subjected to being valued it is called floating. When a government sets the rates of the currency, it is called fixing. This means that a country’s currency is compared against another major currency, usually the U. S. dollar.

Intervention in the Forex usually happens during times of economic instability. Since currencies are always traded in pairs, then a large and significant movement of the rates in one direction or the other will directly impact the other. Any time nation experiences instability due to inflation, speculation, disasters or growing national debt, the other country will feel the affects as well. Most of the time, the results of this are not felt immediately, but over a long period of time. This times lapse allows the government or central banks to act accordingly and gives them time to intervene if necessary.

When looking at charts of the way the foreign currency market performs, interventions are usually noticeable on graphs and charts. The intervention may not be made public, but an experience trader can look at these graphs over a period of time and tell when a government has chosen to intervene with the currency rates.

Knowing when an intervention is going to occur is not always easy. It may be very difficult for the untrained trader to know when this is going to happen. However, for those who have experience trading on the Forex, predicting an intervention can be as easy as looking at certain indicators. Usually, interventions occur when the same price levels as occur as previous interventions. This is not always true since some central banks choose not to intervene, but it a good indicator most of the time. Another indicator of when the Forex undergoes intervention is when there are verbal clues. A government might talk about intervening, but it might not happen for a long time. Other times, interventions will happen with no warning.

When trading on the Forex, it is a good idea to make decisions that are informed and will benefit you. If you are inexperienced with trading on the foreign currency exchange, look for a good broker that is backed by a well-known financial institution....

Have a good trading

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Global Expansion and It’s Reaches within the Forex Market

Hi Traders

How are you...What's new in your effort to increase trading profit... on Forex market...
In the past 2 weeks Forex market suffer, there lack new forex trading strategy don't worry we expect several new trading strategy and trading software wery soon...

In the meantime let's to talk about Global expansion of Forex market...
The foreign market originated in 1973 and more than three decades later, the forex market has been expanding and developing into the robust worldwide market it is today. Even so, currency or money has always been in our society, in one form or another, since the ancient time of the Pharaohs. The first currency dealers started in the Middle East, where these “moneychangers” exchanged coins from one country to another. When paper bills were introduced as a transferable monetary resource, the transactions became easier for all the traders. The strengthening and development of economies were strongly encouraged by forex and the international trading, bringing many benefits to all the countries involved.

In order to establish the current forex market, several modifications had to be made. The first of the major changes occurred towards the end of World War II with the Bretton Woods Accord in 1944. Three great countries, the United States, France and Great Britain gathered together at the Bretton Woods to organize a new worldwide economical order. This is when the U.S. dollar, or USD, became the monetary standard form of currency that dealers would use when determining the values of other currencies on the forex market. Before the U.S. dollar became the standard currency, the British pound was the main currency that was used to compare other currencies on the forex market. During this time, nearly half of Europe was in disarray while the United States remained unharmed by WWII. In hopes to create a more stable foreign exchange trading environment which would help restore the worldwide economies and stabilize the international economic state of affairs, the Bretton Woods Accord was established.

While the Bretton Woods Accord survived until 1971, a new agreement soon followed in the December of that year, entitled the Smithsonian Agreement. Although the Smithsonian Agreement was quite similar to the Bretton Woods Accord, it also allowed for additional fluctuation within the forum of the foreign exchange market. As no new agreements were made, this was replace with the current free floating system, allowing the governments in forex trading to either peg or semi-peg their currencies or allow the currencies to simply freely float. The free floating system became officially mandated in 1978. Currently, all major currencies move independently from the other currencies implementing the services of forex dealers. Because there are no limitations on currency dealers and investors who want to trade currencies in an open and free foreign exchange market, there has been an inflow of speculation by brokerage houses, independent broker dealers, future trading brokers, hedge funds, banks as well as individuals.

The forex market is driven by the enormous scope for profit potential among the currency dealers, along with the supply and demand. The free floating system is more practical for today’s forex market which undergoes a change in the currency rate approximately every 4.8 seconds. After loosely evolving from a connection of financial centers to one integrated market, the foreign exchange market is now playing an exceptional role in a country’s economy. The forex market has expanded worldwide, reflecting the constant growth of international trades. When considering the size of the forex market, it’s important to understand that any transactions made, whether it’s with a future trading broker or an independent broker, will ultimately lead to more transactions. This is mostly due to the brokerage establishments as they readjust their positions whether to manage or off set their risks.

Today’s foreign exchange market is a truly worldwide, 24 hour a day trading zone, with most of the currency trading amidst the currency dealers in London, New York and Japan. The only time that currencies stop trading is on Friday when Japan closes its business and then there is a one day window before Europe steps in on Monday morning to open for business. Companies that sell and buy foreign currencies as part of their business like independent brokers and currency dealers, only make up a small percentage of forex trading. The majority of forex trading comes from banks, investment companies and brokerages. As more currency traders discover the foreign exchange markets potential for earning and raising capital, the market continues to develop and grow steadily. Forex reaches a daily turnover of at least 30 times more than any other U.S. market....


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marginal Trading...

Hi Traders

Hope you're very well...and ready for new trading week...Today We want to talk about Marginal Trading...

Marginal trading is both what makes trading on the foreign exchange market so possibly profitable – and its biggest risk. In a nutshell, trading on the margin is simply trading with borrowed capital. Depending on your dealer, you can purchase $100,000 worth of currency for as little as $500. If your trades are on target, you make a profit on the entire $100,000 lot – minus dealer commission, of course. If, on the other hand, your trade ends up losing you money, you could end up being liable for far more than the $500 you originally invested.

That’s why one of the strongest bits of advice you’ll hear from most experienced forex traders is ‘Keep your eye on the margin’ – or even more strongly, ‘Don’t ever trade on the margin’.

Here are some other important tips to keep in mind from forex traders on how to make quick money on the forex.

13 Buy low, sell high. That sounds like a ‘doh!’ moment, but there are many people who forget that the market runs in patterns of dips and rises. Keep your eye on the pattern and buy when the exchange rate dips, then sell when it peaks.

14 Be prepared to cut your losses. No one, no matter what they tell you, has a 100% profitable system. What they do have is the knowledge to get out of a trade before it goes further south. If you make a trade that decreases in value, decide ahead of time how much you can afford to lose. When you reach that low, sell. Don’t hang on ‘in case it turns around’.

15 Know the situation in the country whose currency you’re trading. The economy and politics of a country have a profound effect on the exchange rate of its currency. Keep your ear to the ground and be prepared to move based on what you hear – because everyone else will.

16 Pick a system that works for you. System is what it’s all about, according to traders who make money in the market. A system helps you decide in advance exactly how much you can afford to lose, and set stop/sell or buy orders based on those figures. Pick a system, live your system, and don’t second-guess your system.

17 Always keep in mind the bottom line. Especially if you’re day trading, you’ll find that you lose at least as often as you win – but you can still come out ahead if you plan your strategy and system out in advance. By deciding in advance how much you can afford to lose in a trade, and when you should take your profits and cut them loose, you’ll make a profit even when most of your trades are losers.

18 Finally, take the time to EDUCATE YOURSELF before you jump in with both feet. Forex trading is like any other business. You can’t make money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Study, read and practice – then go out there and make some money....

Have a good trading week...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finally! A *real* professional forex system...

Hi Traders

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finally, a real proven trading strategy for everyone...

Hi Traders

Hope you're fine ...what's you doing to achieve your trading goals

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Forex Supernatural is live NOW

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

This Forex proof will shock you...

Hi Traders

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Several word about Forex , It’s the foreign exchange market, where people around the world trade various currencies, like U.S. Dollars and Euros.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It’s time for supernatural Forex profits...

Hi Traders

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In case you didn’t know, the Forex market is gargantuan.

Take the worldwide stock market, the commodities markets, and
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People are trading U.S. Dollars, Japanese Yen, Euros and all
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But the speed of the market exposes the raw power of emotions to
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Think about how fast the market moves.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

$4,510 in the last trade.. it's *payback* time!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Forex A.I. turns $10,000 into $378,137.49...

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Friday, August 14, 2009

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Great Forex Trading Stuff...

Hi Traders

I'm writing today just to make sure that you do not miss out on these cool, free stuff...

If you reviewed above free trading stuff then let's to see What to look for while choosing a broker?

Online forex trading can be very lucrative if you can combine the right trading style with the right broker. In this article we’ll take a look at the most important points which must be considered before opening an account.


Is the firm regulated by authorities like the CFTC, NFA or the FSA in the UK? If it is not, stay away from it at all costs. This is a black and white issue: never risk your funds by depositing them at an unregulated broker.

The Bid-ask spread

The bid-ask spread is what the broker is charging you, so make sure that the spread is suitable to your trading style, and general preferences. If you are a scalper, or a frequent trader, a high bid-ask spread will enrich the broker and get you depressed while struggling with the cost of the trades. Accommodating the spread is easier for long term traders, but we should still choose a broker with an optimal spread to ensure the best performance.

Dealing Desk

Brokers have dealing desks to respond to emergencies such as server failure, or connection problems on the side of the trader, but the dealing desk can also use manipulative techniques against clients such as the notorious stop running which was common in the early days of the forex brokerage business. In order to have a quiet sleep at night, you may seek a broker which doesn’t have a dealing desk which can interfere with your trading orders.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Ease of withdrawal is foremost in any traders mind. As clients we don’t want to deal with problems when we choose to withdraw the funds entrusted to the broker during trading. Unfortunately, withdrawal can be arduous and stressful at some firms, so it is a great idea to check forex broker reviews and visit forums in order to ask experienced trader about their experiences with the brokers.

Attitude to trading styles

Traders have different styles, but not all brokers are equally accommodative to such diversity. Some brokers have very restrictive policies towards scalpers, others do not accommodate news traders. In general, established brokers with a good technical staff are welcoming to all kinds of traders, but problems may be encountered with new and smaller firms. It is a good idea to discuss these points with the broker before opening an account.

Secondary Tools

Items such as news feed from a financial news provider like Reuters, or IFR can be very important for fundamental traders. Similarly, a trader who utilizes options market related data should ensure that the broker’s platform incorporates information on expiries and option sizes. Some traders prefer certain indicator combinations for trading, and they too should ensure that the broker’s software implements them before opening the account.


Does the broker have a forum where you can discuss your feelings with fellow traders? Not only does a forum allow you take share your experiences with others, but it also helps you get an idea on the professionalism of the firms’ staff by their responses and attitude to clients.


top forex brokers in the world may not help you much if they do not allow your trading style, or do not offer the tools that you require. Make sure that you scrutinize the firm thoroughly before making a decision. It may take your while, but it is better than regretting your recklessness after being defrauded by a fake company...

have a good trading day

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