Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zone99Forex just went live! check this out

Hi Traders

How are you...are you ready for new surprise on the Forex market...

James Ponna from Zone99Forex Trading Lab just pulled the curtain
to reveal his secret trading weapon...

Read on to find out more about:

- Why consistency is KING? How to generate small but consistent
profits on your LIVE trading accounts!

- What is S.E.P.P? What is Zone99Forex trading solution? Why is
it more advanced than most systems out there?

- Live trading account proofs with different startup sizes...
and $834.02... $1,910.00... $2,322.75 real profit in just matter
of weeks!

- Shocking back-test result with over a million in 25 months!

You see, back-test results are worthless UNLESS you can validate
them with live trading!

This means that: if you back-test a robot and it shows 100%
“demo” profit in one month, it should PRODUCE around 80-100%
profit in LIVE trading.

James and his Zone99Forex team did not hold anything back! They
showed all the proven results on their website!

So if you are interested in an automated trading solution that:

- Is equipped with the advance technology S.E.P.P
- Able to adapt to different market conditions to generate small
but consistent profit!
- Works on any account size, with any broker (even ECN)!
- Has low risk! (This system trades small so you can always
- Is proven to make money! (consistent decent results!!!)

then you'll like to check out Zone99Forex...

To your success,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Delphi Scalper Live Webinar....

Hi Traders

Hope that you participate on trading action on the Forex market Today...where you reached your daily trading goals...

Jason Fielder, Acclaimed Creator of the Delphi Scalper noticed
that he’s been receiving a lot of questions about how to
improve trading accuracy.

It seems that many traders are struggling to get over what he
calls the trading "hump".

And what he means by that, is taking your trading from the point
where you are randomly pulling pips out of the market...

To being able to do it consistently enough to count on growing
your account over time.

So based on the feedback he’s been getting and the flood of questions
he’s been getting, Jason’s decided to hold a webinar this Thursday, where
he'll be revealing some of his latest and MOST powerful trading
insights to help you with your trading right away.

In fact, he's going to go as far as giving away his 4 most important
trading secrets that made a monumental difference to HIS trading
accuracy once HE began using them (and I dare say they will do the
same for yours if you're watching).

So if you want to move forward with your accuracy and have a
better idea of when to pull the trigger...

If you're looking for an easy way to know when NOT to enter the

Or if you're simply looking to get a bit more of an edge...

Make SURE to drop by Thursday where he'll be sharing a few of his
greatest tricks that will help you to be prepared in these ever
changing markets.

He'll have some great surprises for you as well!

See You Thursday!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Forex Freedom is here!

Hi Traders

Hope that you get in this trading week with high set up goals on Forex Market...

Did you enjoy the first gift CashSystemX from James Ponna, Zone 99 Forex Trading Lab.

Put it into action and you'll see it WORKS! Probably you'd have netted some cool pips if you've used it in the past few days.

Today I got you another good news:
If you like CashSystemX, you will love the second gift from James, called as 'Forex Freedom indicator'. Just head over here to download it...

Some important notices:

#1: James is giving away a cool prize: a Amazon Kindle Wireless to a lucky poster on his blog. All you need to do is to answer a simple question by posting on his blog.

And that's it! You'll understand why James is doing this when you read his blog!

#2: James will also explain what is S.E.P.P, what is Zone99Forex trading solution and how this will help your trading on his blog.

This is getting interesting! If this sounds something interesting to you, you can register for the early bird list to know more about how to generate small but consistent profits on LIVE trading accounts!

James will show you three live trading accounts with different startup sizes. And you will understand what 'consistency is KING' really means!

I can't reveal too much at this point right now! I'll keep you updated when James starts pulling the curtain to reveal his real trading secrets!

To your success,

Friday, April 23, 2010

I've Never Seen This This Before...

Hi Traders

Read this brief pulication - because I've NEVER seen
this before...

As the Delphi orders keep coming by the minute,
(Jason has just told me he's already over 60% sold out)...

So do the questions!!

So they’ve JUST made a major decision to release a
link to their PACKED webinar that he held yesterday.

In the past if you missed the webinar, you missed out
period... (Jason is tough like that!)

But with the thousands of questions they're getting from
traders who weren't able to be there...

They've decided the best way to answer them is to let you
see what everyone else did on yesterday's webinar.

And they're calling it their "emergency" webinar replay -
because there are too many traders who really want to
own Delphi, but may miss out if they don't get that last
bit of clarity to help them make a decision one way or
the other.

Their last two releases (Triad and Correlation) sold out within
days, and with the Delphi pricing being only half of what the
two previous releases sold for...

Well you get the idea.

But for the for the first time in their company's history, you
can view the entire webinar at your convenience - with ONE string.

Please understand the link won't stay up long, so try to watch it
as soon as you can...

Have a nice weekend

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tomorrow is the day thousands of traders have been waiting for!

Hi Traders

Get Ready!

After nearly 10 days of FEVERISH anticipation
involving over one hundred Eighty Seven Thousand traders from
all over the globe...

Tomorrow is the day that thousands of traders
have been waiting for!

Delphi Is Going Live at exactly 3:00 pm EST,
Wednesday April 21st!


And I want to let you in on a little 2 part secret (ok, it's
actually a HUGE secret).

1) Jason has told me he's NOT selling many copies at
all (I'm talking a far more limited release that you've
likely ever seen before in a new product release).

And when they are gone, you won't be able to buy one...

(And these guys are dead serious about that).

2) There is a way to assure yourself a copy and at the
same time learn a ton about scalping at no cost to you...

By attending the
live webinar tomorrow, you'll not only get
direct access to Jason, but you'll also be granted a "first in
line" backstage pass to be able to own Delphi without the

worry of a quick sell out.

On it you'll discover how Jason averages a 70% win ratio,
with Delphi, trading an average of only 90 minute per day.

AND, how YOU can master the system that's been
touted the "one of the best new trading systems of the
year" in just 1-2 sessions! (The system actually gives you
ALL of your entries and targets in advance)...

**Plus, just for attending, you'll also be eligible for an extra
$500 crazy special bonus!

So drop by and see what it's all about, it's going to be WELL
worth your time to listen to Jason.

And if for any reason you can't make it, make sure you're ready
3:00 pm EST on Wednesday - or it may be too late!

Enjoy on Forex Market

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another KILLER Delphi Scalping Week!

Hi Traders

Hope that you have a plan how to relax Today and fill out "battery" for coming trading week.....because of it is the weekend, I just wish to remind you:

The Delphi system had a stupendous week, with multiple
winning trades and few losers, most all of which set up and
closed out very quickly (about 60-90 minutes on average).

If you like idea of trading a system that averages a 70% win ratio,
gives you all of your entries, targets and stops in advance, AND
has you done most days within under 90 minutes...

Then you have to take a closer look.

If you haven't yet gone over to Jason's blog, go now!

***Jason's 10x method (where he shows you how to turn a small
scalp in to a triple digit pip pulling winner)...

***You'll see several videos showing you the system in action...

***Plus some great bonus materials for your trading toolbox as well!

Good Trading!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

10x The Pip Pulling Power With Delphi - See How!

Hi Traders

You know when you need to visit Forex Resource blog...Why:

If you think scalping is only about grabbing a few quick pips,
think again...

IF you're using the Delphi "advanced" strategy to trade with.

In fact I just watched a video that I have to admit, was
nothing short of HIGHLY impressive.

And I'm not impressed easily.

What makes this video different is exactly HOW it clearly
shows that you can take a smaller scalping trade of 10+
pips and turn in into about 100 pips...

With absolutely NO additional risk!

Now that's something worth paying serious attention to,
especially if your trading system shows you exactly how
to do that.

After watching the video it's obvious -

Delphi shows you exactly how to do that.

Go see how, it'll likely impress you as much as it
as it did me...

Enjoy on your Forex Education

Monday, April 12, 2010

Is Scalping The Future Of Trading…?

Hi Traders

Hope that things going well with you...What we have Today for your forex trading education...

As a full time-trader and educator, I get a LOT of feedback
from my students and customers.

What seems to be a very common theme is the issue of

Yes, scalping (the act of entering and exiting the market
VERY quickly and grabbing 15-40 pips on average).

And if you’re wondering why, the answer is simple. It’s
because scalping, if done right, can be the fastest way to
earn your entire day’s pay, before most people have even
had breakfast…

So rightfully so, there is a LOT of interest in this kind of

(Not to mention scalping a LOT of fun, VERY exciting, and
can be a highly accurate way to trade the markets IF you
know what you’re doing)

The problem is…

Most traders really don’t know what they are doing, get
caught up in the excitement of it (anyone who’s day traded
or scalped knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about) and will
often suffer severe losses.

Well if you have ever tried to scalp, or ever been a little
curious about how the pro’s do it, I have some very good

My friend and trading colleague Jason Fielder just released a training
video entitled “The Anatomy of a High Probability Scalping System”

…where he answers most (if not all) of the questions he’s received
on scalping over the last few years.

In this complimentary multi-media training you will learn:

* His 4 Rules for Developing a High Probability Scalping System
* How he Determines the Best Time-Frames for Scalping (including
FREE ACCESS to his proprietary “HotTime” indicator)
* Why Technical Filters Alone Are Not Enough (and which
Fundamental Indicators really matter), PLUS…
* His Programming Rolodex for Getting Systems Coded And Tested

In short, you’ll learn how to spot a good scalping strategy
from a bad one by seeing exactly how he goes about developing
the systems he trades in his own account.

Again, you can access this complimentary training right now
by going to here...

I hope you enjoy it, and above all else I hope it makes you a
more confident, accurate trader.

Good Trading,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tips on Choosing the Right Forex Software for Your Needs

ETF Trend Trading

Hi Traders

Hope that things going well with you in this Spring time...

If you’re interested in getting started in playing the field in forex trading, then you will find that there are a large number of software programs available. Whether the software programs you need are desktop based or web based, either one can be used in your forex trading.

There are many brokers who offer their clients software packages free of charge or they can be a part of opening a trading account with a particular brokerage. Normally the software that will come with your open trading account is the very basic model, with the bare minimum of what you can use, or even need.
Occasionally, these brokers will offer extra features at a cost. So when you’re considering which broker to open an account with, you may want to consider what software packages they offer to correspond with your account. There are many web site’s that offer free demo accounts, allowing you to download different packages so you can try before you buy. Using a free demo account will give you a better idea of what software you would like to use and will help prevent buyers remorse.

The basic software’s available are the desktop and the web based. Which ever one you choose will depend on your preference and other technical constituents. The forex market is obviously very dynamic which means that you will want to get the software that is the most reliable and up to date connection to the data as possible.

Now, let’s talk about your internet speed connection. Your internet speed connection is a very important factor and if you plan on playing the forex game, you will need to go from dial up to either DSL, even broadband if you can afford it. The faster it is, often the better. Your internet connection speed is a major factor when considering what forex trading software to use.

Another great consideration would be one of online security. Most web based forex software is generally more secure than the desktop based software packages. If you choose the desktop software, then all of your information and your data are stored in your hard drive, making all your valuable information vulnerable to a number of security infractions.

If a virus invades your computer, then all of your personal data and the integrity of your trading system can be jeopardized. If you’re hard drive crashes, then all of your important data will be lost forever. Another threat would be those hackers who can hack their way into your computer and gain access to all of your personal information and trading systems.

If you decide to go with the web based trading software then most of the maintenance and security issues are handled by the provider of the package. The internet based foreign exchange systems are readily hosted on secure servers, like the servers that credit cards are processed on. This will give you more protection, with less hassle, as your data is encrypted. Along with this protection, your software provider will protect you from losing data by providing mirrors and backups of your account data.

You may also find that internet based software is more convenient, aside from the extra security when you’re considering on what software would best suit your needs. Moreover, the software will run on your regular web browser, so there won’t be any software you would have to download, meaning you will always have access to the most current features and versions of that software. In addition, if you frequently travel, you are sure to appreciate being able to log in to the internet from any computer and have all of your information immediately accessible.

Whatever option you decide to use, choose the forex trading software that you personally find easier to use. Just because particular software works wonders for your friend or colleague, doesn’t mean it will work the same for you.

If you’re new to the trading game, then it would be best to have two accounts, one with your software of choice and one demo account. Considering that you learn as you play the trading game, you can keep one account that you will actually use to trade real money; and the demo account, to use to test any alternative moves. You can also use your demo account to overshadow the trades in your real account so you can see if you are being too conservative.

Have a good trading