Sunday, January 31, 2010

How Dramatic Can FX Performance Proof Be?

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Hope you have a fun weekend...let's to be introduced with Forex Robot World Cup...
The Forex Robot World Cup Shocks The FX Industry

- What Did The Winning Robots Do To Achieve Astounding Performance (live trading for 2 months)?

- How Much Effort Was Put Into It?

- WHAT Are You Truly Getting Here BESIDES 72.5% Per Month VERIFIED automatic

- How Transparent Was Their Competition?

I'm sure you've heard people say this before...

"We're only human!"

...We make mistakes, we have feelings, we're impulsive, over-cautious... in short - the same thing that makes us so unique is also our greatest enemy.

We can think many times faster than the best computers in the world yet, at any given time, we're thinking about so much that each thought affects the other...

Again, we're only human after all!

It's always been a problem for traders - we're NOT androids! We agonize over every decision we make... we feel greed and fear.

We lack discipline... and that's how some of our best trades slip through the cracks. Bottom line... we need to be cold, calculating and mechanical in order to make it in the markets.

This is exactly the reason why automated FX trading is making such huge waves in our industry. It takes us - our thoughts, our decisions, our judgments... out of the equation completely.

And THAT is the real way to profit from FX trading... AS LONG as you have the right automated solution.

Now... here's where things get really interesting...

They recently held the Forex Robot World Cup. Just like the soccer world cup decides which is the greatest team in the world... this contest decides which is the greatest FX ROBOT in the world.

It's the first contest of its kind and a true milestone in this industry... and, soon, the winning robots will be available for purchase in small quantities.

Now... what they have prepared for you here is amazing and you've *got* to see it...

They've made a simply awesome video that takes us backstage to see how everything came together. It's still hard to believe that Forex has come this far - this is something you absolutely HAVE to watch.

Here's a quick summary:

- A look at the top performing robots

- The truth behind the motive for the competition

- Why transparency is vital (and what do FX robot vendors hide from you!)

- Why the biggest FX broker in the world decided to become a sponsor

- Why over 92.7% didn't qualify to take part

- Why real-money, live trading is the only REAL proof for an FX bot...

This exclusive video, awaited for so long by 1000's of FX traders, is only going to be available for a short period of time so, do yourself a favor, and watch this as soon as possible.

And, by the way, in the past 4 days alone, the FRWC organizers have had over 1,000 emails from people wanting to buy the FRWC's Royal Trader (their product that contains the top-performing robots of the competition).

They are going to release a limited number of copies... no way around it. Make sure you learn about them - their credibility level and their commitment to change the industry here...

All the best,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forex Robot World Cup (#1 Ranked EA At 194.24% And Soon Available!)

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Hope that you heard about Forex Robot World Cup...

--> #1 Ranked Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) Robot At 156.91% Profjt In Just 1 Month and 27 Days!

--> Soon, The Top Competing EAs Of The FRWC Will Be Available For Purchase

Many of my subscribers have been steadily following the Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC)...

Just a small re-cap for those that haven't:

The FRWC was created with the objective of finding the best NON-COMMERCIAL Forex robot in the world through a competition based on solid and transparent rules.

What does non-commercial mean? Simple, robots that are not being sold or marketed anywhere but are solely used by their developers.

Hundreds of independent robot developers from all over the globe joined the FRWC to compete for the #1 Prize... US $100,000 (which is why the FRWC got the BEST of the BEST robot developers to participate)!

Now... the competition has two phases, the qualification phase and the live (real money) trading phase.

As of December 1st, 2009 the live trading phase started with 24 robots out of the 329 submitted during the qualification phase (which lasted over 2 months!)

Yes... ONLY 24 robots!

Why so few? Simple - the FRWC's qualification rules are TOUGH! They have the sole objective of truly having the best of the best compete... robots that have the potential of not just having good results for a short period of time...

...but robots that can be consistently profitable over time.

You can view the live (real money) results of the 24 competing FRWC robots (updates every 15 minutes) here...

...and, by the way, you will also be able to view each robot's real money live account statement so you can see each and every trade it takes as the competition progresses, right through to the end on Friday, January 29th, 2010.

It is truly exciting to finally see an event designed to separate truth from hype...

...let me explain.

Once the live phase of the FRWC is over this coming Friday, the winning robots will be available for purchase (in very small quantities).

This means one simple thing: THE END OF B.S. ROBOTS IN THE MARKET!

Once and for all, FX traders will be able to put their hands on real, PROVEN money making FX robots.

No marketing hype... no cheap sales pitches... just the natural outcome of the most important automatic FX trading competition, which YOU can follow live AND verify on a daily basis...

By the way... after almost 2 months of live, real money trading, the leading robot is at 156.91% profjt!

I don't know about you, but I have been (and will be) following this thing on a daily basis until the end :-)

All the best

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

USDBOT’s Unexpected Live Results

Hi Traders

A limited number of USDBOT copies have just been released to the public. We saw video testimonials from forex traders…we saw the USDBOT case study and the free report…we saw live trading statements showing real money accounts multiplying…we had a live chat with Mark and his team for questions. An unbelievable feat has been accomplished. This is an extremely rare opportunity that doesn’t come often. It’s definitely one of the best ones I have seen in recent times. Take action now!

This is one of the most advanced automated forex trading robots to hit the markets! It’s neural adaptive technology combined with its 2-in-1 strikingly accurate system has ushered in a new era of forex trading. It has been proven to work completely on its own without any human intervention and under any market conditions.

Unfortunately, USDBOT will be open only for a very limited time so act quickly to secure your copy. Thousands of traders are already flocking to the doors to obtain their copy of this revolutionary trading system. It’s selling like cake. The servers have already begun to slow down and we don’t know how much longer they will last.

Here is the link...

Hurry up and grab a copy of this HOT money maker that works so perfectly and flawlessly. Fill up those emptied Christmas and New Years wallets with cold hard cash. Right now, they are practically giving it out for free. Their strategy and coding is pro work but they have way underpriced their robot. I really hope you get a copy before they realize and change their prices or worse yet, change USDBOT to a monthly subscription. Check it out and read for yourself.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Live 1-on-1 Support Chat Session w/USDBOT developers

Hi Traders

How by gone this trading day with you satisfied with trading result...
Over the past few days, Mark and his team at USDBOT have totally stunned us with Video Testimonials from forex traders, a Case Study, an Explanation of their system, and answers to frequently asked questions. That was just the beginning. What they are doing next is completely unheard off in the forex industry.

After surveying a bunch of forex traders, they found that a majority complained of inadequate support from EA developers. Here’s the kicker…to solve that, Mark and his team are having a LIVE 1-on-1 Support Chat Session today. It begins at 9 AM EST. Can you believe that? This is the first time I am seeing such a team dedicated to customer support and satisfaction. Mark wants nothing but 200% customer satisfaction.

In this session, Mark and his team will answer any last-minute questions you might have before tomorrow when a limited number of copies of the USDBOT System are released.

To access the live chat click here...

Mark and his team have truly accomplished a remarkable feat. Just seeing such a high level of support makes me wonder how great of a product USDBOT must be. I suspect USDBOT is of top notch quality, nothing but the absolute best.

Mark has mentioned that his team and him are releasing a limited number of copies tomorrow at 9 AM EST. Keep an eye out for my e-mail tomorrow morning for more information on how to get hold of a copy.

Till Tomorrow,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

USDBOT Shocks Forex Traders With Live Trading Proof

Hi Traders

Hope that you fine and you thinking about your trading future with more enthusiasm...
I’ll keep this extremely short. I am blown away with what Mark just sent me…Mark and his team are going one step further and releasing live trading statements showing their robot in action. These are real accounts, real money, no backtests, no demos, only the real deal.

Even in some of the most turbulent economic times (the past year), USDBOT has consistently made steady profits on small, medium, and large accounts. This is the first time I’m seeing something like this.

There is not much I can say, you just have to take a look for yourself.

Amazing, isn’t it? That’s exactly how I feel.

Till Tomorrow,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Download Forex Neutrino While You Still Can

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Do you know What's new on Forex Market...I suppose that you have read my previous blog post where I have written about that...

Forex Neutrino Is Now Ready For Collection but...

Rich is only releasing 600 copies of Forex Neutrino. Over 70,000
people reading about this right now. That means a lot of
people are going to be left out in the cold.

Forex Neutrino is the only system in the world that gives the
little guy the opportunity to play the game on the same level as
the biggest traders on Wall Street.

The best part of
Forex Neutrino is that it's Risk Free to you.
That's right, Richard is so confident that you will be blown away
by the power of his system, that he's willing to let you try it
for 60 days -and if your not happy, all you have to do is tell
Richard and he will refund the full price of Forex Neutrino...

To Your Success,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Exposed Secrets Of A Forex Billionaire...

Hi Traders

The Forex world as you know it is about to be blown
wide open for the average trader.

Now, if your like me, then your email box is full of
big promises that rarely live up to the hype. The flavor
of the week, the newest, latest and greatest system
or Bot that you just have to try. Frankly, I'm sick of it
and I'm sure you are too!

That's why when Richard Samuels got in touch with me
about his system, Forex Neutrino, I was excited. You see,
Richard's not one of the guru's. In fact he's a regular trader
just like you who got fed up with the guru's games and
manipulations and decided to figure things out for himself.

And what he discovered will blow your socks off.

You see see, Richard studied the methods of the titans of
Forex Trading. Guys like Bruce Kovner, a former NYC
Taxi Cab driver who borrowed $3000 on his credit card and is
now one of the 50 richest people in America thanks to the
Forex Market.

Guys like John Henry, a former Arkansas Soybean and Cotton
farmer who nows owns the Boston Red Sox and his own NASCAR
team with his forex profits.

Or how about Richard Dennis, a small time trader who turned a $300

Richard Samuels made it his life's mission to find out what these top
forex traders have in common, locking himself away from his friends and
family in his basement study until he had unlocked their secret code.

And let me tell you, it's a real doozey!

Go watch this short video where Richard shares some of what he found
out. Your going to be amazed.

To Your Trading Success,

Friday, January 8, 2010

Only a few spaces left for the 1 year ETF mentorship program

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This Year we start with great information from Forex market...

Maybe you haven’t listened to the recording yet?

Click here to get access to it:

Here’s the cheat sheet of what’s covered in the webinar:

- Two simple tricks that instantly remove 95% of your emotions in trading. Since we know fear and greed are the number one killers of traders, this info could improve your trading now.

- A little known position sizing trick that can double your returns, regardless of what market or system you trade.

- Why money managers who only risk 1-2% per trade still make great returns.

- How some hedge funds hunt stops and a simple trick to avoid being trapped.

- Why trading is not a "zero sum game" and what this means for the average trader.

- How to make strong profits using the daily charts and trading only 10 minutes per night.

- One of his profit target strategies. He has 4 in total and gives one away.

- How Jim Rogers, Warren Buffett, and others became great traders and investors.

- What the "gurus" selling hype trading courses are hiding from you AND

- Six easy ways to spot a counterfeit "trading teacher" from a mile away.

- How to not be vague with your entries and stops like when others say: "Buy a few cents, ticks, or pips above ___."

- A little known, no cost, scanner tool that can help you right now.

- He also gives you an excel sheet that does ALL the math for you so you can easily see the optimal position size and risk vs. reward ratio on all trades.

ETF trend trading strategy

All that in an hour? It certainly isn’t a waste of time!

This guy really knows his stuff. He should after placing trades as large as $50 million before he retired from money management. He shares a little of his story, but most of the hour is spent teaching you how to trade better.

I like to share valuable free info with my subscribers and this one defiantly fits-the-bill.

Click here to register for the recording:

See you there,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Webinar that reveals how Hedge Funds hunt stops.

Hi Traders

The first lesson you have to learn on Forex Market is to follow reputable trading strategy events on Forex Market...

Have you ever had that feeling… after you were stopped out and the market went back in your original direction, that a bank or large fund had hunted your stop and stolen your shares?

Well, that’s because it’s true!

The guest on this Thursday night webinar, a former big fund manager, used to do just that.

In small markets like penny stocks his firm could do it all by themselves. In larger more liquid markets they would team up with other hedge funds. He says even some banks would do it.

So what can you do about it? Learn to either stay out of the market when the hedge funds are hunting stops, or profit from it.

We’ll talk about how to survive the hedge fund hunters during his complementary webinar Thursday at 9pm EST.

Go ahead and reserve your slot now – with over 232,322 invitations and only 700 spaces, you’ll need to register and opt in early to get on the webinar. Click here to register...

In addition to the long list of topics I listed in yesterday’s notice, he will also be discussing:

ETF Trend Trading

- How some hedge funds hunt stops and a simple trick to avoid getting caught, most of the time. Yes, hedge funds, brokers and other individuals (not the “market”) really do hunt your stops.

- One of his four proprietary profit target strategies. He’ll just give you this valuable tip for listening in Thursday.

- How to avoid being vague with your entries and stops (like those “gurus” who say, "Buy a few cents, ticks, or pips above ___." )

- A little known, no cost, scanner tool that can help you improve your trades, now.

- A complementary excel sheet that does ALL the math for you. You’ll be able to easily see the optimal position size and risk vs. reward ratio on all your trades.

I promise it won’t be a waste of your time. My trader friend really did do trades as large as $50 million before he left the world of money management. He will explain how he learned these tricks-of-the-trade, but most of the hour will be spent on teaching you how to be a better trader. I like to share useful content with my subscribers and this is a big chance to do just that.

Click here to register for your free seat at the Thursday night webinar.

Hope to see you there,

Monday, January 4, 2010

There’s No Room for Emotions in Forex Trading

Hi Traders

Hope you had a great Holiday it's time for new seasson of Forex Trading...let's to remind yourself about important trading strategy....

“Go with your gut.”

When it comes to forex trading, that’s a trading strategy that is bound to lose you money – unless your gut is highly trained and impervious to emotion. The trick to making money in the currency exchange market is to avoid making emotional decisions and follow a carefully thought out strategy that takes the current market and history into account.

Forex trading is a highly volatile market. Emotions tend to run high – and low – and either of those extremes can influence your trading decisions, unless you have a strategy planned in advance, and stick to it, no matter what you THINK you’re seeing at the moment. The keys to success in Forex are system, analysis and perseverance. Note that emotion is not one of them. Going with your gut is a losing proposition in forex trading.

Letting your emotions rule your decisions can hurt your trading in several different ways. It’s the reason that most experienced traders tell novice traders that they need to develop a system – and stick to it no matter what. The system tells you when to buy, what to buy, when to trade and what to trade for. By sticking to your system even when you want to fly in the face of accumulated data, you’ll maximize your profits.

A system based on technical analysis of historical market trends is one of the most potent tools that you can utilize if you’re just getting started in forex trading – and many traders with years of experience continue to use their system to keep the profits rolling in. In fact, many will tell you that when their ‘gut instinct’ and their system collide, the system is almost always right.

The third key is perseverance. Analysis of trends in the market will show you that the market moves in dips and spurts within overall patterns that are predictable. No trend moves smoothly in an up or down line – there are inevitable periods of time when values suddenly spiral up or down based on some outside factor. These are the times when emotion can hurt your portfolio. When a currency that you’re holding takes a sudden dip south, it’s tempting to succumb to panic trading, cut your losses and run even if your system tells you to hold on. On the other hand, it’s easy to catch the rising excitement as a trade starts increasing in value and scramble to buy more of the same. These are exactly the times to rely most heavily on your trading system. It will tell you exactly when to trade for maximum profit.

Using a mechanical system takes the emotion out of your trading, eliminating one of the key factors that people fail. Your system doesn’t get stubborn about proving a theory. It isn’t swayed by bad news, or elated by good news. It doesn’t hold onto a bad trade hoping against hope that if it just holds on long enough, the trend will turn around and become a moneymaker.

To be effective, your system – whether you develop your own or adopt one created by someone else – should identify the entry point of your trade, the exit point of your trade, mitigating factors, and an exit strategy. In laymen’s terms that means:

- Under what conditions should I acquire a currency?

For instance, you may have a buy order for when a particular currency drops more than 5 pips because your analysis tells you that that’s likely to be as low as it goes.

- Under what conditions should I trade that currency for another – and which one?

There are two reasons to exit – to maximize your profit, or minimize your loss. That means you have a set stop-loss order and a set take-profit order at which point to cash out your trade.

- What factors will I allow to change that decision?

If you’re not careful, this is where emotion will sour deals for you. While the money market moves in predictable patterns, there are always individual variations of a trend within those patterns. If you’ve taken those variations into account, it will be far easier to decide when a factor really does make a difference, and when it’s just wishful thinking.

- How will I trade out of a currency?

Your exit strategy may be as simple as ‘a stop-loss order when my loss hits 5% or a take-profit order when I’ll make 40% profit’.

By employing a system to tell you when to get in, out or stick, you’ll minimize the impact of your emotions on your trading and maximize your proft...

Recommend to review: You can access to 3 private trading videos where you can see the "60:30:10 Principle" in action on some real-world trading scenarios...

Have a good Trading