Monday, November 11, 2013

$1000 per hour trader spills his guts

 Three Part Documentary Series On Forex
 That Will Absolutely, Positively Blow You Away


 Hi Traders

  I just watched something so different, unique,
  genuine, candid, sincere and enlightening about
  trading Forex that I immediately called and asked
  permission to share it with you.

  This is a great story and you are going to love it.
  This guy named Alex has been trying really hard
  for something like 3 years to make Forex work
  without any success at all.
  I mean he is one lost puppy. Ready to just give
  Pay attention because this gets good…
  The guy is an amateur film maker. He shoots
  documentaries. I say amateur only because
  I don't think Steven Spielberg is losing any
  sleep over this guy.

  But here is where it gets interesting…
  Someone tells him about Russ Horn. Now if you
  have been trading for any amount of time
  you know that name well. He very well could be
  the guy responsible for your success as a trader.
  Here's the kicker… this guy has the brass kahunas
  to call Russ and ask him if he will personally help
  him… at zero cost whatsoever to him.
  And he wants to film it all.

  Now you probably also know that hedge funds
  and high rolling traders will pay Russ $1000.00
  an hour to pick his brain one on one about Forex.
  So here's the shocker. Russ says yes.
  So anyway the guy gets it all on tape and produces
  about a 30 minute documentary cut into 3 ten minute
  I have seen all three and this is priceless stuff.
  Thing is, he insisted I send it to you in 3 parts,
  over three days. Says he wants you to reflect
  on each part… Filmmakers, they are a different
  So sit back and enjoy. This is good.
  Watch part one right here:

  All the best