Friday, July 31, 2009

This Is Shocking Forex News…

Hi Traders

Hope you have a fund day on Forex Market...What's your result this trading week...
I am glad to be the bearer of some fantastic news.
Due to my contacts in the Forex Industry I have inside information on the pending release of the greatest Forex Trading Tool out there.

If you’re sick of losing money trading the Forex Market and feel like you need that extra expert help to get you the kind if money you have dreamed of earning from Forex Trading, then I can help you...

Yes I can assure you that there will be no more frustrations with Forex or stupid losses, and in fact you don’t even have to know a thing about Forex trading to become successful at it.
Paul who we all know to be one of the top Forex traders in the country has decided to unleash this new beast.

This is one of the industry’s best kept secrets and only a handful of people have had access to this profit grabbing Forex Tool, until now....

Forex Accumulator is unprecedented in its trading strategy and actually goes one step further than 95% of the EA’s out there, by actually working.
Luckily I am in a privileged position in the Forex industry and my opinion is highly valued, so I was able to get a beta test of this amazing EA…
My final verdict is WOW, Forex Accumulator is certainly going to shake this industry by the neck and is what traders have been screaming out for years from complete novices to seasoned veterans.
The unique trading strategy built into this robot has helped Paul accumulate profits of $5,125 in the space of few hours. Check it out here...

Amazing isn’t it? However, this is only the start of what this EA is able to accomplish

I can assure you of that.
Forex Accumulator is so easy to use that even ordinary people like us are able accumulate huge sums of money trading with it.
I promise to reveal more to you and keep you updated with the latest developments, because I believe there will be limited amount of copies available and I would hate you to miss out.

Good look with your Forex quest

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IvyBot Pro Forex Robot is LIVE!

Hi Traders

Hope you have been satisfied with yesterdays Webinar ...
The wait is over, it is Tuesday Morning and Ivybot is HERE!

The most anticipated moment of the past few years in Forex
Automated Trading Systems is finally here…

Yes, Ivybot is available to the public! And you are lucky enough
to be one of the first people to have the opportunity to use it. I personally
have never seen this much excitement made over any product release before.

Many of you have viewed the Report put out by IvyBot, I know thousands attended
the webinars yesterday, which turned out to be extremly good! If you did have
a chance to attend I am sure you have noticed that these guys are all about presenting the facts, features and benefits. They are not ones to add all the hype, because frankly, IvyBot doesn't need all of speaks for itself.

IvyBot has established a new standard in Forex Trading. You can now
see what all the financial heavyweights have been talking about and become
an owner yourself...

Technology is improving our lives daily, in ways we can only imagine. So why not
allow it to improve your Forex Trading?

Finally, the market insiders have brought you the technology previously enjoyed
by only a select group of sophisticated individuals, the same individuals who
have enjoyed these successes all to themselves for years.

Not Anymore!!

From today forward, being “an insider” isn’t important because you will now
have something Better, something more profitable, and something you will never
see on the market again.

You have the opportunity to have the ultimate, most advanced
Forex trading Robot on the planet.

...AND the BEST part, the IvyBot Team will keep you in the "Know" with
constant updates to the member's area. There is a very good reason why
IvyBot has been posted all over the Net these past weeks...because it
trully is a unique opportunity.

Their page has been updated with all the details...

I don't want to keep going with a long post because I have a feeling
people already know what a powerful system IvyBot is and they are anxious
to see what the IvyBot creators have in store for you, yourself...

Good Trading

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ivbot Creators go live with their Webinar today...

Hi Traders

Hope you're decided to be involved in this trading week...
All I can say is WOW! The buzz around the brand new Ivybot Pro Forex Robot
this past weekend has been crazy and I have a feeling it is only going to get more insane today.

If you haven't heard the creators of Ivybot (And a surprise guest) are going
to be holding a series of live webinars today. You can find all the times and
how to
register here...

Also if you have not had a chance to check out the free report that has been made available you will also find the
details here...

I have heard from several of my sources that we are in for a real treat with this webinar! Here are a few of the important topics they will be touching on this afternoon...

* The IvyBot Trading Strategy
* Optimizing IvyBot for the best results
* Special Appearance by a Forex Pro (Always interviewed on CNBC, CNN, Fox, etc.)
* Education regarding the most recent Regulatory rules and what they mean to you
* FAQ Section
* Question & Answer Session

This really will be a great opportunity to get a sneak preview at IvyBot right before she goes live.

**Important Note**
I have heard that they are only allowing a certain number of people in each webinar for quality control reason (i.e. - Getting to people's questions, etc) So I believe they are going to open up the waiting room for both webinars this afternoon 30minutes prior to the actual start.

Now if you have been living under a rock the past couple weeks :) ... let's recap why Ivybot's Forex Robot is completely different than others...

The secret behind Ivybot is that the system is actually four separate trading systems that work together. This is unlike any other forex system on the market today. Ivybot, and only Ivybot, has a unique system for each currency pair, this is why it is so profitable, and this is why it is the best system on the market.

Another key behind Ivybot is that their system is constantly changing, and they update and deliver their system whenever they feel a change is necessary. Basically, you get a lifetime membership to the Ivybot system, receiving FREE upgrades to the most elite forex system ever designed.

Tomorrow morning the world of foreign exchange will be rocked by the release of Ivybot. Tomorrow morning, Ivybot, the revolutionary system developed by geniuses will be downloaded to thousands of computers and will begin analyzing the markets in an attempt to extract as much winning trades as possible.

Make sure you get registered for this once in a lifetime experience!

Again the webinar is limited to a certain number of people. I know there is two of them so if one is filled up get registered for the next one. Also I believe that they will be posting a recording of the webinar so you'll be able to check it out if you can't get into the live one.

Everything these guys do is a step above everything I have ever seen from other Forex systems, I hope you are as excited as I am!!

So don't wait, make sure you
get registered for one of these webinars...

All the best,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Introducing the most Profitable FX Robot to date...

Hi Traders

How are you TODAY... do you know what's happen on forex market....
The Forex marketplace has exploded and record profits are being made to those with the right tools. Do yourself a favor and pay very close attention, because I am about to introduce the most powerful Forex Trading System that has ever been created.

I’ve been trading Forex for quite some time now and trust me when I say… “I was blown away by what I saw.” I have met a group of guys who have made millions of dollars while the world markets were crashing. I saw something that I never thought I would have ever seen before. It’s absolutely incredible.

Here is a short video introducing them and their creation...

This automatic Forex Trading Robot outperforms anything else out in the market by a long shot. It was built by a group of Ivy League friends who made a killing in the market over the past 10 years. Their strategy has been a secret for years, but due to their tremendous success they have agreed to release it to the public.

...and they have the PROOF to back it up. Make sure you scroll down below the video and take a look for yourself at the shocking amount of profit and an official beta testers
PDF Report...

After a lot of effort, hundreds of emails, and some inside connections, I got my hands on a copy of this amazing new Forex Robot for Beta testing. Let me tell you, it was not easy. I decided to test it myself, to see if what I had heard, was true.

Well after months of testing, I finally concluded that nothing comes close to this. 54 winning trades in a row!!! I could not believe it, everything these guys had told me came true!

Their true genius is revealed in how they design their Forex systems. Rather than one system for all markets, they have a separate Forex Trading Robot for each Currency pair! The group currently runs four separate systems on four separate pairs, something unseen in any other Forex Trading system on the market. It makes sense doesn’t it? Rather than one system running on four pairs, have four systems running on four pairs!

Also these guys are smart enough to realize that even their superior trading system will sometime need tweaks to maximize its performance as the markets change. Rumor has it that they are going to give their members access to a life-time of updates. This means you WILL NEVER find yourself again with an outdated system that doesn't work!!

To be honest, it’s no wonder people are so excited. This is a Robot that has been kept secret for years now. It has accumulated loads of money, and has been used by some of the largest and most profitable trading firms in the world. Luckily for you and some other fortunate people, it is being released to the public for a limited time only.

In just 5 days from now at 9:00 AM EST IVYBOT goes Live. I don't know how many copies they are going to sell or how long this deal will be available, but I certainly would not wait around to find out.

Again you can find out more info here...

Good Trading,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's the average Forex trader *payback* time..

Hi Readers

Hope you're take action on Forex market this week...Today I wish to inform you that
The Forex Humanoid robot is finally being unveiled to an elite
group of traders -- are you ready to jump on board and get
your hands on a never seen before A.I. capable of generating
as much as $103,085.34 completely on auto-pilot?

You have heard of how these guys, who hate those dodgy
"robots" that always end up wiping out your account, spend less
than 5 minutes per week at the computer and still manage to
*safely* pull 6 figures per year from their Forex account...

Thanks to Forex Humanoid...

And you have seen other robots letting you down over and over
again, but here is finally the ONLY solution to fully
automated long term profits -- no matter if you never traded
Forex in your life!

Now it's YOUR *payback* time...

So what exactly makes "Humanoid" so special? Why is this
robot a *superior A.I.* and how can make YOU as much
as $5,350 with ONE single trade -- and yet keep its winning
percentage as close as 100% as it can possibly be?

Well without giving away too much of the
secrets behind its technology, Forex Humanoid is an intraday
trader, with scalper’s power and long term trader’s results.

Don’t expect it to trade every day, or even every week.

But here is what you can expect... Stable positive results
(I’m talking about a NEVER seen before 99.1% winning rate
here!!!) and maximum safety...

This will allow you to use it on a REAL live account without
any worries or fear of losing your invested capital
overnight because of a couple of losing trades.

It’s practically the Holy Grail of Forex trading, at such
ridicolously low price that anybody would be crazy not
try it now that is finally being unveiled to the rest of
the world...

It trades few hours a day... So you don’t have to get a
VPS or hosting server to keep your metatrader running 24/5.

And, unlike anything you have ever seen before, you can
just start with a few $100's, you have full control over the
EA and will work with all market conditions and almost
all currency pairs.

What more can I say? This is just what EVERY trader needs, a
way to take the "gamble" out of Forex trading and turn the forex
market into their own cash-machine -- SAFELY and completely
on auto-pilot!

Trillions of dollars are being traded and it is much
easier than you ever thought to claim your cut of it...
You just need to start using the right system -- And Forex
Humanoid IS that system...

To your forex success,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Forex A.I. turns $10,000 into $103,085.34 with ZERO losses..

Hi Traders

Hope you have a great weekend, Today's I wish to introduce you with Forex Humanoid...

I am really excited to announce a *major* breakthrough in the way
you can trade Forex to generate massive profits on auto-pilot and
with an almost 100% accuracy...

This is nothing like you have ever heard before, so I really
encourage you to take a few minutes of your time to read this short
text-- it's just incredible stuff.

A while ago I was contacted by the Forex Humanoid team about a new
superior A.I. that they have been developing for quite a while
and that produced never seen before results.

Let me tell you, their robot truly is a "superior A.I."...

I had a pick at this robot and, I must admit, I was shocked. All
these years taking risks whilst trying to find the "miracle" system
or piece of software made me feel so silly!

Forex Humanoid is like nothing you have ever seen before, it has
effortlessly turned a bank of $10,000 into $103,085.34 on auto-pilot
placing 29 secure trades and ZERO losses!

The Humanoid A.I. is a scalper, an intraday trader and a long term
trader. It was designed to take advantage of the best of each
group and minimize the weakness of each kind and it's practically

And now, here is the greats news for YOU...

These guys just had enough of all the "hype" and the "lies" around
forex robots and decided to come out of the shadow to *proof* that
a team of professional traders and programmers can indeed develop
the "ultimate forex robot", the one capable of returning high profits
with little to none risk.

But the so called "experts" have been doing it wrong all along...

And they are ready to genuinely help those average traders, looking for
a REAL way to make a living with Forex, who have been let down over
and over in the past.

So head over to the website and watch their video to
find out why the other Forex robots NEVER work for the average trader
and why this is your ONLY chance to get something that produces REAL
results in the LONG term.

Watch the video, get their secret report and take advantage of the
*free* Forex trading system (worth $97.00) that they are also
handing you over here on
this page...

To your forex success,

Friday, July 17, 2009

Do you have this Forex trick up your sleeve?

Hi Traders

Hope you're fine... Sometimes the summer warmed day can be filled with useless activites so be step ahead and learn something usefull for your Forex trading...

If someone was about to giveaway their number one Forex
trading trick -- would you want it?

I thought you would!

Well, right now, you can get the favorite trading trick of
34+ year trading veteran Bill Poulos, which you can use
again & again to dramatically increase your odds of success
in the Forex markets.

And the best part is, you can have it ON THE HOUSE,

Now, as you know, Forex trading CAN be profitable. However,
the big problem is knowing WHEN any given market is

That's critical to your potential success because a trending
market tends to keep going in the same direction.

And when you find a market that's trending, you can jump on
board and ride it for a potential profit, as many times as
you like.

Bill has traded the markets since 1974, and in all that
time, I've rarely seen a technique that's more simple and
effective than the one you're about to learn...F.R.E.E.

Grab this trick right now and try it for yourself.

Good Trading,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grab your Limited Fapt. Evolution copy now!

Hi Traders

How are you...We have not time to lose time...
Steve, Mike and Uli from Fapturbo Evolution have opened the doors and just as I am writing this thousands of people are scrambling to get their own limited Fapt. Evolution superrobot.

I fear the doors will close much faster than anyone could have expected. In fact I heard that before the launch they had over 150,000 visitors checking out the webinar and prove materials... it`s insane.

Should the servers crash (they are slow right now) make sure to reload the site a couple of times... i would recommend you to wait but I fear that would be very bad advice in this case as the onslaught is so unreal.

Hope you are able to get into this once in a lifetime opportunity. Even the newest trading results are online from yesterday!

A MUST so go and
check it out now before the hated "sold out" sign comes on screen closing you out forever.

Best wishes

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fapt. Evolution FREE Prize Giveaway...

Hi Traders

If you saw the Fapt. Evolution proofpage yesterday at
this page

I am sure a ton of questions kept running trough your mind.

How can a forexrobot robot have such an extreme performance?
What are the differences between all the crappy metatrader 4 robots and
this new java based platform one?
Why are spreads so much better here?

and most important:
How the hell does this robot manage to pull in USD 8,400 REAL CASH in
a SINGLE DAY of autotrading???

Well the good news are they promised to answer all of those questions
plus give out a FREE copy of their Fapt. Evolution robot to a lucky


Simple. Just attend one of the two free webinars that are being held
tomorrow! 1 winner per webinar will be chosen randomly among the
participants, so make sure to be there early before the rooms are full!

Webinars on monday 13th:

To attend the FAPT Evolution Webinar at 4PM EST 20 GMT

Bookmark this URL!

See you tomorrow in the webinar!

Good luck,

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shocking Fapt Evolution Results....

Hi Traders

How are you Today....I have to break your relaxation and excite you with new information on Forex Market...
The Forex Evolution Guys have put together a huge proof/showoff page and it seems as if the enormous hype is justified.

Avi Frister, Donna Forex, Chuck from forexpeacearmy and Zeno Streich from 4xproject have been beta testing Fapturbo Evolution with real money accounts from usd 10,000 up to usd 30,000 ! There is even the developers account on display with an incredible balance of usd 117,369!

you absolutely have to see this!

Make sure you are on one of the free webinars held on Monday 13th. The developers want to answer questions live! This is definitely something unique. A forex robot that breaks free from all the copycat metatrader systems based on a new platform with spreads so awesome the fapturbo evolution robot can scalp the profits out like a hot knife flows trough warm butter.

A 100% success rate with each and every beta tester left in profit.. with REAL MONEY.

Ever heard of that? Didn`t think so.

check it out!

Best wishes

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fapturbo Evolution - The Legend Continues...

Hi Traders

Hope you have excite time on Forex Market...A rumor is roaming the web.. seems as if the Fapturbo developers have been secretly working behind the curtains on some super robot that will be available only to a chosen few. A robot that leaps over the limitations of the metatrader trading portal and works with a special based java marketplace platform only.. a one robot/one broker solution so to speak, cutting out all the guesswork and variables, providing the worlds first TRUE "plug and earn" automated income trading system.

Let me tell you this.. I´ve been able to get the confirmation that the rumor is true!

In fact this special Robot carries the codename "FapTurbo Evolution" and seems to have the ability to make extraordinary and most of all stable gains on a special platform with fantastic spreads! Due to the huge success of Fapturbo and over 43.000 sold copies (!!) they have been able to gather the best coders on the web to work together with them since over 8 months on this "next generation" robot ...

However there is one major drawback... it will be definitely limited in numbers and most of you guys won`t be able to see it in action unfortunately. Unlike fapturbo it will not be on the web for long. In fact you will never see it on searchengines as when it goes live it will be offline after a few days.. maybe even hours again.. this was also confirmed by my insider contact.

He told me that the ONLY reason why a few copies will be around is that they need to gather some more trading information to stay on top of their coding game. Rumors say that this robot is going to revolutionize the way people make money online as fapturbo did 8 months ago. Only that this time the gains will be monstrous, but the losses are going to be far, far worse for those outside the loop.... you have been warned.

I am currently trying to get more concrete information and will let you know as soon as possible. For now PLEASE keep this information to yourself and do not divulge it on the web as not to limit our "window of opportunity"

More eyes on the prey lessen our chance to catch it.

Fapturbo has been the most successful forex robot up to date featuring live real money gains on site and made countless people very VERY wealthy.. the expectations for its successor are SKY HIGH and Mike, one of the head developers assured me that they will be not only matched but left in the dust..

Please understand that I am not entitled nor capable to reserve any copy for you nor do I have more info to spare at this moment. As soon as I can dig out more you will be the first to know!

Cordially yours,

Monday, July 6, 2009

Top Four Traits of a Successful Forex Market Trader...

Hi Traders

Hope you have enough time to invest on Forex Trading and make significant profit on this's I want to talk about Top Four Traits of a Successful Forex Market Trader

Forex trading on the internet is the quickest way to use your investment capital to its maximum. The foreign exchange markets can offer certain advantages to the smaller and larger traders, thus making the foreign exchange currency trading more preferable than the other markets such as stocks, options and all of the traditional futures. Here are some of the top reasons why you will want to use the forex trading on the internet, in order to become a more successful forex market trader.

1. Forex is the largest market, trading at a volume of almost two billion, giving forex traders virtually unlimited flexibility and liquidity. That’s over three times larger than the equity market and over five times larger than futures.

2. Forex trading can fit into anyone’s schedule because it is available on the internet 25 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no waiting for markets to open; they are always open day in and day out. This flexible schedule makes the forex market extremely attractive to those professional and potential traders and investors.

3. Forex trading on the internet encompasses buying one currency while simultaneously selling another currency; therefore you have an equal opportunity to make a profit no matter what direction the currencies are heading. Another great advantage to consider is that there are currently only fourteen pairs of currencies to trade. Compare those fourteen currencies to the thousands of stocks, options and futures when you’re considering the pros and cons of delving into the trading game.

4. Investors and traders are flocking to the forex internet trading as a way to gain a higher leverage to their investments. Some brokers even offer margin ratios of 200/1 in open forex trading accounts. There are also those mini-forex accounts that can be opened for a minimum of $200, offering a margin of 0.5%, where $50 in trading capital will control a ten thousand unit currency position....

“ You Want Freedom To Do What You Want,When You Want... Trading Forex Can Give You That Freedom And A Huge Paycheck To Go With It...”

I wish to recommend The L.M.T Forex Formula... A revolutionary method you can use to cash in on the massive forex trends with less than 15 minutes work each day.