Sunday, September 27, 2009

Global Expansion and It’s Reaches within the Forex Market

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How are you...What's new in your effort to increase trading profit... on Forex market...
In the past 2 weeks Forex market suffer, there lack new forex trading strategy don't worry we expect several new trading strategy and trading software wery soon...

In the meantime let's to talk about Global expansion of Forex market...
The foreign market originated in 1973 and more than three decades later, the forex market has been expanding and developing into the robust worldwide market it is today. Even so, currency or money has always been in our society, in one form or another, since the ancient time of the Pharaohs. The first currency dealers started in the Middle East, where these “moneychangers” exchanged coins from one country to another. When paper bills were introduced as a transferable monetary resource, the transactions became easier for all the traders. The strengthening and development of economies were strongly encouraged by forex and the international trading, bringing many benefits to all the countries involved.

In order to establish the current forex market, several modifications had to be made. The first of the major changes occurred towards the end of World War II with the Bretton Woods Accord in 1944. Three great countries, the United States, France and Great Britain gathered together at the Bretton Woods to organize a new worldwide economical order. This is when the U.S. dollar, or USD, became the monetary standard form of currency that dealers would use when determining the values of other currencies on the forex market. Before the U.S. dollar became the standard currency, the British pound was the main currency that was used to compare other currencies on the forex market. During this time, nearly half of Europe was in disarray while the United States remained unharmed by WWII. In hopes to create a more stable foreign exchange trading environment which would help restore the worldwide economies and stabilize the international economic state of affairs, the Bretton Woods Accord was established.

While the Bretton Woods Accord survived until 1971, a new agreement soon followed in the December of that year, entitled the Smithsonian Agreement. Although the Smithsonian Agreement was quite similar to the Bretton Woods Accord, it also allowed for additional fluctuation within the forum of the foreign exchange market. As no new agreements were made, this was replace with the current free floating system, allowing the governments in forex trading to either peg or semi-peg their currencies or allow the currencies to simply freely float. The free floating system became officially mandated in 1978. Currently, all major currencies move independently from the other currencies implementing the services of forex dealers. Because there are no limitations on currency dealers and investors who want to trade currencies in an open and free foreign exchange market, there has been an inflow of speculation by brokerage houses, independent broker dealers, future trading brokers, hedge funds, banks as well as individuals.

The forex market is driven by the enormous scope for profit potential among the currency dealers, along with the supply and demand. The free floating system is more practical for today’s forex market which undergoes a change in the currency rate approximately every 4.8 seconds. After loosely evolving from a connection of financial centers to one integrated market, the foreign exchange market is now playing an exceptional role in a country’s economy. The forex market has expanded worldwide, reflecting the constant growth of international trades. When considering the size of the forex market, it’s important to understand that any transactions made, whether it’s with a future trading broker or an independent broker, will ultimately lead to more transactions. This is mostly due to the brokerage establishments as they readjust their positions whether to manage or off set their risks.

Today’s foreign exchange market is a truly worldwide, 24 hour a day trading zone, with most of the currency trading amidst the currency dealers in London, New York and Japan. The only time that currencies stop trading is on Friday when Japan closes its business and then there is a one day window before Europe steps in on Monday morning to open for business. Companies that sell and buy foreign currencies as part of their business like independent brokers and currency dealers, only make up a small percentage of forex trading. The majority of forex trading comes from banks, investment companies and brokerages. As more currency traders discover the foreign exchange markets potential for earning and raising capital, the market continues to develop and grow steadily. Forex reaches a daily turnover of at least 30 times more than any other U.S. market....


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marginal Trading...

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Hope you're very well...and ready for new trading week...Today We want to talk about Marginal Trading...

Marginal trading is both what makes trading on the foreign exchange market so possibly profitable – and its biggest risk. In a nutshell, trading on the margin is simply trading with borrowed capital. Depending on your dealer, you can purchase $100,000 worth of currency for as little as $500. If your trades are on target, you make a profit on the entire $100,000 lot – minus dealer commission, of course. If, on the other hand, your trade ends up losing you money, you could end up being liable for far more than the $500 you originally invested.

That’s why one of the strongest bits of advice you’ll hear from most experienced forex traders is ‘Keep your eye on the margin’ – or even more strongly, ‘Don’t ever trade on the margin’.

Here are some other important tips to keep in mind from forex traders on how to make quick money on the forex.

13 Buy low, sell high. That sounds like a ‘doh!’ moment, but there are many people who forget that the market runs in patterns of dips and rises. Keep your eye on the pattern and buy when the exchange rate dips, then sell when it peaks.

14 Be prepared to cut your losses. No one, no matter what they tell you, has a 100% profitable system. What they do have is the knowledge to get out of a trade before it goes further south. If you make a trade that decreases in value, decide ahead of time how much you can afford to lose. When you reach that low, sell. Don’t hang on ‘in case it turns around’.

15 Know the situation in the country whose currency you’re trading. The economy and politics of a country have a profound effect on the exchange rate of its currency. Keep your ear to the ground and be prepared to move based on what you hear – because everyone else will.

16 Pick a system that works for you. System is what it’s all about, according to traders who make money in the market. A system helps you decide in advance exactly how much you can afford to lose, and set stop/sell or buy orders based on those figures. Pick a system, live your system, and don’t second-guess your system.

17 Always keep in mind the bottom line. Especially if you’re day trading, you’ll find that you lose at least as often as you win – but you can still come out ahead if you plan your strategy and system out in advance. By deciding in advance how much you can afford to lose in a trade, and when you should take your profits and cut them loose, you’ll make a profit even when most of your trades are losers.

18 Finally, take the time to EDUCATE YOURSELF before you jump in with both feet. Forex trading is like any other business. You can’t make money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Study, read and practice – then go out there and make some money....

Have a good trading week...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finally! A *real* professional forex system...

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

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Hope you're fine ...what's you doing to achieve your trading goals

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Forex Supernatural is live NOW

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