Thursday, October 30, 2008

The simple way to trade Forex...

Hi Traders

Is it just my imagination, or is the whole trading
community going mad over the Forex avenger system.

Most of the comments I have had from the traders who
got a copy yesterday, have been great. They have been
very happy with the system. They were particularly
impressed by the simplicity of how it works. I know
this is true, because I have seen the system myself.

One question that seems to be popping up is if this
is a trading robot. I'm not sure why there is
confusion about this, but let me clarify this.

The Forex Avenger system is mechanical. What that
means is, if you give 10 people the system they
should all get the same results. All 10 traders,
should take the same trades, at the same time, and
get the same results.

Now, depending on how long you have been trading. You
will know just how hard it is to achieve. There are
traders who have been working on mechanical trading
systems for years. It's actually, a very rare beast.

I'm not going to harp on about this but this is the
best mechanical trading system I have seen in years.

It's simple to learn, simple to trade and produced
fantastic results. See here...
All the best

P.S. Just in case you missed the proof video or the
live trade videos, you can see them here...

P.P.S. If you want to learn more about this simple
mechanical system, check it out here...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here's how his system works...

Hi Traders

I have never recommended anything that has had so
much excitement around it. The Forex Avenger system
is the only thing traders are talking about right

This doesn't surprise me because this really is a
great system. I also found a couple of videos with
live trades using the system. This might explain why
traders are going hysterical right now. You can see
those trades here...

Is the whole thing hype or is this the real deal?
I think it's the real deal. I know there are a few
guys who are trading this now and they all seem to
have come to the same conclusion - this is good.

The system has probably had more real life, in the
trenches testing than anything else out there. If you
haven't seen the video of the test, you can see it

Here's a quick recap:
If you want to see testimonials about the Avenger
system go here...

If you want to see an example of a live trade or the
results of his test account, go here..

All the best

P.S. As far as I know, there is no truth in the rumor
that this is going to be taken off the market, but
just in case, check it out ASAP...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Forbidden" trading system reveald...

Hi Traders

I hope that you ready for new trading experience...

"How A Completely Self-Taught Trader Ignored
Everything The So-Called "Experts" Teach...
And Stumbled On The ONE SECRET That Instantly
Made Him A Full-time Income"

If you could push a button and cash automatically
filled your trading account, how many times would
you push that button?

It's not that easy, right? Well, maybe and maybe not.
We all want an easy solution, but one guy may have
actually found it. He was so determined to get out of
his dead end job in a supermarket, that he studied
every minute he had until he cracked the code.

He knew the secret to making it big in Forex was
to invent something so simple, so easy to use and so
dependable that he would never need to worry about
bills again.

He intuitively knew the only way to do this was to
make a set of simple rules that could be followed
like a machine. It took him eight long years and
countless sleepless nights, but he finally did it,
and he called it the "Forex Avenger" system.

A Step-by-Step, Easy To Follow,
Proven Mechanical Trading System


Until recently, very few people even knew who this
trader was. Once word leaked out about his
astonishing discovery, they nicknamed him Mr. X. It
wasn't until he was challenged to trade a live
account that his name finally broke.

What fascinated everyone about his discovery were
some simple truths:

Truth #1 - The Forex Avenger system is totally

Truth #2 - You can't make a mistake. You just follow
the rules.

Truth #3 - The Forex Avenger rules are easier than
the instructions on a microwave meal.

Once you have placed your trade, there is nothing
else for you to do. In fact, there's nothing you can
do. You can switch off your computer and go do
something else. Watching the computer won't change
the outcome.
He Let Him Trade His Account

It's easy for anyone to make claims. That's why he
was given a test. He was given a carefully monitored
account to trade. He started with just under
$10,000, just to see if he was for real. Once it
became obvious just how well he was doing, the
account was immediately increased to $50,000.

Hopefully by now you will have seen the "proof" video
confirming all his trades and how he made over
26.18% in one month. Well, I have confirmation
that he's still doing those numbers.

But I am not the only one who seems to be impressed
with this guy. You can see live testimonials of
traders who have been allowed to use the system here...

Why The Experts Will Never
Tell You About This System


I have even spoken with a few guys who are not that
happy about this system. You see, you might never
need another signal service, or newsletter or course

I also know that he has had loads of requests to
trade on behalf of some very big names.

The most exciting part of all this is that the system
is so easy to implement, so quick to learn that it
will take you no more than 23 minutes to master.

This is important. It will be released today
(Tuesday) at 9 AM EST. Interest is through the roof
on this. There's no telling what might happen so
don't hang around. He actually tells you a bit of
his story here...

All the best

P.S. I recommend this as one of the best systems this
. Simple to learn, easy to use and has proven

Monday, October 27, 2008

Have a look at his trading

Hi Traders

Hope taht you start this trading week successfuly...

Ok guys, as promised, here's a look inside one of
the accounts Mr. X has been trading.

In case you missed the last email, Mr. X was given
$50,000 to trade in a live account, and this video
shows the results of his trading.

Even with all the market turbulence, he is still
making money. His proven, simple, mechanical system
just seems to work in any market conditions.

He is also finally unmasked with this video. We
finally find out his real name as one of Forex's top
traders dissects his account.

It's not often you get to see the inner workings of
two top traders, so don't miss this video. It will
only be available for a short time...

I can tell you Mr. X uses a mechanical trading
system that took 8 years to design and test. I can
also tell you the system he will be releasing
tomorrow, Tuesday 28th at 9 AM EST, is the exact same
system that he uses himself, and he used to trade in
the video you are about to watch here...

All the best

P.S. Tomorrow, Tuesday 28th at 9AM EST, his system
will be unleashed to the trading world. Because of
the press and all the buzz on the Internet, I don't
know how fast all the copies will go, so hang around.
All I can say is, just be at tomorrow.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I have the mystery trader's video...

Hi Traders

I finally got a copy of the video I was telling you
about. Mr X, as he has come to be known let me have a
copy of the video that was made about him.
Apparently the press has got a hold of this story

It all sounds a bit cloak and dagger I know, but I
also have another underground piece of information.
There is a secret video of Mr X trading a $50,000
account and proof of how much he makes.

Now with a bit of luck, I will get that later today
or tomorrow. That's the real evidence we need. You
can't beat hard proof, and if what I think is on the
video, then this could be something very special.

I think the reason so many traders have been
interested in this story is that:
a) He is making over 26% per month
b) He is one of the few traders who has a mechanical
system that works.

Before you go on, have a look at the video here...

As soon as I find out who Mr X is, I will let you
know, that will give you time to check the
about him here...


P.S. It's not often you hear about a mechanical
system in Forex that works. If it really is
mechanical then you just follow the rules and watch
the bank account.
See what you think here...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

He gave him $50k to trade...

Hi Traders

Why would one of the top traders in Forex give
another trader $50,000 to trade for him?

I have some very valuable information that hasn't hit
the streets yet. I actually heard about this a few
weeks ago but it took a few days to find out exactly
what's going on.

There's a new Sheriff in town! There's a trader from
the U.K. who even the gurus are talking about. He has
caused such a stir that one of the top traders
challenged him to trade one of his accounts as a
test. The results where so impressive that not only
did he allow him to continue trading, but he added
to the account.

Here's what's even more interesting - apparently
there is an underground video of the whole thing. I
am still digging, but I have been promised a sneak
peek of this video on Sunday so I will pass it on as
soon as I get it.


P.S. No one even knows this guy's name yet, that's
how underground this is. I will let you know how it goes on Sunday.

Information, charts or examples contained in this
review is for illustration and educational purposes
only. It should not be considered as advice or an
endorsement to purchase or sell any security or
financial instrument. We do not and cannot give
investment advice.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Get this complementary forex system...

Hi Traders

How are you...Hey - I've been talking to Dan Miller for the past
few weeks. If you don't already know Dan, he's one
of the most followed, most respected forex mentors.

Turns out he's been working on somewhat of a 'secret project'.

In fact, he just released a brand-new "manual" forex
trading system to help out the average forex trader who has
probably been ripped off so many times in the past by all
the pie-in-the-sky *automated systems*.

What's it all about? Here's the truth: Dan's system is
NOTHING earth-shattering, NOTHING revolutionary.

It's just a simple, straightforward system that works
time and time again.

And you don't have to pay a single cent for this.

He's giving it away. Here's your download link...

best regards,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Let Automated Forex Trading for You...

Hi Traders

You're make the right decision to research forex market and collect valuable trading information...I believe that you have enough energy to achive your trading goals...we are here to help your business....

Do you want to make money? To drive fast sportscars and live the luxurious life you always
dreamed off before hitting the grave? I`m sure you do but the question is what are you willing
to do for it. Let`s face it you probably tried affiliate marketing, website promotion,
multilevel marketing and even some more exotic things.
And in the end nothing worked.. the same applied to me.. do you know why we failed? Because we
are LAZY.

Professional marketers spent years in tears of frustration till they got the hang of it and
eventually started to see results. And they wanted it bad enough.. some probably sacrificed
their social lives in the process
I dont know about you but I DID NOT want to spend years in exercising patienc nor quit watching
soap operas on tv or dating chicks ;)
I WANT TO MAKE MONEY NOW.. so.. what if i could show you a way to start making money within the next HOURS?

Raking in thousands of dollars each and every month?
without: Promotion of ANY kind?
without: Any knowledge or any skills at all?
without: a stupid template website?
without: the need for long working hours?

SOmething that you turn on and then it produces money on autopilot?
Get your own money making robot today and laugh heartily about people that work a regular job.

Your own 24/7 money making robotic software that rakes in thousands of dollars each and every
day. Grab this once in a lifetime opportunity now and set it up.. then get back beeing a couch
patatoe like me but with one difference: a wealthy sportscar driving couch patatoe ;)

Good luck in next trading week...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Escape the rat race...

Hi Traders

What's happen in your trading's good decision to visit our Trading Strategy Blog Today...because of I have really greta trading news for your winning goals...

Have you ever thought of getting out the rat race asap? You
know what I am talking about...quitting 9-to-5 longer
working for money but making money work for you over and over...

Years ago, I asked myself the same question. And luckily
I found out about forex trading. But my road to forex success
was not smooth back then. I made many losses before I could
consistently make profits from forex trading.

Recently, I have been approached by a fellow who had the same
situation. His name is Paul Walker, and he also had a bad
start with forex, but now he is consistently making 6-figure
income yearly (for the last 3 years)
with his trading secrets.

I had a chance to review his secrets and applied them myself.
I believe his secret mechanical trading systems are of the
best and most profitable systems I have seen so far.


This is the system with high winning percentage (74%-93%)
that helped Paul make his 6-figure income in the last 3 years.
And if you spend about 15 minutes a day following this same
system then you are guaranteed to make a nice return on your

- Without spending hours glued to your computer analyzing charts!

- Without learning all the useless technical chatter that gets you no where!

- Without having a big up-front investment!

- With low-risk options that can bring you BIG returns!
And WITHOUT ever having to pray for luck or master your “gut-instincts” because Forex Payload eliminates all your guesswork!

You must act now...
...because you might have a chance to get one of the first 250
copies at a ridiculous discount price (that you never seen before)
...before Paul raises up the price back to normal...

Wish you all the best,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Simple rules, impressive results.

Hi Traders

Hope that you have been successfully strated this trading week... here is some new to help you...

Global markets reacted positively to news that the British, French, and German governments would commit funds to the prop up the continent's banking sector. Yesterday's trading lacked the price volatility that has been seen in the USD the last two weeks, with the Dollar dropping against the EUR and GBP, while taking slight gains against the JPY. U.S. financial markets were closed yesterday for a banking holiday...

>>>Deposit funds worth $1,000 or more into your FOREXYARD account and receive a 10% cashback for free, worth up to $1,000.<<<

Today we will hear from FOMC Member Plosser and his remarks regarding the current state of the U.S. financial system. Traders will be listening for any hint as to the implementation of the U.S. financial rescue plan. Investors will continue to look for added confidence in the markets...

Recommend to review: Develop some simple rules to allow yourself to trade within a solid framework. A few basic rules can give you an edge, keep you out of trouble, and allow you to capture winning trades.

This lesson will show you how to evaluate a chart, how to know what to do, how to take action at the right time. The concepts are simple, and the results will impress you.

The full text of this lesson is available here...

Happy Trading

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The final Forex battle is coming...

Hi Traders's day when I updated our blog with new forex trading you'll be ready for next trading week...

Does the precarious position of the U.S. Dollar bother you?
It shouldn’t, for one VERY good reason.

All the worry, all the fear makes currencies move. And movement
means money...if you know how to profit from it.

Most people have no clue, and they’re the ones that are going to be
obliterated in the final battle.

The ones who don’t have the skills to profit are like babes in the
woods... and the woods are full of wolves.


If you want to be prepared, you need to be armed for combat. Forex
Armageddon is the weapon you need. It’s not quite ready yet,
you can sign up right here to get notified the second it goes live...


The pros know what they’re doing. They know when to get in and get
out. But here’s a dirty little secret nobody wants to talk about.

For years, the pros have been using SYSTEMS. These folks can’t be
brilliant all the time. Nobody’s brain is that big. If there’s no
way to take some of the pressure off, you’ll get blow up by the
land mines in the Forex market.

That’s why Forex Armageddon is radically different from anything
you’ve ever seen. Here’s what I mean...

* This is a 100% automated system. You don’t have to decide a
thing, except what you’ll trade and when to turn it on. That takes
all the judgment (where you have to be a genius) and emotion (where
you have to be inhuman cyborg) out of play entirely.

* It’s simple and quick. Got a day job? Hey, most people do, and
the Forex Armageddon system can fit into any schedule out there.

* The system lets you capture profits BOTH WAYS. You’ll make money
going up, and you’ll make money going down. That’s why the pros
drive flashy cars and have second (or third) homes. They’re ALWAYS
able to pull money out of the market.

* You’ll squeeze maximum profit out of every move. No more leaving
money on the table out of fear. It’s automatic...and a profit
gusher. Forex trading is like anything else “technical”. It can be
intimidating at best, and downright scary at worst.

Forex Armageddon takes all of that away.

This system is for anybody from the rank beginner to the old hand
who’s tired of staring at charts until his eyes go blurry and he
barely think anymore.

The guys who created this know exactly what they’re doing, and
their results prove it.

How does $47,460 profit on a EUR/USD trade sound?

How about booking that in only 64 days?

Or what about $30,250 profit on a GBP/USD only 69 days?

Not all of the gains are that fast, for sure, but what if a gain
like that takes six months? Are you crying about that? Uh-huh, all
the way to the bank.

It’s no exaggeration to say Forex trading is a war. You enter a
bloody battle every single time you put on a trade. But some
warriors have a secret weapon.

While everybody else is distracted by the flashing swords and
hubbub of the fight, these pros find exactly the right target,
swipe huge profits and never get a scratch.

How’d you like to enter the battle that way?

How’d you like to hold that secret weapon in your own hands, and
laugh while everybody else whines about how “hard” Forex trading

Well, that opportunity is coming, and you need to be
psychologically ready for it. Forex Armageddon will make its debut
shortly. Be ready to claim your secret weapon and crush your
competition with a ruthless smile on your face.


P.S. I’ll let you know when Forex Armageddon is released. In the
meantime, take a peek at what’s coming...
learn more here...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Great Traders Aren't Born...

Hi Trader,

I guess you're constanly eager to find trading system which bring you wealth

Great traders aren’t born, they’re made....

The fact is, without a seasoned mentor, you are going nowhere fast…

And no one knows that better than my friend, Tony Wong. You see, Tony
was caught in the downward spiral of buying trading system after
system, struggling to make ends meet, and losing just like I was (and
I bet that YOU are too).

Until he met his friend “Charlie” (not his real name).

“Charlie” is an elite trader and member of a very limited group that
trades forex daily for immense profit. “Charlie” is SO good at what
he does, that he consults for major financial institutions worldwide
(now you see why I can’t use his real name here ;-)

And for some reason (we don’t know why) “Charlie” took a big liking
to Tony and started to let him in on the powerful secret tips and
strategies that he uses daily to make fortunes for himself and his
fat cat institutional clients.

Luckily for us, Tony hasn’t forgotten his roots, and has decided to
share these insanely profitable secrets with us too.

And for a very limited time (until “Charlie” finds out) he’s willing
to do it for less than half off the regular price- but only for the
first 100 responders.

So get off the downward losing spiral, and get these powerful secrets
of the trading elite today. You have nothing to lose except your
losing trading strategies!

To Your Success!

Monday, October 6, 2008

24 hour courtesy trading "heads-up"...

Hi Traders

Hope you have a good day...
Last week, I alerted you to the charter release of the step-
by- step Market Mastery Protege Program course that totally
took the stock trading community by storm...

Well, if you've checked the website lately, then you know
that only 73 copies of the course remain and the offer will
be closed for good on Tuesday, October 7th, at 11:59pm
Eastern time.

See the latest inventory count here...


If you're still struggling with the stock market, ESPECIALLY
with what's been going on in the market recently, or are
just sick and tired of staring at your computer like a
zombie for 2, 3, 4 hours a day or more...

...then I really encourage you to take 30+ year market
veteran Bill Poulos's Market Mastery Protege Program for a
test drive.

Why? Well, I was thinking about what specifically it is that
I like the best about this course and what sets it above
most of the other methods and courses I've seen. Here's what
I came up with:

** COMPLETE -- This is one of the most complete stock
trading courses I've ever seen. Period. There's material to
get beginners going quickly, and it's structured in such a
way that more experienced traders can jump right into the
"meat" of the methods.

Further, it's a multimedia powerhouse -- from the screen
capture CD-ROM videos to the full color reference manual to
the detailed "trading blueprints". It's designed to make
sure you really understand all the concepts quickly and

** CLEAR -- Bill's teaching style is among the best I've
ever seen. He speaks in a clear, nurturing way that steps
you through all the material. It's very apparent why so many
traders keep coming back to Bill's courses.

** CONSTANT -- I think of this as the "surprise" of the
course. Bill constantly follows-up with his students after
they get his course. He mentions this on his open letter,
but I really believe this is the true value of his course.
His students receive regular new bonus video lessons, and
Bill is fanatical about offering concise, thoughtful answers
to his students' questions.

So that's what stands out for me about the Market Mastery
Protege Program. And frankly, I'll even go out on a limb and
say that if you can't succeed in the stock market with
Bill's course, then you probably never will. That's how
powerful his methods are.


I cannot promise that copies of the Market Mastery Protege
Program will be available when you visit the web page - it
may already be completely sold out.

If that's the case, please put your name on the waiting
list. Bill has no immediate plans to release any more copies
of this course, but after he gets through mentoring his
initial group of 950 students, he may introduce a few more
(but it could be months before that happens - I can't say

If any copies are left, you can claim one here...

Good Trading,

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Learn Profitable Forex Trading The Easy Way!

Hi Traders

I Believe that you're in good mood to be introduce with trading tools to help you in forex trading...

I've just made a *SHOCKING* discovery about learning to trade on the foreign exchange currency market.

You might have heard about an automated forex trading robot called Forex Autopilot which trades the markets 24/5 without any human intervention.

Well, guess what! This particular
"Forex Autopilot" system has taken the forex world by storm and is now being eagerly sought by beginning and experienced forex traders alike.

Even if you think you have zero forex trading experience, YOU can learn to make thousands each day on autopilot, simply by setting up your software robot and leaving it run.

forex trading software

Our friends Marcus and Charles at have just released exciting packages which included Forex Autopilot, the FAPTS trading strategy plan, top shelf support systems and other exciting feature.

Check out this website for PROOF of this system in action.

I *guarantee* you will be shocked and amazed at how anyone can do this...

Kind Regards,

PS: The best part is... this system is electronic, which is instantly downloadable from the internet. No waiting around for the mailman - just jump right in, set up your demo broker account and start right away!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Video testimonials for the Forex AutoCash Robot...

Hi Traders

Do you satisfied with the result of the past trading week...if you have problem with losing money in forex market then we have surprise for you...

What a wild ride we had in the last 3 days. The market was hit with the hottest Forex robot in existence and I don't have to tell you the reponse.

We learned a lot about John (the creator of the Forex AutoCash Robot) in the past few days and it was exciting to learn how he actually got to the point of creating such a trading heavyweight.

No doubt about it, a new solution for a new future...

Trading with 100% Automatic, pushbutton Forex software with such accuracy is a great way to create a primary or secondary stream of income.

I hope you had the chance to see the VIDEO testimonials by quite a few Forex AutoCash Robot users.

They really hit the nail on the head! You can watch them here...

Ohh... before I forget.

John also posted a trade by trade (since January 2000) statement for you to see.

He even sent the Robot to a law office so that they could verify that the account statement is 100% accurate. After reviewing it, they sent John a letter...

You HAVE to read that letter! It's incredible and it's posted right under the results scroll box here...

All the best,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are you THIS kind of trader?

Hi Traders
How are you ....what's new in trading life....

Have you seen what's been going on?

Have you figured it out yet?

Right now, traders are "self-sorting" themselves into 2
groups... you're doing it, too, and you probably don't even
know it.

That's scary.

Which group are you in?

* "The Victims": These are the traders who find themselves
paralyzed with fear about the markets, unable to act, unable
to think logically... basically unable to do anything but
wait for the media to tell them what to do next...

The terrible thing is... as a Victim, you might think you're
"safe" waiting it out on the sidelines... when in fact, by
inaction, you've essentially cut off all chance for the
biggest profit potential the market has given us in

...and even worse, you've handed that chance on a SILVER
PLATTER over to the other group:

* "The Independents": These are the traders who can clearly
see through all the media-B.S. and hype and who INSTANTLY
recognize the current and coming market volatility for what
it is: a virtual "Cash Machine", just waiting to be

The Independents LOVE that most traders are becoming
Victims... it just makes it easier for them to pounce on
profit potential, again & again... while the Victims cower
and complain, wondering what to do...


The bottom line is... whether you're a Victim or an
Independent, traders ARE going to make a killing in the
markets in the coming days, weeks, and months...

-the question is: will YOU be one of them?

I've always believed the fastest way to success in any
endeavour is to find someone who's already been there before
me, and test out exactly what they tell me to see if it
works for me...

* And that's exactly what HUNDREDS of traders have done this
week by enrolling in one of the best stock trading courses
to hit the market - EVER.

One of the 'hidden' secrets of this course is the INSANE
amount of support you get with it...

I call it 'hidden' because most traders totally miss out on
this... you essentially get an open email dialogue with the
DEVELOPER of the course himself... a man with over 30+ years
of experience in the markets.

* PLUS, just announced today, the developer has added on two
90-minute web-seminar Q&A sessions, where you'll get to see
his charting software on your screen and get your questions
answered LIVE & in-person...

The "Independents" are nodding their heads right now because
they know how important that level of support, or
"mentoring", really is...


For all the details on how to join the "Independent" traders
and take part in what history may call one of the most
lucrative times to trade the market in the past CENTURY,

But don't wait too long, because this course and its high-
caliber support disappear on Tuesday just before midnight.

I hope it's not too late.

Good Trading,