Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are you really making money in Forex?

Hi Traders

Hope that you keeping walk with new trading strategy on the forex market...if you want to make serious income then let's improve your trading knowledge...
Here's the three most common reasons people don't
make anywhere near as much money (if any) as they
should trading:

1. The system you just bought doesn't work.
2. You work full-time.
3. There's no one to help you.

By the time you read this publish, it might be too
late. I wrote this just before 9 a.m EST and already
my Skype is lighting up like Times Square on New
Year's eve. I have been forced to ignore my publish
while I write this, but this is urgent and needs your
action right now.

This publish is important, but I don't mind if you go
straight to the website while you still have a
chance at getting a copy of the World Class Trading

As Far As I'm Concerned, This Is The Only Thing
That's Real In The Forex Market Right Now

I just want to cover the three points I just

Problem #1

How many times have you bought a system that didn't
work? Even worse, you spent hours of your precious
time when you could have been doing something else.
Well, it might surprise you to know that probably 9
out 10 Forex products are like that.

Because we don't have a lot of time, I'm going show
you a fool-proof way never to be caught again - just
do this. When you get the next, best Forex, hyped up
pitch in your in-box, just hit the reply button and
say "send me your login details."

As simple as that...

If they can't share with you their live, real money
trading account, hit the delete button. Don't waste
time, life's too short to deal with anyone who's not
real and doesn't have your best interest at heart.
Oh, and by the way - here's the login details for
what I consider to be the best chance you have at a
fair deal, right here:

Problem #2

Unless you won the sperm lottery when you were a
kid and inherited the family fortune, you have to
work for a living. There are very few jobs where you
wake up to each day so excited to get there that you
lose sleep over it, or go in 3 hours early for it.
Unless of course, you attended motivational speeches
five times a week and are heavily medicated.

For most of us mere mortals, we have to work to pay
the bills and make sure we hold the family together.
The problem is when you do have a dream. When you do
have an idea that might get you the life you
actually want, it seems almost impossible to carve
out the time to make it happen. There is always
something that sucks up that precious time.

I think the World Class Trading Stars is the answer.
Two of the three trading stars had a job, and the
other was a university student, when they finally
found a way to reliably, and consistently build
wealth through trading Forex.

That's why this email is important, they have agreed
to share their real world, money-making formulas
with 750, elite people who take action today.

Problem #3

I spend about 80% of my time helping people. These
are all genuine people who want to learn to trade
from home so that they change their lives, but don't
know how. The questions range from how to get into
trading, to highly sophisticated technical analysis
questions. I enjoy it, but half the time I'm
helping people solve a problem for a course, or
system, I have never heard of.

Here's the reality, and if you think about it, it's
common sense. How much effort will someone give you
for $50, or $97. The vast majority of people I deal
with, can't get in touch with the person who just
sold them the Forex product they just bought, or if
they can, their support person barely speaks English
and don't have a clue about Forex.

Let me say this again, that's why you have to get
over to the World Class Trading Stars information
page as soon as possible. Not only do they have a
dedicated team of traders available to answer every
question, from the basic beginners questions all the
way to profession traders who just need a little

I personally think this is one of the most important
parts of the package. Forget the mind blowing 8 DVDs,
jam packed with trades and explanations. The fact
that you become part of a small group of people
with dedicated traders there just to help you, is
worth more than you know.

Secret Weapon Of The Super Wealthy

Unless you want to run out and spend $500,000 on a
franchise, where you will work twice as hard as your
present job for the same money, this is worth paying
attention to.

Regardless of what marketing crew, dressed up as
traders, tell you, trading is not all perfume and
roses. There is massive potential, especially in the
Forex market, but you need to be guided so you don't
make mistakes.

This is all basic stuff your Mum or Dad would tell
you. Be cautious of exaggerated claims, go with
someone who has a track record and has credibility
in the market. When you're dealing with your most
valuable possessions, money and time, you don't bet
on a horse that's never run before.

World Class Trading Stars is the name of three
traders who won the biggest, and only trading
competition that is dedicated to finding the best
systems in the world. That's a hump no other company,
or individual can climb over. It's just the smart

Here's the problem...

There are only 750 copies of the World Class Trading
Stars systems in existence, and I think they will go
today. Don't think about it, just get over there,
then make your decision:

Proven Systems That
Can Make You RICH!

There's nothing anywhere that can hold a candle to
the World Class Trading Stars. You know why? Proof!
You stand all those high-flying, smart talking,
marketing types from coast to coast, but the one
wall they can't climb, is the proof wall.

They can show you a video, that looks like Steven
Spielberg made it. They can show you fancy graphics
that jump out at you and make you look. They can
even stretch the truth so far Pinocchio would blush,
but the one thing they can't do is show you the 100%
no B.S. truth.

It's simple, if you are a private person trading from
home, you have no reason or necessity to share your
results with anyone - BUT, if you want to sell your
system to the public, I think it's only fair you
should stand behind your product and prove that it
works. Is that unreasonable?

Think of any Forex product that pops into your mind,
either something you have seen lately, or maybe even
bought. Now ask yourself these

- Were you able to watch how the system performed for
a period of time before you bought it? World Class
Trading Stars systems were, and still are, open for
inspection since May this year.

- Do you know how strong the system is? It's all
well and good saying the system produced X, but when
did it produce X? A good system has to be able to go
through a lot a market changes, especially now. It's
no good quoting the best month a system ever had.
Real systems produce profit regardless of the market
conditions, and that's exactly what the World Class
Trading Stars systems did.

- Is the system replicable? Now, this is a big
question. Just because some computer geek with 10
monitors and a PHD in mathematics can trade the
system, doesn't mean you can. Here's what a system
means to me. You can give it to 10 average people
and those 10 average people can expect to get
similar results to the person selling the system.
Yet again, the World Class Trading Stars is the only
group where every member of the team has traded the
system live, and can demonstrate that they can
achieve the same results.

The Clock Is Ticking

Be One Of The Few Who Gets To
Unlock The Secret Of Wealth On Demand

As time is important, I'm going to summarise this for
you, so here's the deal. If you think, or have been
secretly planning to change your life and you need a
way to do it, this is probably the most cost
effective, proven, wealth building thing I could

Here's why...

Included in the World Class Trading Package are:

- The winning systems of 3 World Class Trading Stars
systems. Each one of the DVDs contain recordings of
live trades, walk through examples trades, how to set
up your charts and how to set up your indicators.

The best part is that you can see not only the World
Class Trading Stars trade live, you can see members
of the team also trade live, so you know others can
do it too.

- 2 bonus systems. These systems are so powerful
that the names will only ever be released to the few
people who get a copy of World Class Trading Stars.
The first system achieved 353.69% in one month of
live trading, and the second one achieved 316.54% in
one month of live trading. Every person who gets a
copy must swear never to reveal these systems.

- For anyone who is new to trading, there is an
entire DVD dedicated to taking a complete beginner,
by the hand, and walking them though every stage of
getting started.

- Nothing beats live training, and on the 7th DVD
you can watch hours of training sessions as a few
hand picked people learn how to trade these powerful

- This is the bad boy of the bunch. The #8 Experts
DVD contains more information, tools and reports
than courses that cost 10 times what the World Class
Trading Stars
does. Just think of the gifts that were
available over the last few days on the website, and
quadruple it.

Impressive right, but wait, it gets better...

That's only half of what you get!

You will also get exclusive access to the top secret
Strategy Room. This is a highly classified area,
inside the member's only area, where you can talk to
the World Class Trading Stars team members, and
other elite 750 club members.

This is important because you can see what everyone
is thinking and share the results you are having. We
can also share common problems.

In the Strategy Room, you will find...

WCTS - Exclusive Trading Reports
WCTS - The Trading Blog
WCTS - Fully Interactive Trading Forum
WCTS - New Trading Software Upgrades
WCTS - Trading Videos & More
WCTS - Live Training Session Dates
WCTS - Any Questions You May Have Can Be Answered

Last thing, and this should remove any doubt you
may have, try it for 60 days, and if it doesn't blow
you away, send it back. No minimum trade
requirement, in fact no minimum anything
requirements. There's no small print, if you manage
to get a copy of the World Class Trading Stars and
it isn't the best decision you ever made, send it
back. You will have lost nothing, how's that for a
no brainer...

All The Best

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trade Secrets of a Multi-Million Dollar

Make 6% per month with ETFs

Hi Traders

Wow! I just finished reading the power points for tonight's webinar
with my friend the ex-fund manager.

And, I’ve got to say, that in all my years in the trading business,
this is the most content rich webinar I have ever seen. No hype,
only hard core trading truths that not everyone is going to like.

Things like the fact that he and his hedge fund buddies used to
hunt stops. Now he’s teaching “civilians” how to make money
off those hedge fund stop hunters.

If you are new to trading, this hour could save you thousands of
dollars over the school of hard knocks.

Those who don’t get information like this risk having their whole
investment account being wiped out, before they’ve really had
a chance to trade.

Don’t miss out - Click here to register for this f.r.e.e ETF and
Money Management Seminar that takes place at 9pm EST tonight.

For trading veterans I can guarantee you that the advanced position
sizing tip is a golden nugget you’ll use for increasing profits and
decreasing risks in the years to come. This one tip could double
your profits regardless of what trading system you use. The one
tip alone can turn any average system into a winning system.

He’ll cover:

- How to maximize your winners.
- Why most traders have it 100% wrong when it comes to risk.
- How to eliminate 95% of trading stress and emotion.
- Why most traders have it backwards when it comes to winning
- Even how to become a professional money manager and raise
millions, if you so desire.

That last one really surprised me. Because I know that if you
really want to make millions in trading the fastest way is to use
leverage with other peoples’ money, when you are ready.

There are so many reasons to attend this F.R.E.E webinar
tonight at 9pm EST. I honestly believe you’re missing the
boat if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity. It won’t
be a waste of your time! I love sharing high quality content
with my subscribers and this is going to be one of the best.

Our host has worked trades as large as $50 million during his
money management career. He will share a little of his story,
but most of the hour will be spent teaching you how to improve
your trading.

Click here...

See you then,

Friday, October 7, 2011

Trading Course... It’s Time for a Revolution!

Hi Traders

Revolutions don’t happen in good times; they happen when times
Are desperate. With greater accessibility to information and
communication informed and desperate people are coming together
as can be seen in Tuisia, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, and Iran. The
people of the Middle East face monumental economic challenges.

With a New Congress and fresh debates on the edge of revolution
many leaders now understand the gravity and worldwide scope of
our present economic crisis. With no real signals that an economic
reset is near is this really revolution of economic change or
just a changing of the guard? We're still waiting for the true
end to the financial crisis. What can be done?

It’s time for a revolution. Except this revolution doesn’t need to
include street riots or mass rallies. What I’m talking about is a
personal revolution – an internal revolution to financial freedom.

My one voice and my one vote is my only power in true recovery
of our financial freedoms as a nation. As an individual my
greatest path to financial freedom is a personal internal
revolution to take ownership of my own trading and investing
decisions in today's market.

For the most part we have given the government and the money
managers to responsibility over our finances. How has that worked
out for you?

My desire is to empower you with the Knowledge of what the
money managers and Washington do not want you to know.

Knowledge is Freedom!

I would like to start by offering you the opportunity of a
FREE Mini Course that will open up the possibilities of you
taking responsibility for your own trading and investing decisions.

To begin your Free Mini Course go to click the link here...

If you really serious about having a fresh start to knowing
how to make the right trading and investing decisions in
today's market then I would suggest you Join me this
Thursday, October 13th at 9pm EST, for a FREE session with
an ex $50 Million dollar fund manager when he reveals the
secrets professional money managers would rather you not know.

I continue to keep you posted of the upcoming webinar and of some
exciting bonuses being offered on that webinar.

If after reviewing your Free Mini Course you are convinced it is
time to learn more and take ownership of your own Trading and
Investing decisions you can advance register for your f.r.e.e seat
at the October 13th, Thursday night webinar by clicking here:

Have a great success

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Forex's "golden numbers"? <--- New training

Hi Traders

Hope that you enjoy at beautiful weekend time with your family and friends...
Ever wondered the exact numbers pro traders
at the world's biggest banks pay close attention
to when they trade?

If so...

20-year "in the trenches" Forex trading vet
Tom Strignano has *just* released a video
training you need to see right away:

This is nearly a full HOUR of on-camera
"all meat" training with zero pitches, just
clear, detailed info on a tactic that rarely
gets talked about…

… how you can use the "golden" Fibonacci
levels as hidden "triggers" to place your
trades in synch with the industry's biggest
players (and make even bigger profits as a

I've NEVER seen Fibonacci explained in this
kind of depth from a *real* former bank trader
before, so this is a unique opportunity…

… and the video's only up for a short time.

Click here right now to check it out now --
all it "costs" is your email, and trust me you
want to stay on top of what Tom is up to anyway…

To YOUR Trading Success,